Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Massage and end-to-end missionary halfway in

"I've been painting. You're probably wondering whether that's going to make me want to do it." "Of course." "What I really want to do is give you a massage. But that doesn't preclude other activities." "I wouldn't turn that down."

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A really nice sequence of positions

We do a really nice sequence of positions. River on top, single point, 135, spoons, interlock, half-jackknife leg straddle, half-jackknife missionary. The last two have clearance for River to do her button, and still let me go all the way deep.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Your balls were moist."

We plan to do it in the morning, sometime after 6:30. I had a pretty good one during the night. Maybe I'll get another. At 7, River is in spoon position. Snuggle up, push my nearly limp dick below her butt where I can feel her fuzz on it, and do some small dry humps, her muff giving some stimulation as my cock rubs against it. Look down at the nice curves of her butt under the covers. Use my fingers to push it against her harder. I'm getting a response, but not as much as I'd like. Feel for her opening with my fingers, forwards from her butthole, and find it. Feeling her wetness and circling her opening makes me harder. I should start now before I lose it. But it's not hard enough for a decisive stick-in. "Help." River laughs, opens her legs, reaches down, rubs it around, and sticks it in. I push the rest of the way. No problems with dryness today. She's nicely wet. We have a nice fuck with some long steady rhythms. Put my thumb down between her butthole and her pussy so I can pull all the way out then tuck it back in. Roll River over for butt. Deep single-point. Hands on her wrists. Sitting up. Pushing her butt cheeks together. Rub my tummy against her ass as I push in. Slide my balls along the backs of her legs. When we've fucked long enough I come and lie on top of her.

"That was wet. Your balls were moist." "That's a funny thing to notice."

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Low doggy with a fancy single-point come

We're sitting on the balcony. The stars are out in the clear sky. The nearly full moon should be appearing soon. "It's warm." "Warm enough for the balcony?" "To do it?" "Yes." "Not quite. It's a nice view though." "You could keep your clothes on." "Not all of them." "Just making sure you've considered all your options." I hope she won't think she's disappointing me by not doing it on the balcony. It would probably work out better on the bed tonight.

Come inside, River goes to brush, I strip, light candles, and sit in the chair. River has made the bed, its pale comforter cover looking smooth and inviting in the candle light. I'm imagining River on it, looking smooth and inviting. I hear footsteps. She comes in. Naked. Smooth and inviting and sleek and small-breasted.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Something routine

I take River up on last night's offer to do it again today. We both want something short. Something sweet. Something routine. So I straddle River, she asks me to rub my fingers over her lightly, then she gets me hard while I reach back and finger her pussy and she does the stick-in and we fuck. After a while the top of the base of my cock starts hurting a bit about halfway into each thrust. Maybe she's a bit dry. Strange. She's usually got nice thick goo this time of the month. She doesn't seem too dry to her, so we keep going, short but not too short, and I have a nice huggy come with her.

We figure the bath she took beforehand may have left her a bit dry. It's nice sitting and watching River in the bath. A few days later, skin is peeling on my cock where it got chafed. I ask River whether she got abraded. "I think you got the worst of it."

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Upside down spoons

"Light on or off?" "On. You're nice to look at." "I'm even nicer to feel."

River spoons into me, parking her butt right where I like it. Maybe we should start in spoons. Then I have another idea. I sit where I can see River's pussy lips peeking out from between her closed legs while she's on her side. I'm almost hard with no work. "I thought I felt something hard." A few strokes, feel the fur on River's lips, and I'm ready.

Still sitting behind her, under her, next to her, wherever it is. Where I can fuck her. Line it up, push it in. River wiggles around to help. I do the slow fuck that I like so much, feeling every bit go in and come back out. And I watch. "In. And out. And in. And out." River likes the slow, too. "You feel nice today." The light is getting in River's eyes. She turns it off. "Now I'll have to refund all those tickets I sold for tonight's show." We've left the shades up on the windows.

This is a very nice stick-in position but we need something different. I could roll left and end up in spoons. But I've got a really nice stiff, we can do something more interesting, so I roll right into upside down spoons. "We've done this before." "Yeah." I remember it as kind of goofy but worth doing again.

"This is kind of stimulating. You're hitting my g-spot. But it's not very deep for you." "I don't need deep." As long as my most sensitive part is going in and out it works for me. It's nice that upside down spoons has gone from being merely non-routine to being nicely stimulating. We'll try it again. It comes out a few times when I get greedy with the pullouts, but it bends back down into place and goes back in.

