Saturday, May 22, 2010

You don't remember what we're going to do tonight?

"You don't remember what we're going to do tonight?" "No." "It was your idea." She sounds worried. I've given her a bad time in the past for not remembering plans we made. "Not three days in a row." "No, online hammock shopping." "Oh yeah." It was only a few hours ago that she suggested it. "We did three days in a row at the Alexis. We did three days in a row at Dover Bay. Is home not good enough?" Maybe we'll have to get away from home more often. "I've already done a lot of stuff today." "That's the problem with doing it at the end of the day. The day has already been used up with other stuff." Not that I wanted to do it tonight. But I'm almost always willing. River says I've turned her down once or twice. The only reason I can think of why I might have done that would be to get back at her, or let her see how it feels. Which is stupid and backlashy. She wouldn't feel the same way about being turned down anyway. We're different.

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