Sunday, August 22, 2010

Something routine

I take River up on last night's offer to do it again today. We both want something short. Something sweet. Something routine. So I straddle River, she asks me to rub my fingers over her lightly, then she gets me hard while I reach back and finger her pussy and she does the stick-in and we fuck. After a while the top of the base of my cock starts hurting a bit about halfway into each thrust. Maybe she's a bit dry. Strange. She's usually got nice thick goo this time of the month. She doesn't seem too dry to her, so we keep going, short but not too short, and I have a nice huggy come with her.

We figure the bath she took beforehand may have left her a bit dry. It's nice sitting and watching River in the bath. A few days later, skin is peeling on my cock where it got chafed. I ask River whether she got abraded. "I think you got the worst of it."

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