Monday, June 13, 2011

So close

River comes home. “My neck and shoulders are really sore.” I recognize the hint she doesn't think she's given. She goes upstairs to lie down. I’m there shortly afterwards. Grabbing the oil. “I didn’t expect this.” “It was a hint.” “I mean the instant gratification.” Try to keep me away.

Her shirt comes off. She lies down on the bed. Her ass is ensconced in its favorite pair of comfy jeans. I could get hard just looking at it, much less lingering on the thoughts it provokes. I sit on her and rub her back. Then I sit at her head, a better angle to do her neck. Spend a lot of time with my thumbs in places she directs me to. Fingers up the sides of her neck. And down her neck. I love doing this.

If I were in her position, and she were in my position, I’d be thinking about eating her pussy. Maybe more than thinking. But she doesn't think that way. She rolls over onto her back. More oil for her breasts and nipples. “These sure are fascinating. My favorites.” She dresses. Sits in front of me. Leans in for a kiss. “Your knee is rubbing my ball.” She rubs it some more. “It’s working for me.” Her fingers wiggle over my balls. It works even more. “I’m trying to figure out where your anatomy is in there.” She’s found my cock. “I hate to fondle and run, but . . . ” “You can fondle some more.” She does.

“I have to go down to the laundry room and check on a few wet things.” “I’d like to go down and check on wet things with you.” She goes first. I’m walking down the stairs. “It stinks down here.” “Just when I was thinking that I couldn’t possibly do a better warmup for the laundry room than that.” And she’s just spent hours in a dark movie theater watching Johnny Depp. “This is the least sexy room in the house.” “Not when you’re in it.” “It’s dirty.” Not too long ago it was spotless, but that didn’t seem to make a difference. “If you do it with me, maybe it will shut me up.” She sorts laundry. “Maybe I’m just satiated after doing it last night and this morning. Although we didn’t finish this morning.” Her satiation point is too low. And isn’t this the girl who was telling me how the movie would get her all excited, and giving me ideas about finishing tonight after I said we didn’t have to? “This is the year of sieze the moment.” “Who’s moment?” I have what I hope is my most seductive voice on. “Our moment.” She pulls in for a kiss. A full-contact, sunny-spot style smooch. I push my hardening cock against her. It’s going to happen. I can feel it. She can, too.

And we hear the door open. Brook comes down the stairs and into the laundry room. That’s closer than I’ve ever gotten. I really can’t imagine a better warmup.

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