Saturday, June 11, 2011

We're on for tonight

River is in the bath after work. I can’t resist coming in and sitting with her and admiring the scenery. She’s planning her afternoon. I’m planning our evening. “I’ll pull weeds with you if you’ll have sex with me tonight.” It’s a deal.

I dry her off. She spreads her legs while I kneel behind her with her towel. “I just do this because I like the view.” Her lips hanging in the space below her ass. Gaping open slightly over her pussy opening. She bends over and the gap widens. I want to fill it with my tongue. “Is that a hint?” “Yes.” For tonight.

River air drys in the bedroom. Trims her bush. Pulls on some fun stripey panties. And looks hot. “I need my camera. Can you hold that pose?” She does. I take a few shots. “I didn’t know I looked that good.” I almost fall over. “If you don’t know that by now then I haven’t been doing something right.”

What is my plan? Restraints. Blindfolds. Whatever comes next. We don’t really have a bed, per se. Just a mattress and box springs sitting right on the floor. It suits us somehow. But there is nothing to tie to. So under our mattress is what I call “the restraints”. Climbing webbing, two sections each running side to side and top to bottom. It works for me.

But I don’t usually follow my plans. They just get me horny.

River goes for a run. We hug when she gets back. A nice sweaty River hug. “You smell clean.” “Clean sweat.” I could fuck her right there. She bends over to stretch. All the way. Hands flat on the ground. “Can you do that tonight?” “Yes.” She’s been taking me up on more of my requests than I would have thought possible a few years ago. Maybe that’s what happens when we’ve more-or-less agreed that I’m in charge of the sex in our relationship. And that that’s a good thing. “I think my plan is changing.”


wife10yearsin said...

All right, Reed. Your wife is going to be the subject of my, um... thoughts for a little bit. Hope that's all right.

Reed said...

I'm flattered. Never mind that the whole setup self-destructed.

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