Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This is going to be hard

I get home. Go upstairs to find River. She’s studying. She looks nice, with her brown hair and her smile and her eyes twinkling. We hug. My hand moves to her ass. “I feel something I like. I like you.” She’s braless. “You know it bums me out when you’re braless when I’m not even here to enjoy it.” “I took it off when you came home. You can still see the marks.” She lifts her shirt. Her nipple peeks out. “Let me check around front.” “They’ll be more in back.” “You’re so on-topic.”

I stand behind her. My hands start at her waist and slide up to her tits. They fit right into my hands. Her nipples are hard. Protruding. My fingers slip over them. Hard, yet soft. “Isn’t it nice being able to do this with no danger?” She wiggles her ass against the bulge in my jeans. “No-strings backrub for whoever is in bed first?” “I can’t answer that right now. I need to recover.” I move her hand to my hardening cock.

It’s the third day. This is going to be hard. But I think it will also be good for us.


Thunderous! said...

Poor Reed.
Whenever I'm not in the mood, I turn my hubby down, but I feel bad about it afterwards. He actually has a lot of fun holding off because he's even more horny when we wait and a lot more responsive.
Hope the same thing applies to you and I can guess that it will. (:

Reed said...

Thanks for the sympathy. The third day is typically the peak of my horniness (not counting the morning after), after that it actually gets easier to wait. And, well, as you'll see, I didn't have to wait. This time.

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