Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In the pines


To me, some of the most interesting bits are not the fucking itself, but the lead-up. This one takes a while. But it's worth waiting for.


On Monday we agree to postpone until Tuesday. Tuesday morning is warm and sunny. We snuggle in the double sleeping bag. River’s legs over mine. It’s a nice position. We could just slip her panties off and slip it in and fuck. But her legs are restless and she gets up. Sits at the picnic table with her coffee. I sit behind her and grab on. “I’d do it with you on a picnic table.” “Physically, that would be nice. There’s a very sexy breeze. But psychologically it wouldn’t be good.” “Have you tried it?” “No.” “Then let’s try it. There haven't been any signs of life in the campground yet.” At least she's talking about it. But I think I know when it’s too much pressure. I walk down to look around the bend in the road. Maybe nobody is camped there. But somebody is. Oh well.

When I get back, River goes for a walk. Is she scoping out the campground? She is. “There’s a fairly secluded spot down there.” Not secluded enough though, I guess. And she got a fresh mosquito bite for her trouble. We go for a walk around the campground together. The wrong parts of the campground. I really don’t get the RV-ers with the satellite dishes. “I’m thinking of waking up the kids.” “That’s the kind of thing you think about it.” I don’t mean that in a bad way. I walk some more and find a nice spot on the grass with a burbling creek nearby. But when I get back River has the kids up. “I didn’t know where you went. I would have gone with you if I’d known. The kids were still sound asleep. Maybe a walk this evening.” “That makes me happy. Like I say, there’s hope for you yet.” It is a sexy breeze.

“I’m going to be suggestive all day.” “I don’t mind.”

My new modus operandi: pre-scope campgrounds.


We stop at a hot springs while we’re on the road. Something fun for the kids. And girls in swimsuits. “If there were a contest for the hottest ass at the hot springs, you’d win first prize.” Smooth and well-balanced. How a non-materialistic guy like me ended up with a sweetie like that I don’t know.


Our next campground is nearly deserted. There is nobody at all in our loop. Or the nearby loops. I’ve never seen such an empty campground. Just a few RVs, far away and through the trees. It must be a sign. The weather is nice. I go for a walk to pre-scope and decide that just about anywhere is a possibility. But the best bet is the cluster of sites for cyclists. It's nearby. And deserted. “I’d go for a walk with you this evening.” “Let’s wait until the kids are asleep.” “Sure.” We wait. Thunder rolls in. Wind blows through the trees. Rain flecks against the tent. I don’t think anything is going to happen tonight. Even though rain can be sexy. Should I cave to desire and do it in the tent? No. I think tomorrow morning will work out. I hope. I slip her panties off. There’s just something about sleeping with a naked sweetie.

I hope this delayed gratification is going to pan out. There have been quite a few delays.

In the pines

Someone pulled in and pitched a tent around midnight. No worries. We're awake in the morning. “How long are you going to stay in bed?” “At least ten minutes.” I can wait. She gets up. “Are you going to make coffee?” “Yes.” I can wait. She boils water. Some for my tea. Some for her coffee. But not enough. She heads off to get more. Can I wait? I’m not sure. I try to say it gently. “Our window of opportunity may be closing.” “I didn’t know that going for a walk was 'the plan'. I was waiting for you to make a move in the tent.” “It’s been the plan since last night.” “I would have gone for a walk before making coffee.” “I’ve been trying not to be too pressury.” “I appreciate that.” I drink my tea. She drinks her coffee. We check on the kids and go for a walk. Finally. Up the stairs to the bike-in sites. Find a place unlikely to be observed by drive-bys. It’s quiet. Now what? I drop my shorts. There’s my cock, hanging out into space. I hug River from behind. Rub my bare cock against her. She drops her pants. There’s her prize-winning ass. This is when my cock should be straining skyward. But it isn’t. I massage my cock. Reach under her ass for her pussy. There it is. Wet. We kiss, my fingers still on her pussy. Maybe it’s hard enough. River bends over. It won’t squeeze in. Not even with her help.

I kneel on the ground. Sometimes it’s easier to get hard in this position. River squats in front of me. That spreads her lips. I push a finger in. The moist heat of her cunt is intense in the cool morning air. Hello kitty? That would be a nice one to do out here. I’d like to come across somebody doing that in the woods. But it’s too awkward.

Feeling her hot tight pussy has gotten me hard enough. I hope. This time it squeezes in from behind with her help. And we fuck. Looking around at all the open space. The trees. The sky. Outdoors. The way nature intended. Maybe some more wildlife will wander by. Morning is a good time.

I’m enjoying my cock sliding in and out under her ass in the fresh air. I take my hands off her and just let our parts connect, mine and hers, my hips moving in the rhythm of fuck. And it feels too good. It’s been a while. “I could pop off at any time.” “That might be a good idea.” “I’m not ready yet.” I’m so close to the edge I can’t give her a good hard bang without shooting my load. I grab her waist again, look down, watch my cock slide out until I can see the head poised between her lips, watch it disappear as I push back into her.

We have our usual problem in this standing-from-behind position of her pushing back against me and me scooting back to keep my balance. Maybe I should pull on her more for balance. Maybe I should just let us fall over. We take a few steps forward together until she can brace against the nearest tree again.

“How you doing?” “This is a good spot.” The view could be better, but it’s a nice combination of open and secluded. I hold off a few times. When it’s time I groan and feel my orgasm pump into her. I feel wild out here. Pull out and squeeze my remaining jizz into a drop at the tip of my cock and shake it off onto the ground.

We walk back to our campsite. “I’ll do anything mom asks for a while now.” River laughs. “I can do better. That was kind of utilitarian.” “Yes, it was. We had a much better warm up yesterday morning.” “But it was worth it.” I couldn't agree more.

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