Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tonight I’m an insomniac on the hotel wi-fi

The weather is not so good today. We do get in an outrageously scenic walk when the rain lets up. Back in the village we hit the information center for weather. It’s supposed to get even worse. Time to move out of our campground for a day or two. So we ask about hotels and get a few pointers. We’re checking reservations online when the power goes out in the whole town. Back into the lightning and sleet to check out the cheapest option, which has the benefit of an indoor pool. We get set up there and hit the pool. In the dark. There is no emergency lighting in the washrooms or the pool. We get by on headlamps, sticking together to maximize the light. It’s the first time I’ve ever showered in a women’s locker room. It would probably be more spectacular in the light. And with women. The pool is dark except for a few small windows that let in a trickle of daylight. A friendly staff member hands the kids glowsticks that we use to keep track of them in the semi-darkness. We have the pool and hot tub to ourselves. No one else seems to be able to find the pool in the dark. Swimming in the dark with glowsticks is the most fun the kids have ever had in a pool.

At the room River and I share a dark shower together. It’s cozy. I’m thinking maybe we’ll just skip the lighting in that bathroom remodel we’re doing. “You know how I can only think of one thing to do when the power goes out around bed time?” “Are you thinking of it now?” “Uh-huh.” “When don’t you think of it?” If we do it tonight it’s going to have to be with all the kids in the room. Hopefully asleep. We’ve done it before, but the kids are all two years older now. We should have done it in the dark pool room when we had the chance. The power comes on just before bedtime. Maybe we’ll do it anyway.

Brook has lost her first tooth. The tooth fairy will be visiting tonight. I fall asleep quickly and wake up in the middle of the night. “Tooth fairy?” “Taken care of.” I’m disappointed. I wonder if River remembers my longstanding fantasy of catching the tooth fairy in the act and making a deal that involves the opportunity to fuck her in exchange for keeping her secret. But she’s come and gone. “I’m sorry I missed her.” “I’m sorry, too.” That sounds inviting. Maybe the backrub River asked for earlier could be part of the deal. I’ll find out. I rub River’s back while she’s on her side. She rolls over for me. I sit on her and do her shoulder blades, along her spine, her sides. I’m monitoring the kids. They seem restless but they’re asleep. I get hard. Pull down her panties. She tilts for me. And I lose it. And can’t get it back. We try to squeeze it in and hope it perks up but we can’t. Not even sticking my thumb in her warm cozy snatch is helping. I lay beside her and try to get hard. Nothing. She’s probably too tired to help.

So tonight I’m an insomniac on the hotel wi-fi.

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