"Maybe too stimulating. I might be bruising." She puts her right leg over me and it seems like we're back in more familiar territory. We talk about how strange it is that it's so enjoyable to do it so many different ways. We end up with me sitting on River's left leg, her other leg over my left shoulder. "Not too deep today. It was hurting a little bit." "I don't need deep. I like to do this." I just fuck the head in and out, there's some nice friction, we keep up a steady rhythm for a while.

"Do you have one in you?" "I'm just enjoying it." Default and missionary with the steady rhythm, just halfway in, turning River so she can use the wall if she wants to, but she doesn't have to, I put my hands on her head and pull. "I could come, but I don't want it to end." "We can do it again tomorrow." That's sweet. We start again after a short break. I'm still not going deep, and it's feeling nice.

"We're fucking." Fucking with River is so amazing that sometimes I just have to say that. "Yes, we are." I get the feeling in my nuts. "It's coming." Keep the rhythm going then hold it halfway in while I start to come. River feels it and pulls me all the way in with her heel on my butt while I finish flooding her and feel my right nut get sucked up. I leave it there for a while then push it back into place. Things still don't feel right down there and I realize my left nut got pulled up, too. That was a really good come after six days. It stays hard for a long time and we keep it in while we talk and once again I think I should just keep going but we should get some sleep so we clean up. River doesn't even use gravity.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

River makes me feel better

After that last one I was thinking we had a very physical time when it would have been nicer to have an intimate and bonding time on the balcony together. We should have just fucked. Is that how River feels, just wanting to fuck? My plan was a plan for the living room, but we were under the sky. River says we'll get to do it again. She had a nice time with the stars. And some nice orgasms. She actually likes the balcony. And she liked the speed record for variety. She even liked having a plan. She was ready for me to get hard again so we could follow it and fuck some more.

I was wondering how far outside her comfort zone she was. We were on the balcony. We were doing cunnilingus. And she was having her period. She says I'm sweet for thinking about her. She made me feel better. She's good at that.

We take a shower and I wash her hoo. Her leg on the side of the tub. Work up the lather in her bush. Wash the sides all the way back. Do the grooves between her inner and outer lips with the two-finger techique, one in each groove, pull forward to where everything comes together. Then down the middle, forwards and backwards, side to side, swishing around her opening, up to the firmness of her clitoris. "A little sensitive today." "Let's go do it." "Not that kind of sensitive."

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Speed record, orgasms, and shooting stars on the balcony

"I have to go pee." "Don't let me stop you. A golden shower is not part of the plan. We would need the front yard and the slip-n-side. But here's a plan for you. Leave your panties off when you come back." "I can do that." River's wearing a skirt and a black top. No bra. She looks good in a skirt. She looks good with no bra.

Another hot day. I'm thinking the living room with the door open, but she's interested in the balcony. We sit outside, then go up to the balcony to sit together for a while so we have a more casual transition to fucking. River sees a shooting star. She lies down on the cushion. "I don't know if this will change anything, but my period just started." "It's early." "Two days." We put a towel down for protection. I oil and rub her tits under her top. She takes it off. I take my shorts off so I can be ready when the time comes.

River seems strangely interested in having me come in 30 seconds. What we call a speed record. I wouldn't think that would be very appealing, but she's liked it before. "How can I help?" I move her right hand to my stiffening cock and she does her expert thing, pulling and pushing, getting me ready. I'm not worried about her being ready. She's always ready lately. I move with her just a little. She's gotten me a bit beyond ready which is just what I want even though I don't feel an orgasm yet. But I will. Soon. I do the stick-in, the towel giving my knees some relief, then switch into missionary with my knees on the cushion and fuck hard and fast, finding the best friction right away, trying not to make too much noise on our semi-private balcony. River gasps and moans under me. That always makes me want to come. She's taking a beating. I hope she's ok. She'll let me know if she isn't. Now I feel it and keep hitting the friction and feel it build and let it come as I push into her and squeeze us together and breathe hard.

