Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fancy hug with orgasm

We wrap some presents just before bed. That gets River feeling friendly. She gets down to business in bed, moving in for the kiss. She wants something quick. Slips her leg between mine and I feel its firm warmth under my balls. Her hand strokes my belly, down the glory trail to my cock. Then I'm on top. She gets me hard while I feel her nice compact tits. Is she wet enough? We stick it in to see. She is. A nice fuck with her feet on my butt. Lots of gazing. Lots of kissing. Lots of talking. A fancy hug. Keep my cock in her pussy during a short lube break. Lube my cock. Lube her lips. Fuck until I come, my body stiffening, my cock plunging deep. Quick, but not too quick. Fancy hug with orgasm.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

An inviting morning maintenance screw

I wake up at six with a raging erection. Snuggle time. Or not. Thinking about doing it. It's been three days, our nominal "schedule". Maybe wait another day and let myself heal some more. Do it while everybody else is doing whatever it is they do Sunday morning. But River is too twitchy so I go downstairs to read for a while. Then come back. Now we can have a nice snuggle. I fall into a dreamy state about being in love. River sits up and looks out the window. I reach over and rub her back. "I think I see a woodpecker." "My pecker isn't wood." And it's still got a bandaid on it for chafe prevention and healing. I think it's helping.

I kneel behind her. "Again, I'm wishing I could just tip you forward." I look over her shoulder, between her boobs, down to her bush, and wish she was kneeling too, legs spread, and I could reach my hands down and finger her pussy like it was my own. I stroke my hardening cock. My fingers on the bandaid make a raspy sound. "When are you going to get your dick out of a sling?" "I could put a condom on over it." She doesn't seem to like that idea. I pull the bandaid off.

River curls up at the end of the bed, her ass pointing off the bottom. "You look inviting." I think we both know what's about to happen. I walk down to the end of the bed. I try to get my cock into her. The angle isn't good and it's not as hard as it just was and it buckles. She sits up into doggy. It's still a bit hard getting it in, but it goes in, me with one foot on the floor and a knee on the bed, and finds her girl juice. She's got a nice slippery today. My favorite frictiony slippery. I take long strokes in and out, feeling my cock glide in, watching it disappear all the way into her slippery cunt and come back out. I'm pulling out all the way, until I see my cock head at her entrance, then pushing back in, but once again it's pretty queefy which can tend to dry River out quickly. And the queefiness is getting old. I try not pulling out as far but it's not the same.

I put both feet on the floor, standing behind her, my butt facing the window, and pull River closer to the edge of the bed. "How's the height?" "Just right." Rock her back and forth onto me, speed things up a bit. That seems to pick things up a bit for her, but I'm feeling like this is just something I'm doing to her this morning. At least I can manage things so she doesn't have to drip all day. I could stop without coming. But River likes it when I come, and if I don't come she'll be wondering when we're going to finish. I'll pull out. Coitus interruptus. I enjoy the view of River's butt, enjoy sliding in and out of her pussy, feel my orgasm building, pull out at the last moment, slide my cock up her ass crack, and come on her back. Skip the afterfuck so I don't leave a mess on her for too long. "Hold still." Get the customary t-shirt and clean up.

"That was a maintenance screw, wasn't it?" Something to keep me in a good mood. I know from the way she looks at me that I'm right. "You don't have to feel bad about it." "I do feel funny." "It was a good time for it. The way things were going." "And you were inviting." She smiles and her eyes twinkle. I think she meant to be.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We go to bed early last night. Me oiling River all over after her bath. All over. But no strings attached. I've declared a moratorium on penetrating her because I've had some chafing that needs a chance to heal, and hasn't had one. So I just oil and ogle and wonder how much someone would pay a plastic surgeon to have a butt like hers.

We get to sleep in. I'm awake first, lying next to River. She gets up to pee. Doesn't even wear her robe. Nicely naked. We snuggle. There's a moratorium. But I'm getting ideas. River can tell. I crawl on top of her, admiring the view I never get tired of. Small touches against her. She rubs my back and I purr. "I could rub it against your thing. Or just stick it in this far." "Ok." Put my hand behind me, finger her clit while she plays with my cock, leaking its slippery on her hand. I get between her legs, rub my cock on her clit, circles, up and down, but it's not staying hard enough. I slip the head in. That's as far as I go. Just the head, in and out. River even puts her hands on the wall. Arching onto me in mini-v. But it's just not the same.

"You could put on a condom." Why didn't I remember that? "Like old times." "Yes, old times." Unroll the Birds'n'Bees. River squirts plenty of lube on herself. Slip the whole shaft in, the head going in deep. And fuck. I remember the first time using a condom with River. My dick was harder. River's cunt was tighter. And I remember thinking, this isn't a whole lot different from doing it without one. This isn't bad at all. But today I can tell I've got a wrapper on. I can also tell I'll be able to come with it on, not like those times a year or two back when I had to take it off to come. So we fuck, a steep angle to increase the friction, looking down at my green cock plunging into her bush, and it's not so bad, but not as good as our usual skin on skin. "I'll be able to come." "That's good." As if it's not obvious from my spasming cock when I slow down for a break.

We get back to it, my elbows on the bed, my hands on her head, her legs around me, our bodies pressed together, my condom-clad cock fucking in and out of her sporty body. Banging hard, the sound of us smacking together, River getting pushed closer and closer to the wall at the head of the bed. "I'm going to come soon." "That's good." Talking about it seems to make it happen faster. In about five seconds I'm pushing in hard and grabbing River and shooting my load. I linger inside her, then pull out, slip the condom off, and knot it. Like old times. "You won't even have to drip."

I stick a big band-aid on my dick and hope it has a chance to get better. And I tell River I feel a little bit bad that that wasn't one of our better screws. She thinks it was ok though. That's something.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A fucking amazing date

We both agree. That was a fucking amazing date.

Before today, October 10 2011, that was all I wanted to post here about this night. This post explains why. And this one explains why I'm posting it now.

River is beautiful. And hot. Sweater dress and scarf, black legs, hair dried straight. Dinner is excellent. Talking about how we got together, our pre-relationship, how I was attracted to her but she had no idea. The ballet is beautiful. Slender women in tutus made of cotton candy and laser beams. A buttfest of muscular men in tights.

Come home and uncork the champagne. River squirts her homemade chocolate syrup straight into her mouth. The bottle comes upstairs with one glass for us to share. Her legs are bare under her dress. What else is bare? She stands on the edge of the tub with our glass and we watch as she ballets in front of the mirror. I try to catch a glimpse under her dress.

