Thursday, August 12, 2010

I wish I could just tip you forward and stick it in

It's nice waking up with River. I had an erection earlier but it's gone and I'm not missing it. Snuggle up to River, rub her shoulder, fingers on her arm and back, around her collar bones. Just a nice snuggle, enjoying River's body. Hand on her boob, nipple pressed into my palm. She sits up, legs stretched out in front, and I sit behind her. She snuggles back against me. It's a nice morning with a nice view out the window. I enjoy her body some more, remembering the shape of her trapezius and digging my thumbs into it. Good feedback. The morning view through the window makes me feel like we're outside. "I wish I could just tip you forward and stick it in." "I thought you might be thinking that. Is that a request?" "More like a suggestion." "Maybe if I crossed my legs." Criss-cross applesauce. I admire her shape from behind, and the window view, and start getting hard. It's going to have to be a good one for this tricky stick-in. And I want it to be convincing. I'm patient. River is patient. I stroke with some of my own leakage for lubrication and stiffen nicely. When it's good enough I tip River forward just a little, her butt comes up off the bed a bit, and I do the stick-in by feel. I'm glad we get to do it this morning. A sexy morning with sun and fog outside. And it's an interesting position to be slipping into River in. It's the lowest she's ever been. She's practically still sitting. I'm sitting on my feet behind her. Like hello kitty with her legs crossed. I push in, pull out, push back in. "How's that?" "It feels nice." "I agree." The shape of her back flowing into her butt is amazing. Her neck and hair add to her girlness. I'm doing all the work and I like it. Grab her butt. Grab her legs and pull us together. Grab her hips. Reach under, finger her lips and up towards her clit as I slide in and out. It's all remarkably wet. "That's really wet." "Yes." Keep my hand on her butt cheek with my fingers on her pussy and my cock sliding past. She uncrosses her legs and sits up on her feet. Hello kitty. "This will probably be a quick one." It's going to be an easy orgasm. I take it slow. "A slow one." A slow quick one. Everything is making me want to come. The morning, the sun, River, her shape, her wetness, her liking her boobs, fucking. "Just a few more." Really slow. "One more I think." I feel it go over the edge as I push in under her butt and hold it until the spurts come, feeling her pussy surround my cock as it twitches inside her and delivers its load. "I like the slow ones." "I like them too." I'm hesitant to pull the plug and let gravity make my goo run downhill onto the bed, but I'm going soft already and the goo is deep and I have to do it sometime so I pull out and grab yesterday's t-shirt off the floor and reach under her to wipe up. It's an easy cleanup position and River's parts feel nice through the shirt but I let her finish up.

My left leg is wobbly as I walk down the stairs. "That's what you get for starting the day off with a bang."

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you just made me so fucking wet, my bf is down stairs, i'm going to get him and make him fuck me hard

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