Monday, January 31, 2011

Jacking off in River's pussy

River and I worked hard planting a tree together today. A nice joint effort. And a good emotional warm-up for me. River's not interested though. I try to jack off and get hard before she comes into the room, so we can get right to it without wasting any time, but nothing happens. She comes in. I get hard and jack off kneeling on the bed next to her. We talk about stuff. She's going over her school work, reciting everything she'll be tested on, while I'm keeping my cock nicely erect by stroking it gently, hoping she'll get interested. But she's not interested. Doesn't even want to watch. She's seen it before.

I start to go limp. I put my hand on her hip. Just feeling her hardens me back up. She likes that. We've been talking a while. I mention that we could have been doing it while we've been talking. I realize we're nominally on River's schedule this year, but I'm trying to have some influence. At least she likes my optimism. She acquiesces. It can be a quickie. I roll her onto her side to do her in t-bone. She keeps reviewing out loud for school while I finger her pussy, oil my cock, and slide it into her for a quickie. I don't waste any time. We talk while I fuck her, jacking off in her pussy really, a quick pace, pulling her ass against me with her hip, making every thrust get me closer to coming. In less than a minute I'm giving the final push and casually squirting my goo into her. She was just starting to sound like she might be enjoying it.

Not quite what I was hoping for after such a nice emotional warm-up today. But I'll take it. We'd been talking about quickies yesterday, how she likes them and it's not just me who gets something out of them. I swear she recently said that anything less than twenty minutes of penetration didn't usually seem worth it, but she denies it.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Worn out, no muff dive, just fucking

After a few false starts over the weekend we finally get a chance Sunday night. With an early start. We're both physically tired which unravels my plan for tonight. All that's left is me doing her back, sticking it in, and both of us falling asleep. River is fine with that.

But we offer each other back rubs. River gives me mine first. I could almost go to sleep when she finishes and pretends to bang me from behind. I wish I would get hard like I used to and I could just roll over and she could get on and do me. But I've had a muff dive on my mind for a while and suggest fucking as foreplay to get River warmed up for it. She keeps her shirt on. She hasn't worn a bra all day. We have some warm intimate kisses, then I circle my fingers in her pussy and get myself hard and we start fucking while we chat about this and that. I go slow, savoring the sensations of pulling all the way out to her lips then sinking my cock back into her pussy. Our parts have a magnetic sheen as I slide in and out.

And we talk about muff dive positions. It's comfortable and works pretty well with me off the bed and her at the edge with her legs over my shoulders or her feet on my shoulders or legs. Maybe she can sit on my face this time. That's never worked out so well but we can't remember why. Maybe 69 position with her on top but without the 69 because it's too distracting. It's like when I try to rub River's back and fuck her at the same time and I end up not doing either one well. There are a couple ways that I'd like to do it with her standing. We haven't tried them except for some brief samples. Maybe the cunnilingus chair. So many possibilities. But first we've got fucking for foreplay.

We speed up. We get a good rhythm going in River speed. She puts her hands on the wall to push back against me. She calls it a nice bang, and I hit it even harder, giving her that nice slap that she likes. Just when we're getting to the good part I have to stop to hold off. My cock jumps inside her and I feel a spurt of jizz leak into her pussy. It's been five days and I'm a bit on edge. If either one of us moves right now I'm going to come.

When it's safe we start up again. I'm thinking of doing some doggy tonight but I'm really liking the face to face and kissing while we fuck. This is just the foreplay for the muff dive. Am I actually going to be able to stop and do it?

We pause for lube. In the time it takes to grab the lube and oil our parts I've started to go soft. Maybe this will be like the time in the basement when I lost it and ate her pussy until we could fuck again. River spreads wide and I squeeze my semi-erect cock back into her. With the fresh lube it's not as stimulating as it was but it sounds like it's working for her and we hit some nice friction and it stiffens up. I push her legs up into jackknife. River puts her hands on my body. I like how that feels, like she's putting me where she wants me. We fuck until I have to hold off again.

When we start back up I hug River's legs together in front of me and watch my cock disappear into the opening between them. I hold her ankles high for magnetism, she puts her hands on the wall, I bounce her ass on the bed to the rhythm of our fuck, we're both liking it, and it feels so good and warm I know this will be the finish. Forget the muff dive. River is off the hook for tonight. I push her legs into jackknife and fold her in half as I explode into her, pumping my jizz into her pussy while I keep fucking her in time with my contractions, milking my cock inside her and squeezing for every drop. "I like it when you do that."