Candles and steamy music. River stands on the bed and I kneel in front of her. “I was hoping you wouldn’t have anything on under your dress.” “How are you going to find out?” I reach my hands under and slide them up to her firm bare ass. That’s what I was hoping for. “Maybe something more direct?” I lift her dress to reveal her bush. This time I dive right in while she’s still standing, face in her bush, tongue reaching under for her slit, looking up into her eyes while I probe her. Exciting.

River lies on the bed, dress hiked up above her ass. I strip to my boxer briefs, pull her to the edge of the bed, kneel on the floor, her gorgeous pussy laid out before me for my enjoyment, and I dive into the tangy taste of her vagina, running my tongue over her labia, moving up to her clit, gazing up over her smooth tummy at the glass resting midway up her body.

I eat River’s pussy for a good long time. I’m enjoying the opportunity. She seems to be enjoying it too. Maybe it’s the champagne. Or the chocolate. Or the emotional warmup. Or the ballet. Her feet on the edge of the bed, her feet on my shoulders, her legs on my back. Our favorite tonight is her feet on my legs. My nose nuzzles her bush, inhaling her sweet scent with every breath. Her moaning and grinding back. Me humming on her clit and looking into her eyes when she lifts her head. She gets close. Then it fades.

A short break to mop things up a bit. “You’re getting me really warmed up.” I go back to get it. Hand reaching around her leg, pulling the skin up at the top of her pussy, exposing more of her clit to my tongue. She’s really into it. More moaning. More grinding. Her body trembling. I just keep at it. I could still go all night. But it fades again and we mop up some more. I think our short breaks have been good for her. They set her back a bit but she gets more aroused each time. Like when I have to take a break to hold off while we’re fucking, and it’s even better when we start again.

“That feels fucking amazing.” “What kind of girl doesn’t like cunnilingus?” “I don’t know.” Me either. “You can stick it in my butt tonight if you want. With a condom.” A brave thing for her to say. Did she have to get up the nerve? I was thinking tonight would be a good night. But she should come first. At least once. “I want to fuck you in the pussy first.” “Ok. There’s one in there. Do you want to fuck me in the orgasm?” When don’t I want to fuck her in the orgasm? “How should we get it?” “However you want.” “I’m just going to keep doing this until you tell me to stop.” She puts her legs on my back. They’re nearly together but I can still reach her pussy, looking into her eyes and reaching between her legs with my tongue, sliding it into her groove, pulling the skin at the top of her pussy to bring her clit closer. My tongue does her clit until she gets close again. She lifts her dress up, fingers moving over her breasts and nipples. I don’t stop. I can’t stop. I really want to bring her off. She’s closer than ever. When I hear her moan I know I’ve got something right and stick with it. I want to keep tonguing her clit while she comes.

She’s so close, it’s almost like she’s orgasming in my face. But she wouldn’t do that without telling me. Maybe I can’t get enough pressure for her with my tongue. I don’t want to torment her. I want her to get off. Another break to mop up. It’s been amazing, but now I’ll let her finish herself while I get ready to fuck her in the orgasm. Somewhere in all this I’ve peeled my undies off and River has wriggled out of her dress. Just the scarf left around her neck. I watch while she does her button, how fast she goes, how big. “I like to watch. Are you watching, too?” “I’m watching you. Getting hard.” “I’ve got a good hard one to fuck you with.” I move up and stick the tip in so she can feel it in her pussy. I feel her soft wetness on my head. Leave it just barely inside her. Ready to go. Not moving. Just pushing in a small fraction of an inch every now and then. Or maybe she’s scooting onto me. A little bit. A little bit more. No distractions for her. I’m going to fuck her good.

It takes only a few more minutes. “Here it is.” I’m all the way in with one push, fucking her fast, as fast and deep and long as I can while she has an amazing long orgasm, then slow down and push in deep, fucking her good, I might come but I don’t stop until I feel most of my load flowing into her, my cock pulsing a little, but it’s more like a pre-orgasm, or three quarters of an orgasm, I don’t feel spent at all, my cock is stiff as a rod, and I want to go all night with River.

“I think most of that slippery is mine now.” I slide in and out in it. “Definitely mine.” It’s insanely slippery. We have a nice slow relaxing fuck enjoying how slippery it is. I don’t think I’d intentionally lube it up this much, I like a little more friction, but it’s nice and relaxing after the all-out orgasm fuck. “It’s like sloppy seconds. Now I know what it feels like. You’ll never get away with it now.” “Not that I’d try.”

We have a good long sloppy seconds fuck. Pulling completely out and diving back in. Banging against her cervix in jackknife. Just bumping the tip in and out in our default position. I think about rolling her up so she can enjoy my hard shaft from above, so I can enjoy her on it, but we both like me on top and we’ve got such a good thing going that I’d rather stick with it. I just want to see her beneath me, let my weight press down on her, feel us fucking toether, coasting on our extended arousal levels. “I want to do this with you all night long.” “Yeah.”

But I’m thinking about what she said about the condom. And her butt. We’ve talked about it. It’s pretty far out of her comfort zone. Neither of us has ever done it. We’ll be figuring it out as we go along together. I’ve been waiting for the right time. This time seems right. And she invited me. “Where are you going?” I think she knows. “You really want to use a condom?” “Yes.” “Ok.” We’ve got a stash of them, the brand we used back in the day, Birds’n’Bees, from Sweden. Planned Parenthood used to hand them out for free. This time I had to mail-order them from Hong Kong. What did we do before the internet.

I open the package and roll one on. Grab the silicone lube. We’re not even sure what position to try. River lies face down and I lube her rubbery butthole with my fingers. Finger it a bit. Slide my sheathed cock across it. It’s just like I thought it would be. Only the light is dimmer. And I’m more nervous. We’re actually going to do it. I feel for her butthole in the candle light. There it is. I press the tip of my cock against it and give a small push. It plops right in. That was easier than I thought it would be. I didn’t even have to remind River to relax. “I think you got the usual hole.” That explains a lot. Even on a good day it can be hard to tell what my cock is bumping against. For all the sensitive nerve endings that thing’s got you’d think it would do a better job. Wrong kind of nerves I guess. And wearing a condom doesn’t help.

River gets up into doggy. Second attempt. Finger her butthole, line up, push a little, feel the head slip into her butt. Oh my fucking god. We’re doing it. It’s going into her butt. I can see it. Not as well as I’d like, but there’s River’s amazing ass and there’s my cock, partway inside it. Not beneath her butthole like usual, but in it. I like how I feel. I like how River feels. And I’m full of questions. “How’s the slippery? Are you ok?” Everything’s fine. Push in a little more, rock in and out a little, feeling her tight ring around my shaft. “Is it everything you thought it would be?” In some ways it’s even better. Her trusting me. The talk and the waiting for the right time. The invitation. And yeah it’s nice pushing my hard cock into her fucking amazing ass. Thinking about how it felt when I tried it with her dildo. And liked it.

