Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I’m awake on and off from 4:30am. I get this crazy idea to fuck River this morning. I snuggle on her and wait. How can she sleep so long? Even when she looks at the clock she doesn’t wake up. Around 7 o’clock she might be awake. I snuggle on her some more and she still doesn’t wake up. What should I do? Sit on her, wake her up, get hard, and fuck? Too cliché. I know. Back rub. It’s been a while. I hope a back rub in the morning will be a treat.

My cock nestles against her ass while I do her rub. Not that I notice that much. All of my attention is on her. The muscles near her scapulae. Supraspinatus. Infraspinatus. Rhomboid. Her erector spinae seem especially meaty this morning.

My plan unfolds. “I’m going to get hard. We fuck. I come on your back so you don’t have to drip.” “Ok.” I hope I remember that last part and don’t get carried away.

It’s time. My cock has been leaking quite a bit. I take advantage of the nice lubrication, spreading it over my glans. When I move my thumb to River’s pussy I get hard in a hurry. It sounds wet. “This should be good enough.” The first inch pushes in under her ass. The second inch. “Definitely.” And we fuck.

Sometimes this position seems all about me. It’s like that now. I fuck how I want. As long as I want. But will I come? Maybe this will be another plan that doesn’t quite work out. Maybe we’ll finish later. I squeeze her ass cheeks together over my cock. Press my thumb against her perineum to guide it back in when I pull all the way out. We get some good stuff going with River’s hands on the wall. There it is. Faster. Can’t forget.

I feel like something may already have leaked into her just before I pull out and let my come puddle at the top of her butt crack. “So thoughtful.” I’m glad I remembered. Even though it’s fun getting carried away.

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wife10yearsin said...

I think if M whispered the names of my muscles as he was massaging them, I'd be swooning. Nice.

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