Monday, June 6, 2011


We can’t even remember what she said. But we know how it went from there. “Is that a hint?” “Sure. Why not.” “Because it’s only been two days?” “Strike while the iron is hot.” I like it. But I hope she doesn’t regret it when the time comes.

She doesn't. Neither do I. “It’s my turn to start on top.” So I do. It’s nice being able to kiss again now that I’m no longer contagious. I brush the hair back from River’s face and we kiss. My cock starts to stiffen. I rub it against her slowly to encourage it. It doesn’t need much encouragement today. It’s almost like old times. The familiar rigidity holding it in place.

I'm not even going to ask River what she needs for a warmup. But she’s wearing panties. Is her period still tapering off? Or is she being playful? I hope it’s not to be playful because those things are coming off right now. I rub my rigid cock on her vulva. It’s straining to get inside her. And she moves like she agrees with it. But not yet. It feels nice pressing against her. Rubbing on the bulge of her clitoris. Like old times. Finally I let it angle down, the head falls into place at her opening, it feels right, I push, and it’s going in. A little. I’m patient. I can wait. My erection is the best I’ve had in a long time. It will be a nice strong fuck. River isn’t as patient. She reaches down and spreads her wings for me. My cock is huge and her pussy is tight and the friction is sweet as I grind my way in. And we fuck.

In silence. Neither of us talks. It’s strange. I want to tell her how nice she feels today, slick and slightly grainy, but I don’t want to break the silence. I just look into her eyes. Push one of her legs up into reader position. Fuck her. Hold off and feel my cock twitch inside her as its attempt to come is thwarted by some higher cognitive function, overriding instinct for increased gratification. I like doing this with River.

I break the silence when I come. Straining into her. My come flowing in a powerful release. And finally we talk. “That was a nice quiet fuck.” “It wasn’t any nicer for being quiet.” No. It wasn’t. Strange, I called it. It seems so much friendlier and interactive when we talk.

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Hmmm... interesting! I do love reading your conversations but this was a good one, too.

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