I’m moving just a bit. Stimulation, not thrusting. Still asking if everything’s ok. It is. It’s fun being virgins with River. Doing the first time right. I hope. “We might need more lube.” I pull out slowly. That was always the strangest part, when the dildo came out all the way. And I’m already thinking about putting it back in as I squirt more lube onto my gloved cock.

River is in low doggy now. A nice relaxed position for both of us. Our second penetration goes better. This would have been a good position to try first. But it was fun fumbling around like complete beginners. Something I’ll never forget. And oh my god, I’ve stuck it in her butt twice now. I feel it slip through into her butt, small movements, letting her get used to it, wanting her not to hate it. “The feelings are confusing. Like I have to take a big crap.” I can see that. “Let’s see how much we can get in.” “Ok.” I push in a little, a little more, wondering how far in I’ll get, remembering how it felt when I pushed the dildo up my ass as far as I could, it’s still going in, almost there, just a little more, and I feel her butt cheeks against my loins, it’s all the way in, she’s taking it all the way up her ass, me giving an extra push just to be sure. “That’s everything. I can’t believe we’re doing this.” Some more gentle in and out. “Are you ok?” “Yeah.” The feelings are still confusing for her. “Would you do it again?” “Yeah.” She doesn’t hate it. She’s gone totally out of her comfort zone and doesn’t hate it. “But I think that’s all my butthole can take for now.” I’m glad she told me. I don’t want her to hate it. That was an incredible experience we just shared. I’d do it again, too.

I pull my cock out and slip the condom off. “You want to fuck my hoo some more?” “Yeah, but I want to clean up.” “We should be ok.” “I need to wash my hands.” “Thanks for being so careful.” I go off to the bathroom to wash my hands. I wash my cock in the cold water. I try to get it good and cold. “I’ve got a surprise for you.” I get my cold cock hard enough to stick back in. “It’s just a little bit cool.” “I was thinking of how you said my tongue felt cool in the hot bath water.” I’ll have to try harder next time.

We fuck and fuck. I could be with River like this all night. I sit up and hold still, pulling her towards me with her shoulders, fucking myself with her. I pull out to rub my cock on her clit some more. Wonder whether she’s got another orgasm in her. “I don’t need another one after this long. And that first one was amazing.” I wonder how many she had. Push a couple fingers into her slippery snatch for a feel. “Your box. What do you keep in your box?” My come. When I pull my fingers out they’re sticky drippy. Still mostly my jizz I think but I can’t be certain.

I get a low angle, aiming for her g-spot, pressing against her pubic bone, a few inches in and out. “I’ll come if I keep doing this.” She wants me to. I already sort of came. But I feel a normal orgasm coming on. We fuck like that for a while, not too fast, not too slow, not too deep, my feeling grows. I’m with River, my girlfriend, my sweetie, my partner in all things partnerly. I push deep and let it come, my body stiffening, my cock squirting whatever I’ve got left into her. A really intense one. Sometimes it can be almost anti-climactic after a marathon but this is a full-on climax, a perfect release of all the relaxed tension.

We stay together. Talk about trying some other positions. I think about how much lube we’ll like. I’m glad we didn’t skimp this time. And maybe doing it without a condom. “It’s like a whole new universe.”

And River just had an amazing cunnilingus experience. “That feels fucking amazing.” “I’m going to expect you to ask for it now. Eat my pussy. Right now.” It will probably be more like, I can tell River’s in the right mood when she asks for it. I hope she does.

It was all so amazing. The dinner, the ballet, the champagne, the muff dive, the fucking in the orgasm, the pre-orgasm, the sloppy seconds, doing her butt, my orgasm.

We still can’t believe we did it.

We’re in the shower the next morning. “It’s written on your forehead today. Everybody in class is going to know.” “I took it up the butt?” “Uh huh.”

I'm going to be dripping all day

Last night I rubbed more chamomile oil on River's tummy. She was really getting into the nice slow rubs between her bellybutton and her bush, and wanted her chest rubbed, too. I wouldn't turn that down. I got more oil and rubbed my way up to her nice small tits, careful with her tender nipples but really gripping into the muscle underneath. We were both really liking that. It seemed like a good time to offer her a hand job, which is something she likes. She wasn't as up for it as I thought she would be, but she doesn't mind me enjoying her body a bit. I oiled her inner thighs and pussy before I moved on to her clit. I had a nice time but I couldn't really get her into it. She was holding back for tonight. So I finished up and we snuggled and I felt my cock leaking. "We're both going to be dripping all day tomorrow." "It's that time of the month." I'll take it any way I can get.

It was kind of disappointing because being rubbed with oil and then hand jobbed would have been a major turn-on if she'd done it to me, but it's something she can just walk away from. She'd had a bad day. I was hoping I'd be able to relax her and make her forget about it. Just because it was a bad day doesn't mean it shouldn't have a good ending.

Anyway, we're different, I just need to check back in and find out her latest turn-on fantasies.

Today I call and leave a message on her phone: "I just called to say I'm going to fuck you good tonight."

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A nice weekday screw

"I don't know what I was thinking with the five day break." "Unless we don't stick with the plan." "Is that your plan?" "Maybe."

I'm not feeling well. I go to bed really early, read for a while, then sleep on and off. I fantasize about River coming in, taking the covers off, slipping onto my hard cock, and fucking me. She comes in and undresses next to the bed. The stripy shirt I like comes off. I can just make out her bra in the light. It comes off to free her small boobs, my favorite boobs. She slips her pants and panties off in one move as usual and I see the triangle of bush in her cozy curves. Then she just stands there in the dark. Is she showing off? I've been on her side to warm it up. I move over a bit, open the covers for her, and she gets in. Her cool skin feels nice against my warmth. We spoon to warm her up. "You're a nice size."

Are we going to do it? I would. We talk about thexthy things. Apparently River is not just going to get on top. I do. Straddling her. But I'm not sure I've got anything. I look down at her face and want to kiss her, but I don't want to give her my cold. "You must be feeling better." It's always a good sign when I start wanting to fuck again. "It's not the same without being able to kiss you." "Just think of it as an experiment." She reaches for my recently trimmed package and gets me hard while I run my hands over her and let my fingers drift across her tender nipples. "I don't think we'll need any extra lubrication today." "Let's see what you've got." I move forward and reach behind me for her pussy, she opens up for me, I run my fingers along the sides, across to her lips, into her wetness, rub the nubbin of her clit. She's been wetter, but I trust her.

