Thursday, August 19, 2010

River makes me feel better

After that last one I was thinking we had a very physical time when it would have been nicer to have an intimate and bonding time on the balcony together. We should have just fucked. Is that how River feels, just wanting to fuck? My plan was a plan for the living room, but we were under the sky. River says we'll get to do it again. She had a nice time with the stars. And some nice orgasms. She actually likes the balcony. And she liked the speed record for variety. She even liked having a plan. She was ready for me to get hard again so we could follow it and fuck some more.

I was wondering how far outside her comfort zone she was. We were on the balcony. We were doing cunnilingus. And she was having her period. She says I'm sweet for thinking about her. She made me feel better. She's good at that.

We take a shower and I wash her hoo. Her leg on the side of the tub. Work up the lather in her bush. Wash the sides all the way back. Do the grooves between her inner and outer lips with the two-finger techique, one in each groove, pull forward to where everything comes together. Then down the middle, forwards and backwards, side to side, swishing around her opening, up to the firmness of her clitoris. "A little sensitive today." "Let's go do it." "Not that kind of sensitive."

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