We relax. After a few minutes River squeezes my limp cock out and we laugh. She digs my come out of her cunt with a washcloth, which she leaves between her legs when she rolls over for her back rub. It's funny seeing it sticking up in front of her pussy, shielding it from my satisfied but curious cock while I do her back. I wish I could do our usual post-massage stick-in and fuck her again tonight, but I won't get hard again until morning.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A friendly fuck, but mini-v is a weak position to come in

River isn't horny, but she's friendly. I sit on her and she gets me hard while I feel her tits. We're not sure if we'll need lube so she sticks my cock in and we start without it and it feels just right. There's nothing like natural cunt juice to make a fuck feel good.

River has her knees up and I'm leaning on her shins while I work my cock in and out of her pussy. We've both got silly grins about this thing we're doing, and we're talking about whatever.

After a while I lean back and River flips up on top and I let her do me in single point, then I reach under her ass to help hold her up and we get a good bang going.

But River likes to be on the bottom and I'll be anywhere so we roll back over, squirt some lube, and do some deep missionary. I scoop her legs onto my shoulders, then back off into mini-v. She's arching onto me, and I'm lifting her ass up with my hands under her knees. I never last long in this position. I watch my cock pushing into her under her bush, feel her pussy doing it's thing on me, and I know I'm going to come. It's been a while since I came in mini-v and I want to see if it's still not a great position to come in.

A few more pumps and I'm coming and I realize I was right, it's a good position to fuck in but it doesn't make for a very satisfying come. I hardly know it's happening. The contractions don't seem very powerful and it's over quickly. Oh well, I had to be sure. I'd do it again though. Just for variety.

I realize I've finally caught up to River for orgasms in 2011. I feel like the tortoise. River is the hare. She thinks maybe she'll be horny this weekend, even though her period should be starting around then.

Unfinished morning screw

In the morning I spoon on River for a short snuggle. We had a nice day together yesterday. And something happens that I was hoping for yesterday morning: I'm getting an erection. When it's hard enough I push it below her ass, between her legs, and slide the glans against her fuzz, the sensations making my muscles tighten in reflex, making my cock harder and my glans swell and become more sensitive to the gentle scratchings of her bush. "That's what's supposed to happen when I snuggle on you."

I'm hoping River will reach down and slip it in like she does sometimes. But she doesn't, and after a few minutes of friendly rubbing it's time to get up. "How can you resist sticking it in?" "You're resisting, too." She has a point. But I'm not so much resisting as waiting for an invitation. Wanting things to be mutual. I pull back, find the moist entrance to her vagina with my fingers, put my cock head in place, and push. Nothing happens. Push again, expecting to feel it pop through the opening into her wet pussy, but again nothing. "You've got the right place. I might need some lube." "We'll see." Now that I'm sure I'm lined up I push again, harder, and feel the warm wetness as my cock slips into her pussy and stirs her juices.

We have a nice but brief morning screw in spoons, then I sit up and River stays on her side for t-bone. The opposite side to the way we've been doing it lately. I like the asymmetric positions that can be done left-handed or right-handed. It's like getting two for one.

River's body is laid out in front of me, and my hands wander over her legs, back, and ass, then pull her hips against me as we pick up speed and River starts fucking back. It's really time to get up so when my cock slips out I'm guessing we're through, but she gives a little wiggle and it slips right back in and we keep going. I'd like to have a few deep and satisfying thrusts before we separate, in to the hilt, opening her pussy all the way to the end, but this isn't a deep position today so I push in as far as I can and hold it, then River disengages from my cock and gets out of bed. "There's something about fucking without finishing." "I'm glad you like it."

She heads off to the shower and I stroke my hard cock for a while, feeling the remnants of her juices on it, then join her.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Midnight oil

River is fidgeting in her sleep and wakes me up. It seems like the middle of the night but the clock says 11:30. Sometimes rubbing her legs with oil will quiet her down. I get up, pour some oil into my hand, and smooth it over her legs, then her feet, then work up each leg to her hips, front, back, sides, spreading evenly. Up her stomach to her chest, shoulders, down her arms. I pour more oil into my palm and do her pussy, up and down the grooves, oiling her lips. She rolls over and I spend a lot of time on her back and butt.

I get myself hard while I keep rubbing her butt, my hand pushing her cheeks around, my thumb running over her butthole, my other thumb circling into her pussy. I'm not getting as hard as I'd like, but it's hard enough, and I slip it into her pussy using my thumb as a guide.

