Friday, March 6, 2009

A strikingly simple fuck

Strikingly simple fuck with the light on. I've been thinking about it hard all day. If ever there was a day when it shouldn't need help, it's today.

I really enjoy all our time together this evening. River is sensitive and brings me back to niceness at dinner. She's been great like that lately. We go over her presentation. It's excellent. I catch a bunch of silly mistakes and small issues for her. We snuggle on the futon and watch tv. I offer to lick her pussy but have forgotten she's still on the end of her period. Some other day I hope. I don't even mind that time is slipping by for our massage session and then whatever, if anything. It's a good evening.

Bedtime. Light on. River in black nightie and panties. River wants my underwear off for massage. She sits on my butt. Back massage. River's turn. Leg massage. Face up, face down. "Can these come off?" "Yes." "That feels good." "I'm just getting the full vulva view."

I snuggle on River's back and we kiss. I really want to do it. It should be stiffening. I rub the head on her lips. She responds. It doesn't. Roll her over and rub some more. It's so soft and smooth. She's ok if we do it tomorrow. "Tomorrow morning?" But I don't want to wait. A bit of oil, some stroking, spreading the lips and looking, it goes in and does fine.

The Reed and River default fuck. Pure default position. Old school. Strikingly simple, but versatile and effective. "I can see your balls." Heads at the foot of the bed. Slow. Fast. Shallow. Deep. "You sure know how to use it," I say. Missionary, fast, hard, deep, and furious for a finish. I love how River responds. My orgasm is long and intense. I want to come halfway in again, but every time I'm pulling it out it feels amazing and I push back in. River squeezes and we're through.

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