"I think I went over. That was about 45 seconds." "That's ok. Are we going to do the rest of the plan, with the additional flavors?" I sit up and rest and look at Rachel. She's still got the skirt on. Her tits are oiled. She's hot. "I'd do that." It takes a while to get comfortable on the balcony for the muff dive. I get a taste then focus on her clit. Feel her move and press against me. Nice feedback. I'm managing to keep it fairly steady. My jaw doesn't really like this position. It prefers being off the side of the bed or sitting next to River's chest. I need a short break then back to it. Trying not to be too wet. I love feeling River's clit under my tongue and feeling her move and pulling her into my face. Breathing through her muff. I try to look up at her face but all I can see is skirt and bush. It's a small world, but a nice one. River watches the stars. Another quiet night on our street. I tire again and River takes over with her fingers. "I think I have one in me." It's hard to believe we're actually following one of my plans. The next part is for her to take so long that I can get hard again and we can have a nice fuck. River called that ambitious, especially with the ED, and as I get some oil and work on myself again I'm beginning to have doubts. Fingering River might help but I don't want to distract her. "Here it comes." I'm still completely limp. "You can stick a finger in." One finger goes in. Two fingers. Circles on the g-spot as River orgasms. "It still extends them. That was a good one." I'm glad I could help.

River doesn't even take her hand away, just keeps going. "In the second one?" "I don't have anything." I'll just enjoy having my fingers in her pussy. It's sloppy wet in there with my jizz and the start of her period. To my cock, her vagina feels like a tube, from the opening to the cervix at the end. To my fingers it's more of a box, a chamber, with sides to explore, her pubic bone in the front, the familiar ridge on the back. "That was a good one, too." "I couldn't even tell you were coming." As long as they're good for her. She keeps going and gets a third. That's her point of diminishing returns, where it's not always worth going for more. "I saw another shooting star." Next time maybe I'll get to be on my back and see the stars. I pull my fingers out of her fucked pussy and River notices she's dripped blood on the towel. Good thing we used it.

I hope we get an early start tonight

River wakes up after me. I pull the covers off her and admire her body. Tip some lavender oil onto my palms and spend a long time enjoying her boobs with just the right amount of friction. Play with the tuft of bush at the apex of her lips. Last night was too hot and we were too tired so we planned to do it this morning instead. "I'd trade this morning for doing it this evening, somewhere other than the hot bedroom." "That sounds good." "Where should we do it?" "The basement?" Did she really say that? I'm not even sure I want to do it in the basement, especially on a day hot enough to open up other possibilities. We haven't done it in the living room since last summer. And it's nice weather for the balcony. River reads my mind and pulls me onto her naked body and I make nice sounds as she rubs my back through my shirt. I sit up on her and admire her tight body some more. "I hope I'm doing the right thing not eating you and banging you right now." "I have something to look forward to." "We both do."

We talk about what kind of girl doesn't like cunnilingus. "One who doesn't like having her parts wet." "Your parts were wet a few days ago." She tries to explain it. Says it's like not wanting to have a wet face. I don't mind having a wet face while I'm drinking though. She says it helps when I remember not to be too wet, and says it's sweet that I like to do it. We go off to shower together. "I'm wet right now." She reaches down and drys off. "Did I get you wet?" I hope so. I'm thinking I could eat her in the shower. A warm up for tonight. She says it's ok when it's already wet. But I don't think she'd be into it so I'll save it for later.

She's braless today in public. That doesn't happen often. She jokes about "shining her headlights" at people. I like holding hands with my braless sweetie. I look at everybody's eyes and they've all got other things to look at. River has nothing to worry about.

River's hair is wild today. I want to put my fingers in it and pull her face over for a big public smooch. But the best I can manage in our current surroundings is a medium smooch. At least I tried.

River comes in from gardening and takes another shower. I sit and watch. She pulls back the shower curtain for me and I feel my nuts ache as my gaze flows over her body, from her face to her compact tits to her smooth tummy to her curly bush to her legs to her butt. She dries and goes into the bedroom. When I come in she's splayed on the bed, her head at the foot and her legs spread wide and her lips and opening staring me in the face. Air-drying, she calls it. It's all I can do not to peel my clothes off and fuck her right there. Or let my tongue go to work on her. She's my temptress. I straddle one of her legs and let my parts rest on it while we have some good smooches. At least she appreciates my appreciation of her body. We both know our physical attraction is just the icing on the cake of our relationship and we like it. She's the most amazing girl I've ever met and I'm completely lucky that she's also so fucking hot.

