Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An afternoon screw

We walk together. A kiss in our usual spot. Consequences for both of us. River wearing her sexy sweater dress. Black legs. Afternoon. Sitting on the kitchen floor. Rubbing her feet. Up her calves. Looking at each other. I smile. "Maybe this would be a good time to do it." I sit on River's lap facing her. "One of us has to be the girl." "We can take turns." Today it's my turn. Leaning in for a kiss. "If I were a girl I could just reach in and feel your hard-on. Girls have it easy." She just has a pubic bone. I just have dirty talk. "That's a nice hard one. And big. I bet you want to do something with that." River's back against the kitchen cabinet handle is not comfortable. We'll use the bed by mutual agreement.

River freshens up. She's on her period. A painful one. Says it's dropped off this morning though. My fertility goddess. I strip. Kneel on the bed. Pump some of her new silicone lube and get myself hard for her. It's smooth, but not as nicely frictiony as oil. Or as River. Nothing's as nice as River's own sweet juices. Not too slippery. Not too frictiony. Just right for a nice smooth fuck. I'm hard by the time she comes in. "Nice one." She undresses. Sweater dress. Bra. Panties. I look at her tits, her shape, her face, and get harder with anticipation. She lubes. Lies crosswise on the bed. I stick it in and fuck her.

"No warmup. Just like you like." She smiles. Hard and fast. Like she likes. Snuggling on her while we fuck. Kissing. Microfuck. "This was a good idea." "An afternoon screw." "We should do this more often." Minimagnetism, holding her legs in front of me. It's a good position today. She wiggles back, fucking against me somehow. I watch my cock disappear into the shadow between her legs. "We need to get you a mirror so you can see this." It feels too good and we need to take a break. At least I do. Interlock. But it's a little tame after minimagnetism. Doesn't seem to be working as well for either of us. We do snuggly position with her legs pushed up, then she puts her feet behind my legs and ass and pulls me into her. She squirts on some more lube. "I'm not sure where that went." "I know where this is going." My cock plunges into her, sideways into her cunt.

Back on top for more face-to-face. Fuck and kiss. Stop to hold off and feel some come leak into her. Back to it. Deep and slow. "I'm going to finish pretty soon." "Ok." Sooner than I think. A few more slow deep strokes and I'm there, squeezing into her. She squeezes back while I come in her. We stay that way, her legs around me, my cock still inside, and afterfuck. I sit up into minimagnetism again. That one worked well for us today. Even without a wall for River. Eventually she starts dripping and we pull apart. "That wasn't too messy." "Your balls are crusty." I look down. She's not kidding. And so is the bed. We don't mind. We're glad we seized the moment.

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