Thursday, November 18, 2010

A nice weekday screw

"I don't know what I was thinking with the five day break." "Unless we don't stick with the plan." "Is that your plan?" "Maybe."

I'm not feeling well. I go to bed really early, read for a while, then sleep on and off. I fantasize about River coming in, taking the covers off, slipping onto my hard cock, and fucking me. She comes in and undresses next to the bed. The stripy shirt I like comes off. I can just make out her bra in the light. It comes off to free her small boobs, my favorite boobs. She slips her pants and panties off in one move as usual and I see the triangle of bush in her cozy curves. Then she just stands there in the dark. Is she showing off? I've been on her side to warm it up. I move over a bit, open the covers for her, and she gets in. Her cool skin feels nice against my warmth. We spoon to warm her up. "You're a nice size."

Are we going to do it? I would. We talk about thexthy things. Apparently River is not just going to get on top. I do. Straddling her. But I'm not sure I've got anything. I look down at her face and want to kiss her, but I don't want to give her my cold. "You must be feeling better." It's always a good sign when I start wanting to fuck again. "It's not the same without being able to kiss you." "Just think of it as an experiment." She reaches for my recently trimmed package and gets me hard while I run my hands over her and let my fingers drift across her tender nipples. "I don't think we'll need any extra lubrication today." "Let's see what you've got." I move forward and reach behind me for her pussy, she opens up for me, I run my fingers along the sides, across to her lips, into her wetness, rub the nubbin of her clit. She's been wetter, but I trust her.

"Looks like we're ready for blast off. What do you want to do with that thing?" "The usual." I'm so unimaginative today. I missed my cue to say something like ram it up your hot wet cunt and fuck you good. So we do the usual. Left leg between her legs, right leg between her legs. I'm positioning for the no-hands stick-in when she puts my cock in place and I push into her. She's right. She's nicely wet today. My favorite friction. I fuck partway in for a while, enjoying it, anticipating going all the way into her, hearing the sounds of River's wet pussy being fucked, her hands on my waist, then I feel her feet on my butt, pulling me in, encouraging me, and in a few more thrusts I'm all the way in and straightening my legs behind me to go even deeper into her nicely lubricated pussy.

We have a nice steady fuck. I'm surprised at how long I'm going without having to hold off, especially considering how I'm at the peak of my physical desire after the three-day break. I can tell it's not going to be a problem coming, but it's not a problem not coming either. I sit up and we fuck in default, River reaches back for the wall, getting serious, pushing against me, getting into it. Her juices are nice today. No chafing, no drying out. I watch her push onto my cock as we fuck. "I'm going to come." "Come." She likes it when I come. I like it when she comes. Suddenly I feel it, my cock spurts and goes supersensitive, even pushing into her soft velvety pussy causes me to thrash my head from side to side like I can't stand it, but I push in again and again to feel the sweet agony. "That seemed like a long one." "It's hard to tell." Sometimes time just stops, or goes in circles. It was a nice one. Maybe it was because I just went for it without holding back. Maybe it was pre-sleeping. Who knows. I'm too sensitive to afterfuck so I leave it in while River rests with her legs spread in the air, her hands grabbing her feet.

"That was a nice weekday screw." "Yes, it was." "Not too long. Whets my appetite for two days from now." That used to be our weekday routine. Me straddling on top, getting hard, her spreading, fucking in default and missionary, her hands on the wall, not too long. It's been a while since we've done that. It's sort of refreshing. And we're not sure who initiated that one. I think River started it and I followed through.

"How did you know you'd be so wet?" Had she been testing the waters? "I was dripping all day."

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