Friday, July 1, 2011

Back home

“Would you butter my feet?” “What’s in it for me?” “I’ll take my panties off.” She slips them down. Her vulva bulges between her closed legs. I have to admit that I like the waxed and trimmed look. Not that I don’t also like it when she’s got a full bush. But her manicured pussy is a nice treat.

I take a long time buttering her feet. I’ve got a soft spot for them. We both know what comes next. “What do you need for a warm up?” I’m thinking eat her pussy. She hasn’t bathed since yesterday morning. Prime muff-diving time. “Buttering my feet was good.” Just as well. Her stomach muscles are sore. We’ll probably keep her off her back tonight. Not that she ever asks for cunnilingus.

I sit next to her. One hand working towards her clitoris. The other hand working me. “I do both of us.” “You like that, don’t you?” “Yes. I do.” Unlike some other things that I can’t do a decent job of at the same time, like fuck and massage, I think I do well at pseudo-mutual masturbation. Mostly I concentrate on her and my thing takes care of itself without too much attention. But the results are obvious.

We've agreed on low doggy for her sore stomach muscles. “Wow.” She’s just seen what I’ve got to fuck her with tonight. A classic hardon angling up between my legs. My balls snugged up tight beneath it.

I kneel behind her, my fingers part her lips, feeling her wet, she reaches down to hold things open, I push into her, and we fuck. It’s nice to be back on our bed. I alternate kneeling behind her with sitting behind her. Grabbing her waist and shoulders with folding my hands behind my head. Pressing down on her back while I fuck her hard, with just moving the head of my cock in and out of her pussy opening. I pull out all the way, see my entire cock, not even touching her, then push forward, my cock finding its target and plunging in.

Her moans are making me want to come. The shape of her ass spilling out from her waist is making me want to come. I’m going to come. It’s like a full-body orgasm. My torso thrashing and my breath gasping while I fuck into her pussy over and over and deliver my load. Somehow she grabs my ass and pulls me further into her. “I wish you’d seen that one in a mirror. I wish I’d seen it in a mirror.”

River sits up and we afterfuck, my cock still plenty hard, until I finally pull the plug.

“There were no problems with dryness in that position tonight.” “I know. I was impressed, if I do say so myself.” “Me, too. You can say so yourself.”


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back on your bed. I felt the same way after all the recent traveling.

Reed said...

In the tub, in the car, up against the mini-bar, . . .

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