Saturday, August 21, 2010

Upside down spoons

"Light on or off?" "On. You're nice to look at." "I'm even nicer to feel."

River spoons into me, parking her butt right where I like it. Maybe we should start in spoons. Then I have another idea. I sit where I can see River's pussy lips peeking out from between her closed legs while she's on her side. I'm almost hard with no work. "I thought I felt something hard." A few strokes, feel the fur on River's lips, and I'm ready.

Still sitting behind her, under her, next to her, wherever it is. Where I can fuck her. Line it up, push it in. River wiggles around to help. I do the slow fuck that I like so much, feeling every bit go in and come back out. And I watch. "In. And out. And in. And out." River likes the slow, too. "You feel nice today." The light is getting in River's eyes. She turns it off. "Now I'll have to refund all those tickets I sold for tonight's show." We've left the shades up on the windows.

This is a very nice stick-in position but we need something different. I could roll left and end up in spoons. But I've got a really nice stiff, we can do something more interesting, so I roll right into upside down spoons. "We've done this before." "Yeah." I remember it as kind of goofy but worth doing again.

"This is kind of stimulating. You're hitting my g-spot. But it's not very deep for you." "I don't need deep." As long as my most sensitive part is going in and out it works for me. It's nice that upside down spoons has gone from being merely non-routine to being nicely stimulating. We'll try it again. It comes out a few times when I get greedy with the pullouts, but it bends back down into place and goes back in.

"Maybe too stimulating. I might be bruising." She puts her right leg over me and it seems like we're back in more familiar territory. We talk about how strange it is that it's so enjoyable to do it so many different ways. We end up with me sitting on River's left leg, her other leg over my left shoulder. "Not too deep today. It was hurting a little bit." "I don't need deep. I like to do this." I just fuck the head in and out, there's some nice friction, we keep up a steady rhythm for a while.

"Do you have one in you?" "I'm just enjoying it." Default and missionary with the steady rhythm, just halfway in, turning River so she can use the wall if she wants to, but she doesn't have to, I put my hands on her head and pull. "I could come, but I don't want it to end." "We can do it again tomorrow." That's sweet. We start again after a short break. I'm still not going deep, and it's feeling nice.

"We're fucking." Fucking with River is so amazing that sometimes I just have to say that. "Yes, we are." I get the feeling in my nuts. "It's coming." Keep the rhythm going then hold it halfway in while I start to come. River feels it and pulls me all the way in with her heel on my butt while I finish flooding her and feel my right nut get sucked up. I leave it there for a while then push it back into place. Things still don't feel right down there and I realize my left nut got pulled up, too. That was a really good come after six days. It stays hard for a long time and we keep it in while we talk and once again I think I should just keep going but we should get some sleep so we clean up. River doesn't even use gravity.

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