Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Long sweaty fuck room sex

I’ve been anticipating all day. I tried to write a poem so River would know how I feel. I tell River I want to do it in the afternoon, no, in the morning. Instead we have a wonderful talk and I’m happy. It’s going to be good. I tell River I’m considering jacking off ahead of time so I can hold out in the evening, but I should be fine.

River is home early. Before 9. I’m upstairs sitting with Brook and come down at 9:15. River isn’t even watching tv. She’s adding and changing information in the paper she’s writing. It’s so strange how she compartmentalizes and doesn’t think about it. It’s ok with me though. I try to help her with the formatting. And I get the room ready. I know she’ll be ready.

First try for Cialis. At 8:30. It’s 10 now. River strips and gets under a blanket on the futon. I strip and join her. We snuggle to warm up. River wants a slow warmup. She likes my fingers on the outskirts of her bush. She wants her boobs sucked. And anything else that looks good. I want to suck and lick and squeeze her boobs. “Some bristle is good, I know my boobs aren’t being sucked by a girl.” Definitely not. “This boy will take care of you.” River isn’t sure whether she’s up for an O, or for oral. Sometimes she’s into it, sometimes not. We’ll skip the oral but I hope she goes for an O. Her panties are still on. She grabs my hard dick (“hot”) and rubs herself with it through her panties. “You can take the panties off whenever you want.” She pulls down the top of her panties and I can see her bush. She pulls her panties aside and starts rubbing herself. Hot. I slip it into her warm soft wetness and we fuck as she rubs. We get the panties off. The blue ones that look like they’re painted on. “I do want an orgasm.” “That’s what I like to hear.” I move my legs forward. “How long can you do this?” “I’m ok.” We’re mashing our parts together in friendly ways. I put my arms under River’s spread legs and bounce her butt for the g-spot angle. “That’s insane.” That’s my new favorite word.

“Can we do a deep position?” “Uh huh. What do you want to do?”. Jackknife. Deep. There’s the cervix. I keep asking if it’s ok. It is. It gets a good circular mashing at some point and I get worried that we’ll never be able to do it like this again. I explain how I really like the micro fuck right in the improbable place, and hitting the cervix is a bit like that. River reaches around and rubs her button. That’s a hot position to watch in. It’s so hot when she does herself. Then she puts her hands on my balls and I go insane again. That is so many kinds of good I can’t tell them apart.

Doggy style. I'm a recent convert. “How come you never asked me to do this before? You’ve always liked it.” River reaches down for her button. “Isn’t that kind of hard holding your arm up?” The answer is essentially “are you kidding?” I spread her wings. I can feel her parts wiggling as she rubs. It’s inspiring. After a while I take over on the button but my arms and legs tire quickly. I can’t hold myself up with my head like River can.

Magnetism. Flying v. Somehow we get into a sitting position. We squirm around. Then I’m lifting River by her freshly shaved underarms and dropping her back down on my cock. It’s crazy but good. So good I can do it longer than I’d think possible. “I gotta start working out.”

A break for some lube. I suggest astroglide. I lube it up and put it back in. Ahh, there it is. Missionary. Quick deep thrusts. Friction. River is always appreciative. I nearly come. “I want to hear you come. I want to feel you come. I want to make you come.” “Mmm, keep doing that.” I keep doing that. Medium thrusts in default while River does the button. River has been working hard but it looks like she won’t come. “You come. Maybe if you come I’ll come. Nothing else is working.” It’s been close so many times in so many ways. Sometimes I wonder if I’m hurting rather than helping.

I’m dripping sweat on River. It’s making her cold. The missionary was good. “What’s missionary?” This. A position I used to dismiss as a wimpy beginner’s position. Now it’s so good and intimate and powerful I want to shoot my load in missionary. I lay my sweaty drippy body on River and go for it. This will be easy. “I can feel it. My balls are warming up. The tip is getting hot. It’s spreading. Here it is!” In and out and in and in. Warm feeling.

I don’t want to stop. It’s still reasonably hard. It still feels great. I keep it going for a while. But it’s time for some sleep.

But first River needs some cereal. She wraps in a blanket and goes to the kitchen to get some and comes back. That is so cute. I’m trying out doggy positions that would let her reach her button easily. We both go to the kitchen. She cleans herself with a paper towel. I eat some yogurt. We talk about how I like her commentary and I like it when she tells me how much she likes her boobs sucked. I sure like her boobs. And just about everything else about her. “I’m going to want to do it again in the morning.” “Not me.” “I’ll be surprised if you can even walk.”

She pulls the blanket aside and there is come running all the way down to her knee. “Maybe it was a big load.” “It was only two days worth . . . but all the anticipating can increase the volume.” I think twice about doing semi-public quickies with River in a skirt and no panties. It’s really arousing though.

Friday, March 6, 2009

A strikingly simple fuck

Strikingly simple fuck with the light on. I've been thinking about it hard all day. If ever there was a day when it shouldn't need help, it's today.

I really enjoy all our time together this evening. River is sensitive and brings me back to niceness at dinner. She's been great like that lately. We go over her presentation. It's excellent. I catch a bunch of silly mistakes and small issues for her. We snuggle on the futon and watch tv. I offer to lick her pussy but have forgotten she's still on the end of her period. Some other day I hope. I don't even mind that time is slipping by for our massage session and then whatever, if anything. It's a good evening.

Bedtime. Light on. River in black nightie and panties. River wants my underwear off for massage. She sits on my butt. Back massage. River's turn. Leg massage. Face up, face down. "Can these come off?" "Yes." "That feels good." "I'm just getting the full vulva view."

I snuggle on River's back and we kiss. I really want to do it. It should be stiffening. I rub the head on her lips. She responds. It doesn't. Roll her over and rub some more. It's so soft and smooth. She's ok if we do it tomorrow. "Tomorrow morning?" But I don't want to wait. A bit of oil, some stroking, spreading the lips and looking, it goes in and does fine.

The Reed and River default fuck. Pure default position. Old school. Strikingly simple, but versatile and effective. "I can see your balls." Heads at the foot of the bed. Slow. Fast. Shallow. Deep. "You sure know how to use it," I say. Missionary, fast, hard, deep, and furious for a finish. I love how River responds. My orgasm is long and intense. I want to come halfway in again, but every time I'm pulling it out it feels amazing and I push back in. River squeezes and we're through.