Sunday, August 15, 2010

I hope we get an early start tonight

River wakes up after me. I pull the covers off her and admire her body. Tip some lavender oil onto my palms and spend a long time enjoying her boobs with just the right amount of friction. Play with the tuft of bush at the apex of her lips. Last night was too hot and we were too tired so we planned to do it this morning instead. "I'd trade this morning for doing it this evening, somewhere other than the hot bedroom." "That sounds good." "Where should we do it?" "The basement?" Did she really say that? I'm not even sure I want to do it in the basement, especially on a day hot enough to open up other possibilities. We haven't done it in the living room since last summer. And it's nice weather for the balcony. River reads my mind and pulls me onto her naked body and I make nice sounds as she rubs my back through my shirt. I sit up on her and admire her tight body some more. "I hope I'm doing the right thing not eating you and banging you right now." "I have something to look forward to." "We both do."

We talk about what kind of girl doesn't like cunnilingus. "One who doesn't like having her parts wet." "Your parts were wet a few days ago." She tries to explain it. Says it's like not wanting to have a wet face. I don't mind having a wet face while I'm drinking though. She says it helps when I remember not to be too wet, and says it's sweet that I like to do it. We go off to shower together. "I'm wet right now." She reaches down and drys off. "Did I get you wet?" I hope so. I'm thinking I could eat her in the shower. A warm up for tonight. She says it's ok when it's already wet. But I don't think she'd be into it so I'll save it for later.

She's braless today in public. That doesn't happen often. She jokes about "shining her headlights" at people. I like holding hands with my braless sweetie. I look at everybody's eyes and they've all got other things to look at. River has nothing to worry about.

River's hair is wild today. I want to put my fingers in it and pull her face over for a big public smooch. But the best I can manage in our current surroundings is a medium smooch. At least I tried.

River comes in from gardening and takes another shower. I sit and watch. She pulls back the shower curtain for me and I feel my nuts ache as my gaze flows over her body, from her face to her compact tits to her smooth tummy to her curly bush to her legs to her butt. She dries and goes into the bedroom. When I come in she's splayed on the bed, her head at the foot and her legs spread wide and her lips and opening staring me in the face. Air-drying, she calls it. It's all I can do not to peel my clothes off and fuck her right there. Or let my tongue go to work on her. She's my temptress. I straddle one of her legs and let my parts rest on it while we have some good smooches. At least she appreciates my appreciation of her body. We both know our physical attraction is just the icing on the cake of our relationship and we like it. She's the most amazing girl I've ever met and I'm completely lucky that she's also so fucking hot.

She hints at a foot rub, then brings her knees up to her chest and I can see deep between her lips as I reach for the foot cream and start on her feet. She talks about what we might want for dinner. I just want to eat her. I manage to give her feet some good attention despite the distraction of her succulent pussy. She walks to her closet and I watch her sweet ass, then she spreads her cheeks and gives me a view from behind. Fuck she's hot. She puts on a skirt with no panties and a top with no bra. I hope we get an early start tonight. And I hope I don't shoot off before we even do the stick-in. Although I imagine she'd be flattered if I came in one thrust.

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