She hints at a foot rub, then brings her knees up to her chest and I can see deep between her lips as I reach for the foot cream and start on her feet. She talks about what we might want for dinner. I just want to eat her. I manage to give her feet some good attention despite the distraction of her succulent pussy. She walks to her closet and I watch her sweet ass, then she spreads her cheeks and gives me a view from behind. Fuck she's hot. She puts on a skirt with no panties and a top with no bra. I hope we get an early start tonight. And I hope I don't shoot off before we even do the stick-in. Although I imagine she'd be flattered if I came in one thrust.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I wish I could just tip you forward and stick it in

It's nice waking up with River. I had an erection earlier but it's gone and I'm not missing it. Snuggle up to River, rub her shoulder, fingers on her arm and back, around her collar bones. Just a nice snuggle, enjoying River's body. Hand on her boob, nipple pressed into my palm. She sits up, legs stretched out in front, and I sit behind her.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'll show you mine if you show me yours

River is on the bed, shirt and panties, feet up on the wall. Can I fit under her legs? I can. I sit between her legs with my legs by her sides. The legs forward position with good access for River. But that's not what I'm thinking. The foot rub I promised needs my attention. The foot cream jar is almost empty, but there's enough. Start on her heels, work up the soles, between her toes, tips of the toes, back down, squeeze the top and bottom between my hands. She tells me she likes her boobs now. They've served her well. That makes me happy. She's got a nice compact set. Manageable. Always right where they should be. I never have to look around on the bed for them. She lists off the advantages of small boobs. Not getting in the way. No backaches. And small boobs are fucking hot. I'd rather look at small boobs any day. Especially if they're River's. "I haven't had to worry about people looking at my chest while they're talking to me." "I'm looking here." "Pink stripies." Staring right into her crotch, which her panties aren't doing the best job of covering. I rub her with my socked foot. She pulls her panties to the side. I notice my pants are unzipped for some reason and I pull my cock out. "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." We sit like that while I finish her feet. I love being silly with River.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Something quick

"It would be fun to have sex tonight." River knew that was coming. I told her how being with her was giving me warm fuzzies, and her cute butt in black leggings was irresistible. "Ok. Something quick." I straddle her in our usual way while she's on her back. We talk about all kinds of things while I feel her nice small tits and stroke myself. The juxtaposition of talking casually while getting ready to fuck turns me on.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fuck, continued

It's a nice time. I'm feeling especially close to River. Me on top, our bodies pressing together, kissing, she's appreciative, I want to eat her up. We fuck for a long time in default and missionary. I hold it in and move a little, soaking up the feeling of being with River and enjoying each other. We do missionary with the circular movement. She's drying out a bit but it's still nice. I think of jackknife, our new classic, and scoop her left leg up to my shoulder. Again it's so nice I want to stay that way. But I try her right leg instead. It feels a little awkward. I put her left leg back on my shoulder to see how we do it. "I'm practicing." Then we fuck with her right leg on my shoulder. It's like the same position only different. Like sleeping on different sides of the bed. We have a good time, feeling her cervix squishing out of the way as I go deep into her pussy, then I scoop both of her legs up for jackknife while I do missionary and go even deeper. Time to finish. I feel an orgasm coming on but I get greedy and my cock slips out. "And I was just about to . . ." River puts it back in. She's a little dry, but I've got some pre-flow from my almost-orgasm and I'm fucking through my own slippery jizz and I feel my toes curling with a full orgasm and the rest of my load pumps into her. I think River has warmed up to it.

"You're right, that did take a while." "It always seems like the right length." "Maybe five ten-minute sessions would be better than one fifty-minute session." "Maybe."

River doesn't have one in her but we have a great fuck anyway

"We're not going to do it this morning, are we?" "Handjob tonight." "Should we fuck, too?" "That would be a nice addition."

