Thursday, April 30, 2009

Zen buddhist fuck

I show River how her butt looks to me. "That is a nice butt, isn't it?" I'm glad she agrees. I like showing her what I see. "Time to get in bed with my girlfriend." River's legs are sore from walking yesterday. I massage. A certain muscle in each leg. I like being aware of the muscles. Some butt work with my elbows. Then I lie down on top. "Pleasant weightiness." "I'd nearly forgotten about that." River rolls over and we kiss. Long. Good. "You seem to be getting aroused." I'd say so. We're both naked. "Do you want to do it?" "It seems like a shame to waste a good erection." It is good. I can't believe we're going to do it. Again. I want to. With River. It goes in hard. And slow. A nice default fuck. Finding friction. Breathing. Looking at her face. I can't believe we're doing it. It's good this way. Missionary. Harder. I feel it. I push in and come. Silently. River feels it. "Not too long." "That was like a zen buddhist fuck."

"You're still out-initiating me. But I'm out-orgasming you." "I don't care so much about the orgasms any more. If I wanted one I'd have one. I'm not inhibited." "I'm getting that more about you now." River's always said that sex without orgasm is just as good. That's hard to believe, but I believe her and it certainly seems to be true. "I feel like the tortoise and the hare. I'm the slow plodding tortoise." "And . . . I can have . . ." "Yes."

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


"We have the whole afternoon to ourselves." I hadn't even thought of that. We talk about River's boobs. I really like them. A lot. River is not so happy with them. She doesn't see them like I do. Literally. I want to show her what I see. Why she is so nice to look at. "This would be a good time to try some topless shots with the window light." Seems like she'll do it.

Laundry. Baking. I eye River's chocolate. A chocolate heart appears for me. River makes licorice tea with the tea kettle. She is so sweet. Being together for an afternoon. River is facebooking. I don't mind, it's relaxing, but I'm wondering about the pictures. "Do you want to do the window light pictures? I don't think we'll have a better time than this."

We do them. River in pink stripy panties. She's hot. I'm trying to give more direction. I've got ideas from how I've seen her position her body in the shower. Arms. Turn. Look. "That's good." We look them over. "This is what I see. Look at that shape. That's hot." I think River agrees. "I'm getting a reaction."

River falls back on the bed. We kiss. I get on top. Passionate. I'm getting hard. I stand up and strip. "You want some sex?" This is unbelievable. She's been out-initiating me 3-to-1. "You've still got something in your panties." "You can whip them off." Whip. Off. Rub our parts together. But not too long. "Can it go in?" "It's been harder, but it might like being in there." River puts it in. It likes it. "I'm fucking the girl in the pictures." Default. I sit up. Slide it in and out. "That's a nice view." Harder. Hands on stomach. "You feel huge." River grabs my balls. Rubbing the bottom of my nuts. Just the right spot. Insane. Jackknife. See the tuft of bush. Hands hold my weight on her breasts. "Am I squishing you?" "In a good way." Slow. Hard. Faster. I have a waterline from River's period*. I don't mind. "I come." I'm right at the edge. One slow thrust and I hold it in and come. "I like that nice controlled come." I like it too. It's a nice release.

We snuggle and relax. "You feel nice." "You too." "I wasn't expecting that." "Neither was I." Some things are just right. And sexy. "You still feel like my new girlfriend." "That's amazing." "You're amazing."

* "I had a waterline." "On your . . . cock?" Funny word for River to use. "Yeah. I didn't think you'd want to see it . . ." "I wouldn't." "So I cleaned it off." "That's what you get for talking a girl into doing it during her period." "Oh, did I talk you into that?" "Not this time, but maybe last night." Normally that would make me feel pretty bad, but somehow being able to talk River into doing it during her period makes me feel good. Desirable. Sexy. Trusted.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reed and River, sitting in a tree

"We could do it in the treehouse." It's not so much a treehouse, just a platform in a couple of trees, about twenty feet up. "I was thinking the same thing back on those rocks. You read my mind."

River puts some things in her pack and heads off to climb the tree. It takes some fancy climbing. And it's up there. She gets up no problem. Of course. I walk up the trail to join her. "There are two long screws up here." How appropriate. "There's going to be one more." Did I say that or just think it? I climb up. "It's nice having an athletic sweetie." "It's worked out pretty well." As I come over the edge I see River has packed a blanket and spread it out on the platform. That's my practical sweetie. A comfortable spot I hope. "One good thing about the treehouse is I can get completely naked." This gets better all the time. "Full daylight." And better. "I'm going to have to look." My socks off, her shirt and bra off, our pants off, and I don't even see any panties, just her amazing butt and secret darkness, dark and secret even in daylight. Has she been commando the whole time? I thought I saw some stripies go on this morning. Oh, they just came down with the pants. River's thinking I'm thinking "presenting". I should be thinking that. "You usually take your glasses off." Oh yeah.

Reed and River, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. Kiss kiss, rub rub, squeeze the nipples. Hard on. Thanks to Cialis. I wanted to make sure we didn't miss this one. River feels me through my underwear, then it comes off and Reed the closet exhibitionist stands up to display his full erection. To River. This is going to be good.

