Saturday, July 30, 2011

Prelude and Fuck in C

We’re on for this morning. But not before 7. I have a bad sleep, and River wasn’t feeling well last night. And I’m thinking it’s too soon after Wednesday’s sweaty romp. As I lay groggily in bed I conclude that River’s sleep and studying easily outweigh fucking this morning.

River wakes up around 8 and reminds me of this morning’s date. She’s surprisingly fine with this random schedule. Maybe we’ll fuck after all. We smooch. Creating our own “sunny spot.” Then Brook comes down the hall and climbs into bed with us. I’ve got a feeling that River would be mostly ok with some stealth action. But I’m not that desperate. We can wait for a better time.

When I come back into the room River is doing some on-line shopping. Naked. My eyes trace the convex curve of her back, over her lumbar vertebrae and down to her ass. My fingers follow my eyes. “This reminds me of the last time we were on-line shopping together.” “Oh does it?” “And I see you remember too.” I pull in for a kiss. But strangely, I’d rather just bask in the presence of my naked sweetie without fucking.

Eventually we make it into the shower. But I don’t want to do it there, either. I want something nice. Something intimate. Something sweet. Maybe she’ll air dry on the bed. No, not today. Not even when I suggest it.

“You know what would be sexy?” I never miss an opportunity for her to tell me what’s sexy. “What?” “Breaking in clean sheets.” We change the sheets. But again Brook comes in, and the kids need lunch, and our morning date is turning into afternoon. Which is fine. “Do you have a plan?” “I’m just waiting for a nice time.” “Me, too.” But our neighbor runs some kind of noisy nasty-smelling lawn equipment throughout the afternoon. No respect for a quiet, beautiful weekend day. It’s just not possible to have an intimate moment together with that going on.

“I’d hold out for the balcony tonight. If it’s going to be warm enough.” “I think it is. But it has to be dark enough, too. I don’t want to be seen by anybody. Except you. They’re not good enough for me.”

The balcony. Nice. I’d like to get River outside more often. My plan is to sit outside on the chairs, naked, and talk, look at stars, enjoy a nice temperature, and when the time comes, move to the cushion and fuck.

We’ve got a new tub. Carefully chosen for its symmetry and its comfortable two-person capacity. It’s been far too long since we’ve had a tub that’s comfortable for both of us. But we’ve made do. Tonight we take our new tub for a test drive. Not that kind of test drive. Yet. Our balcony date has priority.

We fill the tub. Get in and face each other in the candlelight. My cock bobbing upwards in the deep warm water. Her legs spread wide, her secrets hidden by she shadow of her bush. “What kind of girl would sit in a tub with me, naked?” She raises her hand. And smiles.

We dry off. Walk into the kitchen. River opens the door and luxuriates in the fresh breeze, warm but cooling. I stand behind her. She drops her towel. Our naked flesh presses together.

It’s her idea. Out of the blue. The trampoline. Even though I’ve got the balcony ready to go, and we’ve put fresh sheets on the bed. And she's likened our back yard to a fish bowl. But it feels right somehow. My plans never work out. They just get better.

I walk naked into the back yard. Onto the trampoline. As River follows a light comes on in a neighbor’s window. But all the neighbors’ shades are drawn. For privacy. Theirs or ours, I'm not sure. River spreads her towel and we lie in the dark spring surface, side by side, cooling off from our bath, stargazing in the clear night. There’s no moon. And no hurry.

A soft sensual breeze blows gently on our bare skin. I feel free out here with River. Unconstrained. I finger my cock, hoping for the pleasant fullness of an impending erection. But it doesn't come yet. “No hurry.” More talking. More stargazing. And a shooting star. I hope it’s a good sign.

We sit facing each other. River’s hand stroking me. “You do that better than I do.” “I don’t see how I could, with all your years of practice.” “I’m not you.” Her hand on my cock is different. Like my hand on her clit is different

We kiss. There's the feeling I'm looking for. She does do it better than I do. “Will it work?” “Don’t worry. That always makes you lose ground.” She’s right. I’m glad one of us is confident. “You can stick a finger in and check the temperature.” My hand slides between her legs, my finger tracing down her lips, pushing between them, into her reservoir. What a strange thing to be doing in our fish bowl of a back yard.

She falls back. I fall forward onto her. She slips my cock in. I feel welcomed. Something we’re doing together. I harden fully in the wet friction of her pussy as we start to fuck. “Is anybody watching?” “I don’t know.” I almost hope someone is. But River doesn’t care.

This time we take full advantage of the trampoline, fucking with confidence, bouncing together, the springs creaking, the frame squeaking. River’s arms around me. Her feet on my ass where I like them. My ass scraping against her heels as I work my hard cock in and out. Her fingers brush my nipples, sending a warm tickle through my whole body. I return the favor by putting my hands on her breasts, flattening them, using her chest to move her in rhythm to our fuck.

“Do you have one in you?” “I don’t think so. I’m too relaxed.” Why interrupt a nice fuck just to have an orgasm. I almost understand. I never want to stop either.

River looks up at the sky. Her favorite thing to see when we fuck. I wish she could see it more often. But my view is better. My favorite thing to see when we fuck. Her face. Smiling.

“You’re remarkably ok with this.” She doesn’t fully know why. But she’s as into it out here as I am. “When should I come?” That’s my way of asking how long she wants to go. “Surprise me.” Carte blanche. No hurry.

An airplane flies over. When I’m on a night flight I often find myself looking at the lights below and wondering how many people down there are fucking. Tonight I have an answer. “At least two.”

When I push her legs up into jackknife the bounce is too much. My cock slams against her cervix with gravity assist. It feels deeper than I’ve ever gone before. Too deep. Back off.

I have to come sometime. Sometimes the longer we fuck the harder it is. This is one of those times. “I can turn around.” We stay engaged as she rolls into doggy and I fuck her from behind. Down into low doggy. Up into hello kitty. My hands on her tits. Anybody watching is getting a good show now. I should have sold tickets. It’s a treat watching the shapely symmetry of River’s ass as she fucks me. And I fuck back into her sweet pussy. Coming is suddenly no longer a problem. “I’m about to surprise you.” I can only partly stifle the groans as I hold River and come. We hold our position as my orgasm winds down. Eventually we separate. No hurry.

River walks back to the house first. I watch her ass disappear in the back door. Cool down. Watch the stars. And follow her.

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