River is on the bed in a gray shirt and pink panties. Perfect. I put on divbyzero. We light the candles. I sit behind her. River may not be into tonight's activities as much as she could be. She seems a little resigned. I can't always tell how she feels, and she usually warms up as things go along. But I feel bad for not asking. She goes to take her shirt off but I stop her, reach around, and feel her boobs through it, her nipples poking against the thin material. Her shirt comes off. Feeling her boobs like this reminds me of how she dries them with a towel, scooping and squeezing and rubbing. She leans back against me. I look over her shoulder. My hands move down her sides, my fingers trace the bottom curve of her pink panties, up and down, feeling bush, the edges of her lips, slipping under the fabric a bit. It's fascinating for me, like playing with my own pussy, but not comfortable for River so she lays out in front of me, panties still on, and I gaze and smile and run my hands over her from the side. I strip to my boxer briefs. I want to play with my pussy some more. Straddle River, facing away, her pussy between my legs, running my fingers along the edge of her panties, feeling her lips through them with both hands, my right hand finding her clit and starting the circles while my left hand does a slower rhythm on her opening. I hear wetness. I like rubbing her through her panties, my left fingers pressing gently against the gap between her lips, my right fingers circling the firmness of her clit. Then her clit is gone. Maybe I've worn it to a nub. Maybe it's retracted. I keep circling in the same place. Again River isn't comfortable. "You like it dry." "But not abrasive." Her pink panties come off and I keep going, my fingers working on her pussy, my pussy, her clit reappearing under my right hand, my left hand fingers pushing into her. A bit drier than I expected. It's not as easy as I'd like getting a finger in for her g-spot. So I feel her walls, the ridge at the back, swirling circles inside her while my right hand keeps going on her clit and she moves under me. I'm trying to remember big circles, up and down. Her clit has disappeared again. This is fun. I'm enjoying using both hands on her. Eventually my left leg tires and I slide to my left and sit on the bed, my right leg still draped across her. Now I can see her face, head back, eyes closed. My left hand reaches under her leg, two fingers going in at a better angle for the g-spot while my right hand keeps going. And going. And going. I don't think I'm going to get River off tonight. She's not easy. And I don't need to wear her out trying. "Do you want to take over?" She does. I leave my fingers in and stand beside the bed while my underwear comes off. It reminds me of how we usually leave it in while we're rolling into a new position. I wasn't sure we'd be fucking today. Maybe I'd handjob both of us. Now maybe River will come first and we'll fuck second. Or maybe she'll have an orgasm and I'll fuck her in it. I'm getting my cock ready while I do her g-spot, hoping she'll have another orgasm like when she felt like she was squirting. But River gives up, too. She just doesn't have one in her today. Time to fuck instead. I move between her legs, getting hard, putting my thumb in her. It's snug and comfortable. "I like having my thumb in there." "That's strange." "What should I have in there?" I pull my thumb out and River helps my cock slide in. And we fuck.

(To be continued.)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

An emotionally satisfying fuck on the balcony

"I think your plan has something to do with that and the balcony." I've brought the library window cushion up to the bedroom. I have some problems with the candle and it takes a while to get things set up. I need something to relax. "I'll give you a back rub." "I wouldn't turn that down." She never does. On the bed. Oil her up, pay attention to her shoulder blades, some neck, shoulders, sides, fingertips on her back. Nice feedback. I take deep breaths. Lean forward and hug on top of her. She's warm. Sit up and rub down to her butt. One hand on her butt, one on me. Then two hands on her butt while my cock lays against it and I push her cheeks together, apart, up, down. I see her cute butthole in the dim light and get harder. I haven't even touched her lips yet. There's just a hint visible through the tufts between her legs. The compulsion hits me.

I get off her and press my face against her butt and legs, stretch my tongue out to her lips, stroke them, probe between them. Somehow I breathe. I sit up and see her legs spread a little bit. Encouragement, or just giving in to the inevitable? Her legs spread wide as I straddle her back and bring my mouth down to her pussy. I'm not sure I can reach her clit like this. I use my tongue on her pussy, suck her lips into my mouth, lick the sides, tongue-fuck. Reach for her clit with the tip. She looks sweet, her legs spreading out smoothly from her butt, allowing me. And raunchy, her pussy lips pulled apart, arching around her frilly pink hole. Sit up, dry some of my wetness off her, get hard enough.

"I'll fuck you on the balcony." "Ok." Through the open door to the balcony, River with her bush and her sleek body, me with my hardon and my desire. She lays back on the cushion but I need to get some hardness back. I'm a bit harder than semi-erect when I move forward and do the stick-in, my knees on the wood floor of the balcony. My cock hardens as I look at River's face and feel myself slide into her willing body. "Hi beautiful." She is beautiful out here in the candlelight. The temperature is nice. Stars are out and she can see the sky. It's a quiet night. We're fucking.

The cushion is big enough for two. Change to missionary. "Yes, get up here with me." Looking into each other's eyes. My hands on her head holding her in place for some strong thrusts. She feels nice today. I like being out here with her. I want to kiss her. "I taste like pussy. Your tangy taste that I like." River looks at the stars, looks at the candle, looks at me. Still a quiet night, no cars or foot traffic to feed my exhibitionist streak, just Reed and River. Fucking.

