Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Massage and end-to-end missionary halfway in

"I've been painting. You're probably wondering whether that's going to make me want to do it." "Of course." "What I really want to do is give you a massage. But that doesn't preclude other activities." "I wouldn't turn that down."

I put on some ambient drone and get set on the face pillow. River oils me and I feel her settle on my legs, getting her parts situated. A very creative back rub. The sounds and her touches merge in my relaxed mental state and become a lily pad growing on my back. Involuntary sighs escape as she goes up my shoulders and neck, and crosswise on my sides. Scoots back and oils my butt, pushing my cheeks up, together, apart. She's inspired today. I relax and soak it up. She lays her warm body on mine. "This is the part where you get a hard-on and stick it to me." "I don't have anything to stick." I feel her bush rub under my butt as she demonstrates how she'd fuck me if she could.

We roll side to side for a hug, feel up and down her back to where her butt curves out, she feels me, we kiss. Roll on top and cradle her face as we kiss and I get hard. Sit up. River reaches down. "Well look at that." "You're inspiring." She handjobs me like only she can, firm slow strokes over the head and down the shaft, her hand with a trace of oil. "You can tell how much I like this. I don't even want it to stop so I can fuck you." But even though I'd like her to jack me to orgasm and let me squirt my goo on her, I would like to fuck, and I think she would too.

She keeps hold of my cock as she spreads her legs and I get between them, missionary position. She guides it to her pussy and I push gently and it slides in easily, keeps going in and going in. "Not too deep today." We fuck, slowly at first, me only going halfway in. River is really wet, and her lubrication feels nicely comforting as her pussy fondles my cock on each stroke. Bring my elbows down to the bed, my head next to hers, a little harder, a little faster. I try her two-part stroke, the slow beginning and faster ending. We like it.

River is making nice sounds. They turn me on and make we want to come. "Are you trying to make me come?" "No, those are just the sounds of River fucking." This is a classic start slow and speed up fuck, in the classic missionary position. I don't think we've ever done a whole session in missionary. But there's no reason to do anything different today. I like the face-to-face intimacy. And I'm still only fucking halfway in. No reason to do anything different. River is enjoying it. Maybe size doesn't matter. Although I get a perverse satisfaction from being able to poke her so deep sometimes that she tells me to go slow. Other times I can go as deep and hard as I want and we both like it. We're a nice fit.

Put my hand on River's shoulder to pull her towards me as I speed up. River laughs. "I kicked your butt." "You can do that." She's been moving her feet all over the place behind me, putting them on my butt, pulling me towards her. Maybe my half-stroke fuck is teasing her and she wants it deep. But it's working well. I'm not having to hold off, and I'm not having to do anything particular to come, I know I'll just come at the right time. And River is making her nice fucking sounds.

We're going pretty fast now. Trying to keep traction on the bed. I feel the mounting orgasm as I keep fucking halfway into her pussy. "Here it comes." Pull back and try to keep just the head inside as my cock twitches and I spurt my goo into her. Trying to hold still but I can't help moving in and out about half an inch for a couple spurts to feel my cock rub through her pussy opening just a little. Then River pulls me all the way in with her feet and I slide in through my own come for a short afterfuck.

"Twitch twitch." "It's not very far in this time." "That was a very still orgasm." "Variety." "Variety is good."

"That was a missionary stick-in. I don't think I've done that before. Ever." "It was nice. With the guiding hand." So that would have to be our first end-to-end missionary session. It was nice. Even just halfway in.

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