Thursday, June 9, 2011

Something she likes

The kids are mostly out of school and we get to sleep in. I know what “sleeping in” means for me, but for River it seems to mean she gets to sleep in. But she surprises me. She's good at that. “I was wondering whether anything would happen.” “I was wondering too.” She flips her legs over mine, while she’s on her back and I’m on my side. A really nice position for a stick-in. Just thinking about it makes me want to. But I have another idea. Something River likes.

She opens her legs for me as my hand drifts to her pussy. I stroke the short hairs on either side, where they’re slowly growing back after our experiment with the landing strip. My fingers move up her labia to her clit. Start in with some slow circles. When River does herself it seems like she skips the introductions and just gets right to it, but I’d feel boorish if I did that. Especially since she usually does such nice build-ups on me, moving from my legs, to my balls, to my cock, as my anticipation grows. Bigger circles. Dipping down to her pussy opening for some moisture. Settling into a rhythm.

“Is anything going on down there?” I have to check in. Her arousal is more complicated than mine. Her desire and physical arousal aren’t necessarily linked. And her arousal isn’t as obvious. “Not yet.” “How can I get it to go?” “Do what you’re doing.” I can do that.

I think of River doing herself, and adjust my motion so it’s more circular, more up and down to go with the side to side. The heel of my hand rests on her pubic bone. Her lips follow the circles my fingers make on her clit. I feel her hood slipping across it. “I’m thinking of how you do yourself.” “That’s good technique.”

Something is going on down there. Her breathing is more intense, and more distant. Her pelvis moves against me. Her tissues swell. Her clitoris becomes more prominent. “You can take over if you want.” The last thing I want is to rub her raw with no result. But I keep going. Remembering how she does it. Feeling everything about her get more intense. I don’t stop when she asks to take over. If she’s that close maybe I can get it. She doesn’t seem to mind. Just keeps grinding against me. And breathing.

I move my hand aside for her. Set my hand on hers. Feel her rhythm. And feel the tell-tale tickle of my cock leaking. “What’s your plan?” “You have an orgasm. Then I get hard. And fuck you.” My finger slips down to her pussy opening. Slips in. Then another. Presses her g-spot. Circles it. Waits to feel her orgasm. But am I helping? Or distracting? She’s had really nice ones this way.

My fingers come out and my thumb slips in. My thumb in her box just feels right somehow. Stretching towards her asshole. Slipping across the ridge at the back of her pussy. Squishing through circles, surrounded by her sturdy delicate wetness. But she gives up. Sometimes she just doesn’t have one. “There’s a Magic Wand in the drawer.” Zero to a hundred in about three seconds. She can come so fast she misses it. Like flying over the grand canyon at twice the speed of sound. She declines. “I’ll fuck you anyway.”

Stroking my cock using my copious pre-come for lube quickly makes for a nice stiff. Her pussy is mesmerizing, its engorged flaps waiting to be parted, waiting to lick against my cock as it slips between them and fills her cunt. They don’t wait long. I push them aside, reveal her frill, and push through it, hard and deep. And we fuck until I come, intense and vocal, River feeling my goosebumps. I can't fake it.

“Once again I get to have a nice orgasm, and you get to drip all day.” “I think I asked for it, my dear.” “You did?” I’m imagining something like, my dear, I’d like to drip all day. Would you mind accommodating me? And me saying, with pleasure. Or maybe, don't mind if I do.

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