A breeze comes and wraps itself around my body and feels nice. River likes it too. "But I'll get cold. I want a Reed blanket." I hug against her warm body, my face against her neck. "I'll be your blanket. And your dildo. And your live-in full-service masseur." "I feel wealthy. With a live-in full-service masseur." "Just don't tell your husband about me." I feel so together with River, doing it with her out here, so much of her body pressed against mine, my cock fucking her pussy in the breeze.

I've taken my knees back off the cushion, back to default. There's an orgasm waiting but I stop to hold off and think of jackknife as I gaze at River. Scoop her left leg onto my shoulder and her pussy feels so rich and juicy and stimulating and steamy that I stop there and bang her in half-jackknife. "I'll come." A few more strokes, pause halfway in and feel the first spurt, back out and into her sweet snatch, feeling my cock slide through my own jizz, pushing her leg down against her. And being quiet. I'm not that much of an exhibitionist. I'm sure River is happy about that. Back onto the cushion for some missionary afterfuck and being with River.

"That was really emotionally satisfying and bonding for me."

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A "quick quickie"

We're in bed late. A nice snuggle. We roll towards each other, River's legs crossed over mine. "This is a nice snuggle position." Comfortable and intimate. I've been wanting to do it in this position for a while. But tonight I'm just having a nice snuggle. And we're having some nice kisses. "I know you have to get up early, but we could do a quick quickie." Surprise. If I turn that down River will think there's something wrong with me. We had a nice day skipping out on work. I start a small dry hump against River to see if anything happens. This morning I snuggled River and got a nice hardon against her butt. "Good morning." "I wish that would happen in the evening." It's happening a little. River reaches between her legs, finds my cock, and gives it some help. "Left-handed." "I'm ambidickstrous." We both laugh. It's hard enough. She lines it up. I feel it push into her enveloping wetness. "I bet you weren't expecting that." "I was expecting something like that." River has read my mind. We're fucking in the sweet and intimate snuggle position, my cock bridging the gap between her pubes and mine. Not very deep, but nice. I'm thinking of pushing River's legs up to her chest for better access when she rolls over into spoons, like I'm always thinking when we snuggle with my erection against her butt. "Are you going to be picking the positions?" I like it when she does. "No." "We'll just stay this way." "Sounds good." We've been taking it slow. It won't be a quick quickie if it's slow. "How quick?" "Come the first time." "Ok." When you're a girl you get to come all you want, but when you're a guy you try to not come for as long as you can? Something like that. But this is a quickie. We speed up. I hold River's hip with both hands and rock her against me. Wrap my arm around her and pull us together in full spoon snuggle position. Push back for deeper penetration and speed up. "This sure is a strange thing that we do." Pumping my cock in and out of her pussy. "It's strange that we think it's strange." I reach down and feel her pussy with my cock sliding in and out of it. All the way in. All the way out. "I like feeling that." I move River's hand behind her to where she can feel my cock sliding in and out of her. "Wet." Very. This is a classic fuck, going from slow and easy to fast and hard. Finally I feel the expanding warmth of impending orgasm but it's still a ways off. I think River doesn't mind. She likes fast and hard. And this time I don't have to stop and disappoint her ("I'm never disappointed.") Not as hard as our hardest bang ever which was also in spoons, but hard enough. A nice slow buildup, pull out to the tip and let it linger and build, then the final thrust to push it over the edge and I'm pumping what feels like a huge load into her and making all kinds of crazy sounds as I pull her against me and we finish our "quickie." Again I stay hard for a long time afterwards, then we get the traditional t-shirt off the floor and River cleans up without leaving to use gravity. I like that. And I've stayed cool enough for more comfortable snuggling with River. I like that, too.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I feel like dancing and fucking and writing poetry.
I'm available for fucking tonight.
I was hoping you would be.
A nice no-plan fuck.
Sounds good.

I'm making passionate love to my sweetie.
I can help.
An invitation.
Feeling boobs, getting hard.
Thinking of colors.
River starts and the work is mostly done.
You can rub me on you.
I like that.
Not yet.
Interesting terrain.
Be gentle with those.
I just want to enjoy it like this.
Legs forward
River is liking it.
All the way back.
River on top.
I'm in trouble now.
Single point.
Better than this.
Hug and fuck.
River rolls us back for more.
I don't want it to end.
We'll do it again.