It goes in with default. There's a reason it's default. It works. For both of us. Fuck. Minifuck. It is good. I've got quite a view. The water looks nice, too. I can't get over this. It's overwhelming. I look. Are River's lips folding in? I reach down and pull them out. "I'm looking up at trees." "I can feel breeze on my balls." "I feel it on my perineum." "It feels nice."

We're wondering about knees and the hard surface. "I think I'm going to have bruises. But it's worth it." Oh yes it is worth it.

We're in jackknife. Feeling the nose. Too much? River's mound bulges between her legs. A thick curl of bush hair above her opening. River's bush. Her post-coital scratch bush. Her rub up a lather bush. The bush I feel crinkling through her silky panties. The bush I get to look at. From the front. From the side. From between her legs. Hot bush. Sexy bush. Girly bush. River's bush. I reach down to tug at it. Looks good enough to eat. "I wish I could just reach my tongue down there while we're doing it." I back off and roll River back so her pussy comes up and lick it. "You taste good." Uh oh, now she's not going to want to kiss. How can you not like that taste? Must be a guy thing. River tastes good.

Back in. We slap together. "Power strokes." The knees are sort of a problem but not too bad yet. "Doggy style?" We get set up. We do it. "There's your cold butt." Her cold butt feels nice. River gets the view. It's drying out. "This is the dry position. Maybe if you didn't pull out so far." "That's the best part." I can't believe this. "I brought lube, but it's back in the car." I didn't think we'd need it. Maybe the breeze is drying things out. Probably. It's especially dry on the right side. It's also a queefy position. "We can use spit if that's ok." I tongue River's slit some more. I feel my heavy penis dangling out of range. It feels like it should feel. Hard and weighty. It won't go soft today and I'm eager to get it back in. The spit has done its job and things are good again.

Flying v. "This is what every guy on earth wishes he was doing. Spreading a girl wide open outside and fucking her." This is incredible. River is breathtaking. The whole scene outside naked in the woods on a mountain screwing in a treehouse with a view on a nice day is breathtaking. "If you were a guy, could you imagine any better way to do it?" Missionary. "There's my warm sweetie." I hope she's ok getting squished on the deck down there. I go faster and harder and I feel an orgasm coming. But I want River on top today. I lean back and pull her up and squinch my legs around. I'm off the blanket into splinter zone but I don't care. River fucks me on top. "I see trees." I see a smiling sweetie. Single point of contact. Favorite. This time I watch. "I feel it sliding down on my whole thing." And up. River is catching the head on the upstrokes and making me moan. Just like I like. "Those upstrokes were great." I grab River and lift her butt and do some driving from the passenger seat.

More licking for lube. Face to face with River's beautiful wet pussy. In full daylight. I lick, tongue fuck, and stare into the pink. I've never seen this much detail.

Stand up to show off my erect cock again. Then I'm on top again. Back in with no hands in default. I'm going to finish. We have to do flying v again. It looks so amazing to see River spread out like that. In full daylight. With water and islands in the background. And breeze. And bush. And nipples. And hair. And face. It feels good for her. Magnetism. "I can't do the bounce though." Mini magnetism, holding her thighs leaning her legs to her left so I can look at her. Jackknifing the g-spot feels really good. It could be a finisher. But every time I feel I could go for the finish I have to shift my knees, and lose the feeling. I lift my knees off the platform. "That's good. This is your version of single point of contact." It is good but I can't hold out. River moves into mini-v to take some work off my knees. "This is a hard one to come in. Well it's easy to come in, but . . ." We do mini-v. It sounds like River is trying to make me finish. Just a coincidence I'm sure. But she's getting cold. She puts her shirt back on. She wraps the blanket around her. I feel great, being outside, naked, with River, also naked, screwing in the treehouse with her. But I need to finish the marathon. Missionary. Slow. Careful. Warm. Feel it plunge in through the gateway over and over. "That feels really good." I can tell. We always seem to agree. But I like it when she tells me. It's coming. It feels strong. "One more . . ." And here it is. In and out while I'm coming. I don't even feel the spurts, just the orgasm. A strong one. I feel my left nut get pulled up. It's a good feeling. We've talked about this. I have to show River. "Look, where did my left nut go?" I look down and my right nut is gone too. "They're in your inguinal canal. Cremaster muscle." I like having a sweetie who knows these things. I feel my empty scrotum. River reaches out and pushes them back down into place for me one at a time. It's strangely intimate having her do that.

It's still hard and I could keep going, but River is cold. I feel bad I took so long. We use the t-shirt I brought. It would have been more fun to sacrifice my underwear. She's shivering. What can we do to get her warmed up? I offer my underwear and t-shirt for her to wear. She dresses and wraps in the blanket and shivers. I get in to huddle, with River behind me. She starts to warm up. I start to feel better.

"We should take one of those screws as as souvenir." "Definitely. We can put it in an underwear drawer. Frame it." Then we'd each have a souvenir. I have her panties from our second first time in my sock drawer. River packs up the screw. It's a long one.