Monday, May 24, 2010

Of yeast infections and cunnilingus

We talk about yeast infections. River thought about the cunnilingus too, but assures me the yeasties are in there all the time, but can get out of control for many reasons. Sugar, moisture, abrasion. "Will you ever let me cunniling you again?" "Probably." "I like it you know. I like being that close to your parts." That close to River. "It's all intimate and bonding. Does that help?" "Yes."

"I'm sorry I'm not more into it." "You need to let me practice more." "Ok." "Do you feel guilty that you're so hard to . . ." "Not guilty. Inadequate." "We should talk about that." "Ok." First, I don't think she's as hard as she thinks. Second, she's convinced me she doesn't have to orgasm to enjoy a nice fuck. Could cunnilingus be the same way? A nice occasional warmup, at least. Certainly if she's lying there feeling inadequate or hoping to please me by having an orgasm then it's not going to happen. I've been trying to be sure she knows it's something I like to do with her, not a challenge, not an ego thing, and I like it no matter what, orgasm or not, just like she has her reasons for liking intercourse with me.

I do some research. Maybe I should go downtown and do a survey but I just check the internet. 3 minutes. 10 minutes. 20 minutes. 50 minutes. Varies depending on person, mood, relaxation, technique. 10 to 30 minutes is not uncommon. River says it sounds like she's about in the middle of the bell curve. And has the normal variance. I hope that helps her feel more normal instead of feeling inadequate. At least she can have orgasms. With me.

Muff diving is sort of a recent thing on my part. It's always been something I'd do, but I started thinking about it more when we weren't having any kind of sex for quite a while and I wanted to do something. Get things moving again or whatever. I came downstairs one day. "I've got visions of licking your pussy." "That can probably be arranged." But it never was. River was never that into foreplay especially if we couldn't get to the good part, it was just pointless fooling around. And she was especially not into cunnilingus.

I haven't orgasmed from a handjob or a blowjob for a while, they've just been warmup, but I enjoy them. I'll orgasm when the time is right. I like seeing the effects of a handjob orgasm. I asked River long ago about coming in her mouth and she said no so that was the answer and I've never asked again, I've always warned her so she can finish with just her hand. But we talked recently and it may be ok to try now. It came up in the context of things I asked her about and she said no to and I haven't bugged her about since. But many things change.

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