"Looks like we're ready for blast off. What do you want to do with that thing?" "The usual." I'm so unimaginative today. I missed my cue to say something like ram it up your hot wet cunt and fuck you good. So we do the usual. Left leg between her legs, right leg between her legs. I'm positioning for the no-hands stick-in when she puts my cock in place and I push into her. She's right. She's nicely wet today. My favorite friction. I fuck partway in for a while, enjoying it, anticipating going all the way into her, hearing the sounds of River's wet pussy being fucked, her hands on my waist, then I feel her feet on my butt, pulling me in, encouraging me, and in a few more thrusts I'm all the way in and straightening my legs behind me to go even deeper into her nicely lubricated pussy.

We have a nice steady fuck. I'm surprised at how long I'm going without having to hold off, especially considering how I'm at the peak of my physical desire after the three-day break. I can tell it's not going to be a problem coming, but it's not a problem not coming either. I sit up and we fuck in default, River reaches back for the wall, getting serious, pushing against me, getting into it. Her juices are nice today. No chafing, no drying out. I watch her push onto my cock as we fuck. "I'm going to come." "Come." She likes it when I come. I like it when she comes. Suddenly I feel it, my cock spurts and goes supersensitive, even pushing into her soft velvety pussy causes me to thrash my head from side to side like I can't stand it, but I push in again and again to feel the sweet agony. "That seemed like a long one." "It's hard to tell." Sometimes time just stops, or goes in circles. It was a nice one. Maybe it was because I just went for it without holding back. Maybe it was pre-sleeping. Who knows. I'm too sensitive to afterfuck so I leave it in while River rests with her legs spread in the air, her hands grabbing her feet.

"That was a nice weekday screw." "Yes, it was." "Not too long. Whets my appetite for two days from now." That used to be our weekday routine. Me straddling on top, getting hard, her spreading, fucking in default and missionary, her hands on the wall, not too long. It's been a while since we've done that. It's sort of refreshing. And we're not sure who initiated that one. I think River started it and I followed through.

"How did you know you'd be so wet?" Had she been testing the waters? "I was dripping all day."

Monday, November 15, 2010

I can't hold out until tomorrow

"I'm turning in early tonight. But that doesn't mean you won't get your back rub." I'm just getting dreamy when River crawls in with me. She likes snuggling with a warm sweetie. I like warming her up. But she's not that cold tonight. Not even her notoriously cold butt that I like feeling against me as I warm it up.

After a few minutes I roll her over and grab some massage oil. I pull the covers down, revealing the curves of her perfect ass in the dim light. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to resist it, especially coming out of my dreamy state. Sit behind her ass, my cock nestling against it, rub my hands to warm the oil, start on River's back. Contented sighs as I do her lower back. And the usual spot between her shoulder blades. She's giving me good feedback, nice moans, inspiring one of my better massages. I oil her palms and do her fingers while she daydreams. I'd be flattered if she fell asleep.

I can't resist. "That was such a good one I'm going to have to do you." She waggles her ass at me in a friendly way. I use a bit of oil on my cock, which stiffens nicely while I rub my hand over her ass, down her crack, under her cheeks, my thumb lightly stirring the fuzz on her lips in the diamond of darkness between her legs. I position my erect cock in her darkness, feeling for the spot. "Just push." I push and watch it slide in under her cute asshole, feel it slide in, soft and warm and oily, and fuck River. And she likes it.

A quick one tonight I think. Medium-fast for River. I lift myself off her so the only thing touching her is my hard cock, dropping into her pussy, deep, too deep, feeling good, feeling warm, feeling like I'm going to come. I just let myself go, no holding back this time. She reaches around behind me and puts her hands on my ass as my cock pulses and spurts into her. "That was delicious." "What was?" "Having my hands on your tushie while you mmm-mmm-mmm."

I feel kind of bad about her having to get up to drip after I've gotten her so relaxed. "Next time I should use a condom." Or pull out. She falls asleep next to me, and I follow.

Scheduling sex for the week

We're trying to work out a schedule for the week. "We're scheduling sex. Isn't that romantic?" "It is." She's right in a way. It's nice that we can talk about this. It's nice knowing we're going to do it. It's nice having something to look forward to. It's nice knowing I'm not going to be turned down. That we're going to fuck. It's good for our relationship. Being spontaneous and seizing the moment or the mood is good too. We don't always schedule. Usually just for the same day or the next morning. But we've got a date this Saturday. Not just any date. A cunnilingus date. Going out to the ballet then coming home for champagne and a good muff dive and fuck on River's ovulation day. I want to leave enough empty days before that so River will be in the right mood. She says three days is good. I'm thinking maybe a whole week. We did it every day for a week a while back, maybe we can try not doing it for a week. "If that's what you want." No, it's not what I want. But I think if we do it more than once between now and Saturday then River won't be at her best. "How about Tuesday then Saturday?" "Sounds good." But I don't know if I can hold out until tomorrow night. River's been walking around without a bra, being irresistible, and I've been fondling her boobs from behind until I want to explode. "Not long ago I would have been jacking off right now." I hope I can make it. It's not going to be easy.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

At my parents' house

We're spending a few nights at my parents' house. They're away. We take their bedroom. "Do it in my parents' bed?" "Or in their tub. Or both." River gets a bath going. The tub is big, but it's really only built for one. Which seems silly. Who could resist their hot naked sweetie, relaxing in the tub? I can't. She's irresistible as ever. I get in with River, facing her, her legs spread over mine, my cock floating upwards in the hot water. Her bush and pussy draw my attention, on display under water. "Your balls are floating." I must have her attention, too. She reaches down and feels them, identifying the anatomical features inside my nut sack. I just like having my balls fondled. Being her specimen. "A fine specimen." "You have a fine specimen, too." "The winged wonder." I hope she's not being derogatory. She knows I love her pussy, how it looks, how it feels, how I told her the first time she showed it to me long ago. I like how her lips float in the water, gently parted, allowing easy access as I rub my thumb between them, pulling them, tracing them up and down.

"Want to see how long I can hold my breath?" But I'm not really ready for that. Yet. It's been a long day and we both want to relax in the tub for a while, enjoying each other's company. River is nice to be naked with. Her bush looking girly. The nipples on her small tits peeking out above the water line. Her cute face smiling at me.