It's a nice butt position fuck, sitting up massaging her back, pulling her hips towards me, squeezing her cheeks together, pulling them apart, slipping the fingers of both hands between her legs. It's warm and comforting. But it's one of those times when it seems all about me, like something I do to her. I'm going the slow speed that I like, enjoying the friendly sensations of her body against mine and my cock slipping in and out of her pussy. I should finish and let her go back to sleep. I find a nice angle for a slow finish. I want her to feel me coming. A few more easy strokes and I'm coming, holding still as I let my cock throb and spurt inside her, feeling my jizz flow out.

She wipes herself with a t-shirt and quickly falls asleep without fidgeting.

A few days later I ask River about my "all about me" feelings, and she assures me it was a lovely time, possibly as close as I'll get to doing her in her sleep.

"That slow one was for you." "I enjoyed it." "I enjoyed it too."

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bath-time play

I fill the tub for River's hot bath. She gets in, and after a few minutes I come sit with her. It's a nice time to chat and admire the scenery. The line between her closed legs is topped by her crisp triangle of bush. Her nipples accent her compact tits. A mane of hair flows around her beautiful face. She spreads her knees and I'm enticed by the waterfall of fuzz cascading over her mons. I give in to my desire. Undo my fly, pull my cock out, stroke it. River glances up and smiles. We keep chatting as I work to get my cock hard. It's been over a year since I jacked off to orgasm, but this seems like a good time. River rolls over in the tub and waggles her well-shaped ass slowly from side to side, chatting casually. The access with my cock poking through my fly is less than ideal, and I'm not getting more than semi-erect. Still, I appreciate the opportunity, and River's encouragement.

River gets out of the tub to dry off. She knows she's on display, and takes advantage of it, bending over to give me a nice view of her pussy framed by her well-toned legs. She finishes drying and steps over to help, fingering my cock expertly, getting me harder. How can she be better at jacking me off than I am? I stand and she kneels in front of me while stroking my cock. It's been a while since she's given me a blow job. I'd ask for one, but I don't think the spit I was lubricating with would make for a pleasant experience. Maybe we could just fuck in the bathroom, her naked, me fully dressed.

We move to the bedroom so she can air dry. I drop my pants part way and we get on the bed. She jacks me with silicone lube while I slide my hands along her legs. But I've lost ground, and I'm not getting hard again, even though I was plenty perky when we had a friendly hug this morning. I want to push her back and bury my face in her muff and return her favor, even though I prefer it unbathed.

But we're interrupted by our young daughter, and have to put our toys away until later.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hot and intimate

River has been giving me lascivious looks all day. It's that time of the month for her. I've been wanting to fuck with divbyzero as a soundtrack again so I light some candles and put it on. But first we have to fold clothes. Sigh. Afterwards I go upstairs, strip, and warm the bed up. When I hear River finishing up in the bathroom I stand naked by the outside door with the pale moonlight visible through it. It's the kind of place I'd like to find River, bathed in warm candlelight, looking alluring. She comes in, sits on the bed, puts on some hand cream. Nothing very romantic. I wonder if I'm going to lose my mood, but I'm not going to let that happen. At least I can get in bed with her. So I do.

"I don't have a plan." "You don't? When you think about doing it tonight, you don't think about what you might like to do?" "I haven't been thinking about it since afternoon like you do." She thinks for a while. "From behind. Somehow." We've done doggy and raunchy and hello kitty recently. Spoons isn't quite what I'm in the mood for tonight with the sexy music. Butt position is a natural post-massage stick-in, and I'd rather save it for that. Maybe standing. Maybe low doggy. River suggests a hello kitty stick-in. Hello kitty is an amazing position, looks nice, feels nice, and a hello kitty stick-in is a real treat. For both of us.

We lie side by side and kiss. Her hand goes to my cock. Pull along the length, push over the ridge of the head, and I'm getting hard. And then a child appears out of nowhere wanting a snack. We send him off for one. "Good thing he didn't come in a little later. Maybe we should close the door." "I think we're ok." River quickly picks up where she left off, slow and easy, up and down the shaft, pushing against the base, now just working the head a bit. "This is one of those hand jobs that I never want to end."

