Saturday, May 1, 2010

Morning after honeymoon fuck

Dover Bay. Yurt. Honeymoon. A nice sleep for both of us after doing it last night. Waking up and not knowing what time it is. I'm awake first. A morning erection comes and goes against River's cold butt. The butt that looked so nice against the darkness, feeling so nice against me. It may be a lingering effect of the Cialis, or it may be a normal lingering effect of being with my sweetie. River wakes up. "I'm thinking about slipping it up inside." Aren't I always. But we have to pee first. River hasn't peed all night. I can't remember the last time that's happened. She puts on the long underwear she's kept warm in bed all night and heads out to the bathroom. When she gets back I pull on a shirt, pants and shoes and take a good leak behind the yurt. We snuggle back in. I wonder if I'll still get one without the bladder pressure. "I used to want to do it a lot the next morning. Not so much now since you've gotten so good at helping out on my orgasms, but sometimes." It's like I used to have unfinished business, but not any more. But I'm thinking of slipping it in in a fancy hug kind of way. I get on top and we have a good squeeze. And I feel it stiffen a bit. Then a bit more. Start a sensual rhythm against my sweetie to help out. When I sit up I'm fully erect. "We can't let that go to waste." "What do you need for warmup?" "Just to take my pants off." They come off and she's ready. I slip up inside for the fancy hug. She must be a bit dehydrated if she didn't have to pee, but she's as well-lubricated as ever. A lingering effect from last night? "Penis, meet vagina. BFFs." "Yeah." She's warm. Do I feel cold inside her? The circular motion I haven't done much lately. Medium speed. Smooth full thrusts into her wetness. Pulling me in with her bare legs while I cling to her clothed body. I feel the pressure of orgasm start to build already. "Quickie?" But not too quick. We're fucking like newlyweds after all these years. Only better. Squeeze into the fancy hug without holding off and enjoy her body, and her love, while she flows under me.

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