I touch my cock under water. Partly for me. Partly for her. Before the vasectomy and the consequent ED I could quickly get hard and masturbate to orgasm in the shower or under water. Especially with my naked sweetie in the room. Now I'm not sure anything will happen. Water is sort of the opposite of slippery. But I feel some stirring as my cock stiffens a bit, and River notices. I do have her attention.

I can't keep myself away. River's pussy lips gape irresistibly. I sit up, then bring my face down to her pussy. Take a deep breath. Put my face in the water. Put my tongue in her groove. Move up and tease her clit. I'm almost worried I'll get so absorbed I'll forget where I am and try to breathe without coming up for air. A few bubbles leak out of my mouth while I'm licking her, then a few more, and River starts laughing. I don't even get the idea to blow bubbles on her clit before I come up for air. Something for next time. "Your tongue felt strangely cool in the hot water. Should we go somewhere more comfortable?" "We should dry off first. Even though I'll probably lose my advantage." Meaning my half-erect cock. We've done it on the bed right out of the shower while we're still dripping wet, but a damp bed doesn't make for good sleeping afterwards.

We dry off. River drains some bath water from her hoo. "I'm really relaxed. Any plans?" I've been thinking about how I'd like to fuck River on my parents' bed. Doggy. And jackknife. "Doggy." "Doggy is good. Do you want to do the stick-in that way?" I like that. "Good idea." River gets on her hands and knees with her legs together. I use some silicone lube and stroke my cock while I finger her pussy from behind. I don't want to stick a finger in tonight. I want my cock to be the first thing she feels in her pussy. And I want a nice hard one for a decisive stick-in. "This might take a while." "That's ok." I sit on her feet and she tickles my balls with her toes. "Am I distracting you?" "No, it's nice." Quite an enhancement. When I'm nicely hard I kneel behind her, open her pussy, put the head in, and push. The lube lets it go all the way in with one long push until I feel her ass against my skin. It's exciting, but we both like it when it takes a couple of strokes to get her juices spread around before it goes all the way in with a nice satisfying thrust and I hold it in for a few seconds before the next one. Variety is good, though, and it feels nice gliding in and out of her lubed pussy.

We fuck in our usual doggy position with River's legs together. It's been a while since we did it with her legs spread. "Want to spread your legs?" She spreads. "Are you comfortable?" "Yeah. This is raunchier. Different friction. Maybe deeper." And it's our queefiest fuck ever. After every thrust I pull out to her lips and she queefs. Quiet whispery ones. Loud flappy ones. "You'd think I was doing this on purpose." But I'm not. I'm just fucking her pussy however it feels best. At least we think it's a funny thing we do. A good laugh together.

She puts her head down on the bed. "Mmm, I like that. You leave your pussy up there at just the right height." I grab her ass and bang her, then slow down, pulling her ass against me. "I go my speed." "Works for me." It definitely works for me, feeling my cock slide into her, slide back out, back into her lubed pussy, liking it far too much, seeing her head with her cute short hair down on the bed, her perfect ass up in the air for me, my hands on her ass cheeks pushing her away, her banging back against me, my fingers reaching for her lips, spreading them while we fuck, until I need a break to hold off.

"We should do something else." "We don't have to." But I want to. Jackknife. More lube for River. "I have to be careful. Sometimes the wings get pushed in and they chafe." That's when she'll reach down and pull her lips out of her pussy while we're fucking. I roll River over for face to face. Straighten my legs, cross them for maximum penetration, her legs wrapped around me. A sweet fuck. But somehow I'm losing it. I pull out and sit up, hoping I can stiffen again. Maybe she can get herself off. "Do you have one in you?" "I don't think so. But sometimes when I think I do, I don't. Maybe sometimes when I think I don't, I do." I think about how I've had my best days when I don't think I've got anything. I hope she has a good day.

We masturbate together, me pulling my thumb along the top of my cock, her circling her clitoris with her fingers. Maybe she's just doing it for me, because she knows I like to watch. Watching her fingers push against her clit. Watching her lips get moshed around as she does her circles. Watching her wet pussy opening. I do like to watch. I feel myself stiffening in response. We both want to fuck some more. It's not as hard as I'd like when it goes back in but we're fucking again, in and out of her soft pussy, and it stiffens up nicely. I scoop her legs onto my shoulders for jackknife. See my cock plunging nicely through her bush into her pussy. "I'm going to finish." Almost before I know what's happening I feel myself coming, a strange one, almost like I'm not ready to come yet, but there it is, feeling the squirts go into her. River senses it. "A strange one?" "Yes, but I can't really explain." Maybe it reminds me of masturbating and trying to come without letting my cock get very hard. Just to see if I could. No matter. My cock is hard, and it was a nice fuck in my parents' bed.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mom and Dad are Fucking

I'm in bed already. River spoons me. I like it when she does that. "If you play with my thing it will get hard." She plays. It does. I like her doing me from behind like that. Feeling my balls. Switch sides so she can use her right hand. Lube. On my cock. On my balls. She bumps my ass forward with her hips as her hand works up and down my cock. "You need a strap-on."

I think I'm ready. She's always ready. "Wanna fuck?" I look up to see her standing over me. She drops onto my cock and fucks me. Single point right away. "That's wet." Feels wet. Sounds wet. "Did you lube yourself, too?" "No." She squats down and it goes deep. "I feel cervix." She pumps down again and grinds down that last quarter inch. "There it is." Hands on my chest. She likes the leverage. Hands beside me. Classic. Sitting straight up and bouncing. Playful and energetic. And cute. Even her small boobs have fun bouncing. "I smile and fuck you."

She laughs. Thinking maybe she's making too much noise. That the kids aren't asleep yet and bedroom doors are open. Not that the doors stop the sound. "We could change the blog. Mom and Dad are Fucking." "Might get more readers. Or a different kind." "We got a good comment. Something about wanting to fuck both of us at the same time, something about her pussy."

River stands and drops onto my cock again. It's pretty fun for both of us. Playful and energetic. "You don't have to stay on top the whole time." River rolls us over right away. We struggle to stay on the bed. "Don't have to ask you twice." She likes being fucked. I like fucking her on top. It works out. I lay on top of her, feeling my whole cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She makes the small sounds of River being fucked. After a while I ask. "Do you have one in you?" "Maybe." I roll off and into interlock, my hand sandwiched between my leg and her clit, but the angles aren't working. We do the snuggly position with her legs spread. She gets the finger vibe and reaches down for her button. "I don't want to distract you." "You won't. Do whatever you want." She puts her leg on my shoulder and I relax on the bed, holding her leg against my face, my eyes closed, working my cock in her pussy however I want while she does her clit, deep, shallow, doing the alternating deep/shallow strokes that I often do when jacking off, feeling her vibrating lips when I pull out. A long steady rhythm, matching hers, easy strokes in and out, not enough to make me come, just enough to stay hard, but I feel an orgasm coming on, let it get close, then slow down, still holding her leg against my shoulder. It's a nice position for her to do herself in. I'm lying crosswise under her legs, not getting in the way at all, and she's got her legs spread wide open. And I get to do whatever I want. Somehow she's fucking back against me, her other leg up in the air, I feel it when I hold still, her pussy sliding onto my cock, more long steady rhythms, it sounds like she might be getting close. Again I need a break, but she manages to keep her pussy sliding up and down on my cock when I try to stop. I don't know how she's doing it. I have to pull out all the way to keep her from making me come.