River sits up for hello kitty. I sit behind her, my knees out to either side, nestled against her. She raises her ass a little and I watch from behind as she spreads oil on her pussy, fingers sliding over her lips, between her lips, soft and glistening in the candle light. She grabs my cock and lowers herself onto it, taking it into her pussy, her warm wetness enfolding it, and fucks me.

The view is amazing. River's sporty body lifting up and down, her ass fitting between my legs, her lips spread around my cock. My cock looks big, thick, and hard in this position, sticking up lewdly from between my legs as River impales herself on it and lets it fill her pussy again and again. We hear our late-night snacker come back up the stairs and we pause. I like the feeling, just being together, not moving, with my cock fully penetrating into her. And it seems wrong in this situation, but knowing that we started our fuck despite the risk of being walked in on is both exciting and reassuring. Our snacker goes back to bed without incident. And we fuck some more.

"I'm you're dildo." That's how I feel, watching River work herself on my cock, up and down, in and out, pleasuring herself with it. And giving me warm sensations that ripple out from my cock and make my whole body tingle. I move a little, side to side, fucking back. Sit forward and reach around for her tits, nice and small and malleable, always right where they should be. "You're getting it from behind."

River changes our position and I follow. Where is she going? She lays out into butt position. My turn to do most of the work. My cock plunges deep and hard. "I like giving it to you from behind." My balls slide along her the backs of her legs as I work it in and out, my thumb pressing under her cute asshole. I do River's rhythm, slow with a quick, firm push at the end. "It's a nice rhythm." "I learned it from you."

Our fuck is hot and intimate. Our bodies overlapping. Our thoughts focused. I feel really connected. We're both getting what we want, emotionally and physically. River is sensuous, her face hidden under her hair, her curves glowing in the soft light. She feels passive, just letting me fuck her, but then I can feel her moving under me, pushing back, lifting her ass, wiggling, working together, moving left and right while my cock squeezes in and out of her.

A short break for more lube. My turn to spread oil over her lips and between her soft folds. Then my cock slides back into her well-lubricated pussy.

I reach under and put a hand on her breast. The feel of her girlness nearly makes me come but I hold off, feeling a spurt or two of jizz flow into her. "That was half an orgasm." "You can give me the other half." Sometimes I go soft after a half orgasm but my cock is still as hard as ever, I'm at the same point in my arousal, I'll come soon as I fuck her with my jizz making things extra slippery, feeling her firm ass against me. Then I'm coming hard, giving her the other half, pushing into her warm body, her snug pussy, until my foot cramps.

"I never want to stop." "Why would you?" "Why would you?"

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A good decision

River air dries after our shower. I admire her body and the person who's using it, stroke her bush, and learn more about her clitoris. I rub her back and neck where she asks me to. When I'm done I can't resist. Push her back on the bed, get on top, and we kiss like we mean it. I'm getting hard. River is having a hard time with decisions. I decide. Seize the moment. Don't miss a warmup like this, even though she's offered a muff dive opportunity tonight. I roll a condom onto my nicely hard cock, lube up, pull her to the edge of the bed, and we fuck, like we mean it, fast, long, repetitive, reaching for her shoulders to pull her against me. I hold off once, she feels my cock twitching at her entrance and wonders if that's it. But there's more. Back at it. She wants me to come this time and I do, easily and noisily, wondering how I look when I'm enjoying the release as much as I do. We both agree it was a good decision.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Low-impact fucking

River is dealing with a yeast infection. We plan on being good to go tomorrow evening. Good thing we're on her schedule this year. I wake up with a hardon that won't quit. Spoon on River. Thunk my cock down under her butt. Feel it press against the curly hair on her vulva. Snuggle. Talk. Dry hump. Better than no hump. Still feels nice. Still intimate. Definitely non-routine. We like that.

Her neck is sore from last night. Oil my fingers and rub it, her on her back, me straddling her. She's nice to look at. The small breasts I love. The nip of her waist. The triangle of her bush. Her relaxed face.

"If you roll over I'll do your back." She does. I do. A good opportunity for a "no-strings massage" where we don't fuck afterwards. Seems like a good idea every now and then. She gets the massage because it's something I like to do. Not just something I like to do to get her in the mood. Sitting on her legs. Behind her butt. My cock, no longer erect, flopping against her as I work on her back. Getting into it. Breathing heavy. Enjoying it as much as she does. Maybe more. Oiling her butt. Rubbing it. But no strings.

