We've got our own names for most of the positions we end up in. It might not seem that a small thing like having one of River's legs on my shoulder could make much of a difference, but it's surprising what kind of effects it can have. Keeping it in while we switch positions often has interesting results.

Here are descriptions of some of the positions we've named:
  • Default: River on her back with her legs open. me kneeling between them. Versatile, good control, quick transitions in and out of other positions. Our standard position for the initial stick-in. We can do an entire session this way. But usually don't.
  • Jackknife: Like Default but with River's legs on my shoulders with her parts rocked up for deep access. Our new classic. We've done entire sessions in this position.
  • Reader, Half-jackknife: Only one of River's legs on my shoulder.
  • Magnetism: Like Default but holding River's legs up by the ankles.
  • Bouncing Magnetism: Like Magnetism but bouncing River's butt up and down with the rhythm of the action.
  • Mini-magnetism: Like Magnetism but I put my hands on the front of River's thighs and hold her legs against me, usually with my head between them, maybe lifting her ass off the bed a bit.
  • The Plow: Like Mini-magnetism but River's legs under my arms and my hands lifting under her knees as I thrust.
  • Flying V: Like Magnetism but I hold River's legs as far apart as I can. Or she spreads her legs herself and lets them rest somehow, or grabs her toes to hold them in position.
  • Mini-V: Like Default but River reaches back and puts her hands on the wall and arches her back to press her parts onto mine while I put my hands on the sides of her butt and help lift it into position. A really stimulating position for both of us, but not a very satisfying position for me to come in.
  • Missionary: You all know this one. We didn't used to do this much because it's got a reputation for being routine and unimaginative, then I realized how slamming and deep and powerful it is. Especially nice when River wraps her legs around me or puts her heels on my butt. Small things can make a big difference: whether my legs are crossed, straight, or spread gives things a completely different character.
  • Half-missionary: Like default, but I have one leg back.  Most of the control of default with most of the depth of missionary.
  • Butt: River on her front with her legs together. me straddling River's legs just behind her butt.  A good stick-in position after a back massage.  Enough variations for an entire long session. Use your imagination.
  • Inviting: River on her front or side, with a knee bent to the side. I straddle River's other leg and fuck her right in the invitation.
  • Raunchy: River on her front with her legs spread. This one is aptly named.
  • Single point: River squatting on top, our parts are the single point of contact.  Strenuous for River.  Easily my favorite.
  • 135: River on top, rotated 135 degrees towards reverse cowgirl.
  • Reverse Cowgirl: River on top facing away from me. Not so intimate but I get a good view.
  • Spoons: Rear entry with River and me on our sides. Things can get pretty slamming when I grab River's hip and pull her against me as I thrust.
  • Interlock: Starting from spoons, River rolls onto her back and puts her top leg over my legs and I bend my knee up between River's legs. A relaxing position that lets us both move and gives me access to everything.
  • Legs over, Hot cross buns: Me in spoons position, River on her back with her legs over mine. Best when I put an arm under her legs and push them towards her chest, or River puts her leg on my shoulder and rubs her clit.
  • Snuggly: Like legs over, but River turns to face me and we can hug.
  • T-bone: River in spoon position on her side, me kneeling. Good for the initial stick-in.
  • Topsy-Turvy: Like spoons, but upside down. Easier than it looks to get into by starting from spoons, sitting up into t-bone, then leaning down the other way into topsy-turvy.
  • Doggy: You know this one, too. We usually do it with River's legs together. River with her head up or down by the bed.
  • Low doggy: Like doggy but River rests on her bent legs and I kneel/sit behind her or stand off the side of the bed.
  • Hello Kitty: Like low doggy but River sits up with her body at about a 45-degree angle while I kneel behind her and can reach around for her tits. A good position for River to reach her button, and an ergonomic position for her to control things while I lean back and enjoy.
  • Sitting together
  • Pretzel: This is kind of hard to describe.
  • Legs forward: From default, I swing my legs forward under River's legs and lean back. Good for staying out of the way while River does her button.
  • Scissors: Like lesbians, only we're not.
  • Chair: I sit on a chair, River stands face-to-face.
  • and many more

Other positions that we haven't named:


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