I sit beside her and watch her do her clit, keeping my cock hard, waiting for her orgasm. But it's just not happening for her this time. I put my fingers on her clit, feeling it, feeling her wet pussy. "I prefer hot cock." I rub her clit with my cock, up and down, side to side. It's making me want to come. To squirt my jizz on her bush. Or her tits on a good day. But I want to fuck some more. The good part. I push my cock down to her moist opening and push it in, roll into spoons, grab her hip and rock her back and forth onto my cock, I barely have to thrust, it's like jacking myself off with her pussy, until I don't want to hold off any more, time to finish, going deep in missionary, putting my weight on her, fucking her, until I come, my body going stiff, my come spraying into her, feeling her soft pussy gripping my cock, her body under mine.

"It's too bad you couldn't get one. You were trying pretty hard." "Because it's so worth it being fucked in the orgasm. Figuring that out was almost as good as discovering orgasms." "It's really nice fucking you in the orgasm. Having you orgasm under me. You're really cute when you orgasm." "So are you."

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An afternoon screw

We walk together. A kiss in our usual spot. Consequences for both of us. River wearing her sexy sweater dress. Black legs. Afternoon. Sitting on the kitchen floor. Rubbing her feet. Up her calves. Looking at each other. I smile. "Maybe this would be a good time to do it." I sit on River's lap facing her. "One of us has to be the girl." "We can take turns." Today it's my turn. Leaning in for a kiss. "If I were a girl I could just reach in and feel your hard-on. Girls have it easy." She just has a pubic bone. I just have dirty talk. "That's a nice hard one. And big. I bet you want to do something with that." River's back against the kitchen cabinet handle is not comfortable. We'll use the bed by mutual agreement.

River freshens up. She's on her period. A painful one. Says it's dropped off this morning though. My fertility goddess. I strip. Kneel on the bed. Pump some of her new silicone lube and get myself hard for her. It's smooth, but not as nicely frictiony as oil. Or as River. Nothing's as nice as River's own sweet juices. Not too slippery. Not too frictiony. Just right for a nice smooth fuck. I'm hard by the time she comes in. "Nice one." She undresses. Sweater dress. Bra. Panties. I look at her tits, her shape, her face, and get harder with anticipation. She lubes. Lies crosswise on the bed. I stick it in and fuck her.

"No warmup. Just like you like." She smiles. Hard and fast. Like she likes. Snuggling on her while we fuck. Kissing. Microfuck. "This was a good idea." "An afternoon screw." "We should do this more often." Minimagnetism, holding her legs in front of me. It's a good position today. She wiggles back, fucking against me somehow. I watch my cock disappear into the shadow between her legs. "We need to get you a mirror so you can see this." It feels too good and we need to take a break. At least I do. Interlock. But it's a little tame after minimagnetism. Doesn't seem to be working as well for either of us. We do snuggly position with her legs pushed up, then she puts her feet behind my legs and ass and pulls me into her. She squirts on some more lube. "I'm not sure where that went." "I know where this is going." My cock plunges into her, sideways into her cunt.

Back on top for more face-to-face. Fuck and kiss. Stop to hold off and feel some come leak into her. Back to it. Deep and slow. "I'm going to finish pretty soon." "Ok." Sooner than I think. A few more slow deep strokes and I'm there, squeezing into her. She squeezes back while I come in her. We stay that way, her legs around me, my cock still inside, and afterfuck. I sit up into minimagnetism again. That one worked well for us today. Even without a wall for River. Eventually she starts dripping and we pull apart. "That wasn't too messy." "Your balls are crusty." I look down. She's not kidding. And so is the bed. We don't mind. We're glad we seized the moment.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Not even a handjob

I hate doing it, but every now and then I express some frustration in this blog. Not often, but sometimes. This is supposed to be a blog about fucking. Not a blog about not fucking. Last night we moved the clocks back. The night lasts an extra hour. There's a power failure just before bedtime. Perfect timing. I can only think of one thing to do during a power failure in the dark. We've had a nice day. Working in the garden together. Shaving River's legs in the bath. Going out for pizza. I rub her feet with organic foot cream. Rub her tummy, which is not feeling so good, with chamomile oil. She reads the last two entries of this blog on her cell phone and likes them. Maybe her data contract is finally worth it. The stars are aligning. But she doesn't look at "seize the moment" opportunities like this the way I do. Maybe she's already spent her carpe diem budget for this lifetime. She says it's like me, the non-foodie, who doesn't eat food just because it's there. I guess so. "It's not the period. It's the pain." Ok. I can't seize a moment when she's in pain. But I still can't believe this is happening. We miss out on a power failure on "fall back" night. "Maybe a handjob?" "I'm going to sleep."

Friday, November 5, 2010

Champagne, candles, music, lube, finger vibe, and fucking for homework

We go all out. Champagne. Candles. Divbyzero. I unbutton River's shirt dress from behind. I'm hoping she won't have anything on under it. But she does. Around front to unhook her bra. I do it easily this time. Her small boobs don't really need one. Pull her panties down to reveal her bush and let her step out of them.

She has some surprises for me. The first is the shirt dress, which she was wearing with a scarf, fancy legs, and boots. Looking hot with her short haircut. And she's found my favorite long-lost sweater dress, the one that makes me want to hold her and slow dance with her. "Do you see anything else?" I spot a small pump bottle on her bedside table. Silicone lube. The first thing I think of is anal. That would explain the champagne. And next to it is a small black pouch. I open it and feel inside. It's a finger vibe. "Great minds think alike." Just an hour ago I told her how I'd gone past my favorite toy store and thought of stopping in for one. Again we read each other's minds. And she's tried her surprises already. I approve.

I lift my arms so she can take my shirt off and drop my pants and boxers. "Socks too?" "Off. Leaving them on is just for quickies." I have the feeling we're in for more of a marathon tonight. River's requested the early start this time. And the champagne.