Breakfast. Shower together. Back to the bedroom. "Would you like to butter me?" "I'm going to be so pumped when we do it tomorrow that I'll probably only last thirty seconds again." "We can do it now. With a condom." "If I can do it now at all." She reaches down for my cock. I feel it swell. "I can do it."

I take my time buttering her. Savoring it. Touching each part. Holding her legs. Feeling her skin. Rubbing it in. I'm so intent that I'm barely distracted by her fuzzy cleft. But I give her boobs some nice attention. Feeling their compactness. Rubbing her nipples with my palms and fingers. Watching them get hard.

River grabs a condom and some lube. What happened to her schedule? "We can do it with a condom. You've been wanting to do that. For variety." It's true. And I've got an idea for this session. "Doggy." We have a nice smooch for warmup. I've been getting myself hard. The hot wet kissing finishes the job. River feels the blood in her parts, too. She rolls up into doggy. Her legs spread. I roll the condom on. Squirt some lube. Finger her pussy. Stick it in. All the way. And watch my cock work in and out of her.

It's been a while since we used a condom. It's harder to feel when I'm right at the edge of the pull-out. It doesn't feel quite as delicious when it pushes back in. But it still feels like a fuck. I pull out to the edge for a micro-fuck, just an inch or two in and out. "Mmm, that's nice." "You were seeming a little sensitive when I went all the way in." "Thanks for noticing." "What kind of partner would I be if I didn't?" "You can go all the way in if you go slow." I go slow. All the way. And then some. Pulling her towards me. Feeling her ass against me.

She scoots back so I can stand off the edge of the bed. Head down. Pussy up. Cock plunging into her gorgeous shape. Her pushing back against me. Fucking me as much as I'm fucking her. It's fun doing it with a condom. Like old times. But I'm not sure I'm going to be able to come with it on.

River suggests hello kitty. Good idea. She scoots forward. I get back on the bed. It's silly scooting while we're still plugged together. But that's fucking. Ridiculous as ever. I sit on my feet. Hands behind me. Leaning back. River between my spread legs. My balls on her feet. Her hands on her knees. Leaning forward. Fucking me with that gorgeous shape of hers. Her just-buttered skin silky and supple. She controls the depth. I fuck back at her speed. We work together. "This is really nice." "This should be a standard position." It's one of our favorites.

River will make me come. Even with the condom. "It's going to work." I can feel it. We keep going. Then it hits. I groan, pull her down onto me, push in, not sure what kinds of sounds I'm making, don't care, just going with the feelings of my cock rubbing inside her and my come shooting. Stay together. No hurry pulling out.

I finally pull out. Slip the condom off. Knot it. A pretty good load. Five days worth. With some extra incentive this morning. "Sorry I left my shirt in the bathroom." "There's one on the floor." She grabs it to wipe herself. "I forgot. There's no goo to wipe up or drip out." "You're going to want to use a condom every time. Low-impact sex." "No, skin to skin is still the best." "We could do coitus interruptus more often. Best of both worlds." "I like that."

Monday, January 10, 2011

Something sweet, something new

River has been giving signals. I think. I'm not sure I'm interpreting them correctly since we're on her schedule and it's only been two days. So I ask. And she answers. "How would you like to interpret them?" As if she doesn't already know the answer. Maybe she wants to hear it. "I'd like to think you're interested in doing it tonight." "Ok. What's your plan?" "I don't have one. Something sweet." To balance our raunchy Saturday afternoon.

We talk about what's sweet. Face to face for sure. We jostle for position and end up on our backs next to each other, her leg over mine. River has her hand on my cock, I have my hand on her pussy. Mutual masturbation with silicone lube. We match rhythms as we twiddle each other's parts, my fingers sliding over and between her labia. It's almost like having my own pussy. What would I do with my own pussy? Find a nice girl to lick it. Put dildos in it. "You'd smell like pussy." "That wouldn't be so bad."

It looks like we're setting up for interlock, which would be sweet, then River puts both of her legs over mine and we're in snuggly position. Like she's sitting in my lap while we're lying down. It doesn't get any sweeter than this. She reaches down and puts my cock in her pussy. It's almost like it isn't happening, like we're still just snuggling, but I can tilt my hips and feel it push into her and slide back out and we both go "mmmm". Not too hard, not too fast, just sweet.

River pulls some kind of maneuver, her leg goes over my shoulder, and before I figure out how she does it she's on top. I watch the bushy gap between her legs riding up and down my cock, let my gaze wander to her firm but yielding breasts, look at her beautiful face in the darkness. She squats for single point, and like always I close my eyes and enjoy the sensations of River's vagina tugging up and down on my cock as she fucks me with it.

