Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We go to bed early last night. Me oiling River all over after her bath. All over. But no strings attached. I've declared a moratorium on penetrating her because I've had some chafing that needs a chance to heal, and hasn't had one. So I just oil and ogle and wonder how much someone would pay a plastic surgeon to have a butt like hers.

We get to sleep in. I'm awake first, lying next to River. She gets up to pee. Doesn't even wear her robe. Nicely naked. We snuggle. There's a moratorium. But I'm getting ideas. River can tell. I crawl on top of her, admiring the view I never get tired of. Small touches against her. She rubs my back and I purr. "I could rub it against your thing. Or just stick it in this far." "Ok." Put my hand behind me, finger her clit while she plays with my cock, leaking its slippery on her hand. I get between her legs, rub my cock on her clit, circles, up and down, but it's not staying hard enough. I slip the head in. That's as far as I go. Just the head, in and out. River even puts her hands on the wall. Arching onto me in mini-v. But it's just not the same.

"You could put on a condom." Why didn't I remember that? "Like old times." "Yes, old times." Unroll the Birds'n'Bees. River squirts plenty of lube on herself. Slip the whole shaft in, the head going in deep. And fuck. I remember the first time using a condom with River. My dick was harder. River's cunt was tighter. And I remember thinking, this isn't a whole lot different from doing it without one. This isn't bad at all. But today I can tell I've got a wrapper on. I can also tell I'll be able to come with it on, not like those times a year or two back when I had to take it off to come. So we fuck, a steep angle to increase the friction, looking down at my green cock plunging into her bush, and it's not so bad, but not as good as our usual skin on skin. "I'll be able to come." "That's good." As if it's not obvious from my spasming cock when I slow down for a break.

We get back to it, my elbows on the bed, my hands on her head, her legs around me, our bodies pressed together, my condom-clad cock fucking in and out of her sporty body. Banging hard, the sound of us smacking together, River getting pushed closer and closer to the wall at the head of the bed. "I'm going to come soon." "That's good." Talking about it seems to make it happen faster. In about five seconds I'm pushing in hard and grabbing River and shooting my load. I linger inside her, then pull out, slip the condom off, and knot it. Like old times. "You won't even have to drip."

I stick a big band-aid on my dick and hope it has a chance to get better. And I tell River I feel a little bit bad that that wasn't one of our better screws. She thinks it was ok though. That's something.

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