Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Your balls were moist."

We plan to do it in the morning, sometime after 6:30. I had a pretty good one during the night. Maybe I'll get another. At 7, River is in spoon position. Snuggle up, push my nearly limp dick below her butt where I can feel her fuzz on it, and do some small dry humps, her muff giving some stimulation as my cock rubs against it. Look down at the nice curves of her butt under the covers. Use my fingers to push it against her harder. I'm getting a response, but not as much as I'd like. Feel for her opening with my fingers, forwards from her butthole, and find it. Feeling her wetness and circling her opening makes me harder. I should start now before I lose it. But it's not hard enough for a decisive stick-in. "Help." River laughs, opens her legs, reaches down, rubs it around, and sticks it in. I push the rest of the way. No problems with dryness today. She's nicely wet. We have a nice fuck with some long steady rhythms. Put my thumb down between her butthole and her pussy so I can pull all the way out then tuck it back in. Roll River over for butt. Deep single-point. Hands on her wrists. Sitting up. Pushing her butt cheeks together. Rub my tummy against her ass as I push in. Slide my balls along the backs of her legs. When we've fucked long enough I come and lie on top of her.

"That was wet. Your balls were moist." "That's a funny thing to notice."

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