We sit facing each other on the bed and kiss. She doesn't really have a plan. But she does want an orgasm. At least one. She talks about edible panties and wedges. And anal. I think her trip to the toy store has inspired her. And they're covering sexuality in one of her classes. "Is this part of your homework? Everybody goes home and fucks? I'll give you an A." "What will you grade me on?" "Participation. Originality. Enthusiasm." "And creativity."

"Let's start things off with a bang. Fucking as foreplay." "Sounds good." She lays back and strokes my cock, rubbing it on her pussy, which we've pre-lubed a bit. Getting it hard. I've offered to take some medication tonight but she turned it down. It's like she wants to do the whole thing on pure River power. Which is what we usually do. I put my hands on her boobs, tracing over them, feeling her nipples. I smile. "I'm going to fuck you. Fuck my hot fertility goddess." "Fuck me."

My cock goes in and we fuck. Right away it's fast and hard, River responding, fucking back, me pressing my weight on her, both of us gasping. "You're in good form tonight." She's getting it like she likes. I angle to create the best view of my cock going in and out of her. I sit up and she arches onto my cock. She really responds when we do minimagnetism, her legs together, me pulling her ass up off the bed with her legs. Sometimes I wish I could be a girl for a while and see what it's like. We do jackknife and I go as deep as I can. She gasps and maybe winces. "I'm not going to stop unless you say something." She doesn't say anything.

After some intense fucking for warmup it's time for her turn. She puts on the vibe. Half jackknife with her leg on my right shoulder. She seems comfortable no matter how I bend her. My right knee forward, left leg back. A position with room for her right hand to do her clit, but still enough clearance for me to go deep. As usual I'm wary of distracting her while she's doing herself but I can't help indulging myself, moving my cock in her pussy, fucking her, going deep, feeling her vibrating pussy when I pull out to her lips. "I don't want to come in your first orgasm." "Ok."

"I'm kind of losing it a little bit." "Let's just fuck some more then." We fuck in a more standard position, me doing the driving, until I'm perked up again. But I really want River to finish her orgasm, so I pull out and give her room. I push one finger in, then two, reaching up for her g-spot, doing circles on it, then just holding pressure on it while River circles her clit with the vibe. This one seems to be taking a while. I've got my fingers in her, maybe I'll feel something this time.

"Here it is." I really want to fuck her in it. But I'm pretty soft now. "I don't know if I've got anything." It takes a while but somehow we get it in and I fuck her in the orgasm, pushing in deep, circling my hips, hugging her. But I hope I didn't ruin it for her. "Did I miss it?" "No, I was right on the edge for a really long time, then it just exploded. It was a really long one." "I like it when that happens. But do girls like it?" "I did."

Back to fucking. But I keep losing it. I roll River onto her right side for variety. I'll get hard and stick it in from behind. I slide a couple fingers in. The silicone lube is still going strong. I like sliding my fingers in but I really want to slide my cock in. I give it a try and it goes. But it's still softer than it should be.

More variety. Grab River's legs and flip her all the way over onto her front. We spread her legs as wide as they go. Her pussy gapes wetly in the candlelight. "Raunchy. That's the only word for how you look. Raunchy." "I like raunchy." "And this is reminding me that I need to tie you up again." Raunchy and inviting. Her pussy stretched open under the globes of her perfect ass. And our favorite music to fuck to. I put my face down and whiff her scent and probe her wet snatch with my tongue. I push my thumb into her. "That's my new thing. Using my thumb. It just feels so friendly." It's a nice fit. "And there's a finger." I finger her butthole and get harder. Not pressing hard enough to penetrate, just enough to stimulate. Stimulate me, at least. "Your butthole turns me on." I've told her how cute it is, and she likes that. If I weren't having ED issues this would be a good night to try anal. But after the first bit I'm having enough problems getting hard enough to fuck her in her pussy. Maybe I got closer to the edge than was good for me. But I don't think so.

I take my finger out and plunge my hard-enough cock into her raunchy pussy and we fuck. "Mmm, that feels like a penis." A raunchy fuck for a raunchy position. Feeling her ass against my stomach. "Do you have another one?" "Let's see." I wonder what will happen. She doesn't usually go this long before doing her second one. She puts her hand under her and does herself some more while I try to keep my weight off her so she has room. But it's too strenuous. We shift so I can straddle her leg while she humpy-bumpies. Suddenly everything clicks. I've got a really nice angle. Really nice friction. Interesting terrain inside her pussy. An unusual position for her to be doing herself. Her ass pressing against me. My hot fertility goddess of a sweetie. Plowing her furrow. "Nice plow." It's my turn. "I'm going to come." "You should." A few more perfect strokes and I just let it happen. She grinds her ass back into me as I come in her, noisily. She really knows how to help. It makes my orgasms so amazing.

Mmm, my sweetie fucked me good last night

The previous night turned out to be a bit of a trainwreck. I was pressuring River too much for cunnilingus, which she really doesn't like, and the mood soured. But we always recover and snuggle each other to sleep. No make-up sex though. I don't like make-up sex. It always seems so cloying and phony somehow.

I indulge her by buying some of her favorite sparkling wine while we're out shopping. I'm not sure I've ever been in a wine shop before. Part of the counter is a polished slice of wood with a natural blemish, a vagina shaped hole surrounded by dark fleshy lips. I run my finger over it and make sure River notices. We set up a date for champagne and cunnilingus, on her ovulation day when she'll be most receptive.

I've requested an early start today. River takes a hot bath to warm up. I come in, strip, and kneel on the bathmat, getting myself hard, jacking off. "I'm naked. And wet." Hearing her say that gets me harder. "You can feel my bath water, how hot it is." I wonder if she's thinking I might slip a finger in to get the sensation of her pussy being cooler than the water. "What else can I feel?" "Anything you like." "I like your boobs." I move one hand up to her nipple, pinching it, while my other hand strokes my hard cock. "It's working." I let go of my cock and it stands up for her. "Nice one." Was being wet a hint? About a good time for a muff dive? "You're wet." "I might be amenable." My heart races.

She gets out and dries off, her muff and lips staring me in the face. I want to eat her right there. She stands at the sink and brushes her teeth. The curve of her ass excites me and I know what I have to do. I reach under, spread her pussy lips, put my cock in place, and push. She bends over to accommodate me and we try to push it in, but her watery wet pussy is the opposite of slippery. My cock is hard but it isn't the diamond-tipped drill of a few years ago. I almost lose my erection by the time we work it in deep enough to find her juices. I fuck her from behind while she brushes her teeth.

