Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Enthusiastic (and sweaty)

We wax River again. Nothing fancy. Pretty much a straight bikini wax. Not my best job. I don't think I'll be changing careers any time soon.

And now we’re on for a randomly scheduled fuck. Earlier I’d requested she start on top. But now I’m not as confident in my abilities. Not feeling as perky down there. We lay side by side. Her legs over mine. And talk. Nice and relaxed. I reach for my cock. Start warming myself up. “You should get a warm up, too.” Her hand moves towards her freshly waxed pubes. I watch her hand, fingers draped over the edge of her mons, doing her circles. And get hard. “I’m ready.” “That wasn’t much of a warm up.” “That’s what you think.” She slips my cock into her pussy. And I believe her. Wall-to-wall wetness. Now we fuck. Not the deepest position. But a good starter. Nice and relaxed.

“We don’t usually do this too long.” “Sometimes we do it like this.” She pulls my leg up onto her. Interlock. Better penetration. “We used to do this a lot. Maybe the entire time.” Did we? I remember thinking she didn’t like this position. But I get that impression too easily. “I like this position because I can reach like this.” My hand goes over her leg to her clit. “Or like this.” I reach under her leg. “And I can reach these.” I pull a nipple into my mouth. “It’s the all-access position.” And she can reach too. “It’s comfortable.” “Too comfortable. I could go to sleep.” “If you go to sleep I’ll be insulted.”

“Do you want to do this the whole time?” “Not necessarily.” She rolls us into spoons. Her firm ass pushing against me. My cock sinking into her. She has an idea. “What if you stay like that, and I get into low doggy? But I think my hoo might be too high.” “It works. We’ve done it.” She positions for low doggy with me still on my side. And it works. But I want the full effect of low doggy. I sit behind her. Fit my cock under her ass. Pull her hips. And push in. And in. And in. Wall-to-wall wetness.

Now we’re getting somewhere. My hands cup her taught ass cheeks. Then I plant my hands on the bed beside her, her waist fitting between my arms, holding her body in place, and pulling her back as my thrusts intensify and my eyes close and I feel the fuck. A nice long fuck in low doggy. River’s amazing ass spread in front of me. Her hair spilling onto her neck. Her breath escaping in involuntary moans. Until I stop to hold off. “That was some good action.”

“I hope I can finish.” “You have to finish sometime.” I’ve been not finishing since Monday morning. Maybe holding off tonight wasn’t such a good idea.

“Face-to-face.” Things really heat up. Sweat runs down my face. River reaches for the wall but we’re sideways and it’s not there. Straighten her out. She pushes back against it. Spreads her legs wide in her trademark V. I hold myself on my arms. Only our parts are touching. I bang her furiously until I feel my orgasm rounding the corner. Sweat. Thwacking bodies. Spread legs. A slow build. I’m coming. Groaning. Whimpering. Embedding myself in her. I fall to the side, panting and sweating. Recovering slowly in the cool breeze blowing through the window. When River comes back I’m too hot to snuggle.


wife10yearsin said...

Geez, what was it, like 95° or something? ;)

Reed said...

That's 35° for everybody who doesn't live in a retard country like mine. All I can say is, it felt more like 37.

wife10yearsin said...

I love that you also know how to make the ° symbol, but I shouldn't be surprised.

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