Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Worth not waiting for

It’s not clear who’s going to be in bed first. But whoever is gets a no-strings back rub. Which is my name for a back rub that I give River which I won’t use as a prelude to sex. Much as I might want to. I’m not sure why I would want a no-strings back rub. A plain old back rub is fine with me. But the way the die came up, that’s the way it has to be tonight.

I’m first. That was River’s plan all along. To make up for keeping me up late last night. And now it’s late again. But I’m first. I strip and lie on the bed. River strips and oils me. She’s quick with the effleurage. But thorough. She oils my back, up to my shoulders, down to my ass. Her hands firm. Sure. Enthusiastic. She situates herself on me. “I’m rubbing my labia lips on your ass.” She laughs at her redundancy. I’m fine with it. Whatever it takes for her to rub her labia lips on my ass. I visualize her pudenda. From the front. Her trimmed muff. Her cleft descending from her clitoral hood and disappearing in mystery. From behind. The dark fleshy tips clinging together beneath her ass. Gapping ever so slightly towards the rear. Waiting for my tongue to pry them apart and probe between them. Inviting my hard cock to thrust them apart as they descend onto it.

She takes the massage up a notch. It’s overwhelming. Am I hyperventilating? Probably. No strings. Does that mean she won’t do me, but I can do her if I want? But what about rolling the dice? We’re supposed to wait three more days. But this has been such a nice day. And it could be even nicer.

She finishes. “Anything else?” I want to say “fuck me.” But I couldn’t possibly, given the circumstances. “That was a really nice warmup.” “Yes it was.” We lie naked next to each. Touching. I catch my breath. Then I roll between her legs. Push my cock against her vulva. Feel it pressing against her. Wait for it to harden. We were both expecting this. She reaches for my cock. Does her classic rub. Between her lips, over her clit, down to her opening, the tease, wondering when she’ll put it in, almost hoping she won’t, I don’t care, it feels so nice, then she pushes it down, I push forward, meet resistance, just when I’m about to back up for another push I feel it thrust her labia aside and enter her with a thplop I can almost hear. And we fuck.

She feels perfect today. Her nice frictiony slippery, almost grainy, sweetly stimulating. Fucking with sighs. Fucking with moans. Fucking with my foot on the floor. Fucking faster. Barely moving, just pulling her against me, then moving my cock, feeling it slip into her each time. In. And out. She feels perfect. And we feel perfect together.

I make it last. But it’s late. Finally I slow down. It will happen. A little closer with each thrust. Feeling my jizz already flowing into her before my orgasm has officially begun. Fucking through it. Her frictiony slippery. My slippery slippery. Then push and wait and we feel my cock jump and my load pump into her. “I liked the fancy ending.” So did I.

That was worth not waiting for.

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Hyperventilating - that makes me smile.

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