Someone is padding around in the kids' room, all the doors are open, and we break it off and head back to our room. divbyzero is playing on the squeezebox. Our favorite music to fuck to. The light is on. I can see the neighbors' house out the window. I can see hot, naked River. "Let's start that same way in here." River bends over with her hands on the bed, I part her lips again, push my hard cock in, and we get a good fuck going. I put my hands behind my back, look down and watch the entire length pull out and plunge back in, only our parts touching. I push in deep. No problems with deep tonight. Deep and hard and fast, my hands going to their usual places, from behind my back, to her hips, down the front of her thighs pulling her against me. "What would you like me to do back here?" "I like what you're doing." Going slow like I like, banging hard and slapping together like she likes, until I have to take a break to hold off. At least I don't feel like I'm going to come every five seconds tonight. It feels just right even though it's been three days and my balls have been aching to fuck River for the past two.

"We can't do this the whole time." "What do you want to do?" Now it's my turn to not know what to do. "You had a plan." "For something wet?" "Yes." She's going to let me dive her muff. She is so sweet.

She lowers her head to the bed, her pussy still at just the right height for my cock, her legs still together. And it's even better, banging into her at this angle, hoping she's comfortable.

More footsteps. Out in the hall this time. We rarely close the door and we're standing right in front of it. I follow River's lead and get in the bed. But it's just somebody's late night bathroom break. They don't bother us. They're oblivious to what's going in on our room.

Now that we're on the bed, it's time for something different. Cunnilingus. It's not just for foreplay anymore. Having her pussy served up fresh out of the bath isn't my favorite, it's better when she's skipped a day of washing it, but at least we've been fucking for a while already. "Muff dive?" "I might even enjoy it." "This way or that way?" "Whatever you want." I choose the classic position, River on her back, me lying between her legs, hands ready to pull her in tight. My tongue goes around her opening, up and down, dipping in, suck her lips into my mouth, tongue flat on her clitoris, then bury my face in her muff, tongue probing, finding her clit, starting the circles. River's letting me eat her pussy. At least one of us is going to enjoy it. I want to take some time. Do it right. Remember the big circles that she's asked for. Side to side, up and down circles. I moan as my tongue works her clit, feeling its shape, its hood, the soft folds around it. River's pussy and I are good friends, lovers sharing a kiss, satisfying each other. I pull her tighter, feel her bush against my face, try to get as much pressure with my tongue as she likes with my fingers. Moving my head. Keeping my head still and just using my tongue. Is she enjoying it? Maybe. Sometimes it's more obvious than others. But I sure am. Lapping it up. Feeling friendly. Feeling intimate. Feeling loved. Feeling forgiven. Because I know she's doing it for me. Lift my eyes up to her face. I slip a finger in, hoping to get her g-spot, but I can't reach it at this angle so I just slip it in and out and explore her back wall. But I'm starting to feel like I've had a fulfilling muff dive session so I wind it down. "Was it as good for you as it was for me?"

Now I can reach her g-spot. I stroke it while I get myself hard enough to fuck River some more. Some day I'd like her to do her g-spot just to see what happens. I rub my hand over her bush, feeling it between my fingers, liking the way it makes her look like a girl. "I want to say all kinds of dirty things. I'm going to fuck your pussy. Ram it with my hard cock." "You can do that."

We fuck with her leg on my shoulder. She reaches down and feels my cock. "Shafty." She leaves her hand on her pussy while we fuck. That's something I like to do. Now I like the feeling of my cock sliding between her fingers on the way to her pussy. I lean back, my cock pointing forwards into her, and she fucks back with her hands on the wall. I move my feet forward and we fuck, my cock drilling into her. She reaches for me, wanting to be pulled up on top, and I oblige.

She goes into single point. My favorite. I tip my head back with my arms out to the sides while she nails me. "Fuck ... me ... with ... your ... cunt ..." She could finish me right now if she can keep going, but I don't want it to end. "How long can you do that?" "I don't know." Long enough. She leans forward for a break, her legs squeezed together, my hands on her tits. "I like seeing you up there."

Suddenly I feel her hands on my chest, her weight pressing down on me, squeezing my nipple against its piercing, and she fucks me, up and down on my cock, her pussy devouring it over and over, where is she getting the energy, I can barely stand it, the sensations are overwhelming, sight, sound, smell, touch, feel, too much at once, I can't pay attention to them all. Does my nipple hurt or does it feel good? I don't know. But I like it. It sends stiffening sensations to my cock, being slammed by River's pussy. I think she's smiling but it's a blur, everything running together. "You can finish me." I don't even know what's happening any more. Reed and River are fucking. Then my cock grabs my focus, River pumping it with her cunt, my nuts straining to let loose, and I burst into orgasm, feeling her pussy swirl down onto me one more time in a blaze of colors, a vortex of pink and purple, ribbons of blue and green, as I explode into her grinding pussy, filling her with come, feeling the colors, feeling the warm, feeling the energy, feeling the sound of my own voice, yeah, oh yeah, lllllllnnnnggg, wondering whether the kids hear us and not caring. I breathe hard. That was amazing. River really did me right. I can't wait to return the favor.

The next day I have only one thing on my mind. "Mmm, my sweetie fucked me good last night." And again the next day. I hope River doesn't get tired of hearing that. "I don't think I will."

Walking through the clothing store holding hands. "Mmm, my sweetie fucked me good two nights ago." "I'm glad the effect is lingering." I feel my weighty cock dangle pleasantly in my jeans. "That's not all that's lingering." And I don't care who notices how much River turns me on.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A really nice kiss and plans for later

We have a really nice kiss in the kitchen. Really really nice. Wet. Hot. Sensual. It's heating us both up. We both get consequences. "You're sexy." "So are you." But practical River can go off to the store while I have to stay home and look at pictures of her. At least she's sympathetic. Somehow. She gets that it's easy for her and not so easy for me. In the not-so-old days I'd be jacking off right now. Even if we were going to do it tonight. All the better. Jack off now and have a good fuck later. No regrets either way.

She's back. "Your being so sexy makes me think about having sex with you." "Of course it does." Maybe she's been thinking about it, too. "Would you like to have sex with me tonight?" Is she pretending to have to think about it to tease me? No, she's not that subtle. And I don't wonder what goes through her mind any more. I'm never right. "Probably." I think it's been a while since we made evening plans during the day. I like having something to look forward to. But I wish we could fuck right now. A quickie at the kitchen counter. No, I want something more intimate. And a good warmup. I can wait for tonight. Barely.

We can't do it now anyway. She has to study. Maybe a study break? "I have to be good to deserve sex tonight." "You don't have to be good with me."