I fuck back hard then we roll over for jackknife. Jackknife seems like it should be raunchy, with River's pussy thrust up for deep penetration, but really it's sweet and intimate and gives a nice feeling of face-to-face connection. We grind our way through a variety of angles, then I take her legs off my shoulders so we can smooch while we fuck, our two points of wet, sensuous contact working together to enhance our sweet fuck.

I sit up. River reaches back over her head and puts her hands on the wall. I smell pussy. And we find ourselves in a position we don't remember doing before, River's legs under my arms, my hands under her knees lifting her ass each time I thrust into her while she uses the wall to push back. The angles feel nice, and we pick up the speed. My orgasm still feels a ways out, and we have a nice long bang, my cock pushing in and out, her ass going up and down, until the feeling grips my nuts and my load spills into her and I'm pushing deeper and feeling my cock spasm inside her and my eyes close and my teeth clench and River's hands are running over my body feeling my orgasmic goosebumps.

I stay inside her while we talk about our new position. River the fertility goddess names it the plow. Thoughts of plowing her furrow come to mind. It's a satisfying position to come in.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A raunchy job

River comes home from school. "I have a job for you." "I can do many jobs." "I can think of nothing so luxurious as being slathered all over." She pauses. "And fucked." I take the job.

Before long we sneak upstairs in the afternoon. River takes off her shirt and I'm struck by how nice she looks with her small breasts. She's always a treat to see naked. She finishes peeling and sits on the bed, knees pulled up, ankles crossed primly in front of her snatch. Her cuteness and eroticism tantalize me and are amplified by her not showing anything. I peel and join her.

She lies down on her front and I slather her back with body butter, sitting on her legs behind her butt, taking my time, not missing anything. "You want everything slathered?" "Everything." I do her arms, then she rolls on her side. I do her top leg then reach behind for her butt cheek. Her curves are amazing in this position, especially her ass, looking nice and feeling nice. I spend some time on it, my hand caressing her smooth, firm cheek. "That's a nice piece of girl you've got there." "Why thank you." "I'd like to frame it and hang it on the wall." "Maybe I should get a plaster cast made of my ass so I'll remember what it looked like when I'm 80." That's an incredible idea. I'm all for it. Who wouldn't want a cast of their sweetie's ass? It could be a whole new industry.

I butter her legs, then sit between them while I do her tummy, making my way up to her breasts, buttering them well, pushing them, pulling them, hands sliding over her perking nipples, fingers massaging into the muscle beneath.

My hands move down her body, fingers trailing through her bush to her lovely labia, the guardians of her cunt. I want to eat her, but she wants to be fucked. I work my thumb up to her clit and do the circles, while I start getting myself hard with my other hand.

"It's pretty obvious how my part responds. But with yours it's not so easy to tell." Maybe my thumb on her clit is turning me on more than it is her. "Yeah, it's all pretty mysterious." River wonders when her last orgasm was. Maybe the time she did eighteen of them. "Do you have one in you today?" "I might." I let her take over. Her hand takes its familiar position on her dark bush. Her fingers do their familiar circles on her clit. No matter how many times I see it, it's always fascinating. I watch, getting harder. She moans when I put my thumb partway inside and push towards her asshole. She looks down to check how hard I am. Not hard enough.

"I could come any time." "I think you're going to have to do this one solo." I'm not hard enough to fuck her in the orgasm. At least not very well. "Do you want to fuck me in my second one?" "I like doing that." I oil my cock for better jacking. She's getting close, her fingers moshing her clit around, her head tipped to the side, moaning softly. Suddenly she's coming, this time it's obvious, I watch her back arch, her body writhe, I slip a finger into her wetness and press up for her g-spot, holding it, rubbing it, the texture exciting me, while River has wave after wave of orgasm. Every time I think it's ending, another shudder hits her.

"I've got a finger inside. When I think about it, that seems strange." I like having fingers in her pussy, feeling her soft, wet walls, I do it often, but it does seem stranger than having my cock in her. More intimate somehow. "Yes, it is strange. But the finger helps the orgasms."

River checks my cock again. Watching and listening to her come has stiffened it up to full hardness. "That's a nice rod. I can get on it, or we can do some other position if you want." "Let's do a raunchy position stick-in." River rolls onto her front and spreads her legs wide, her pussy gaping raunchily between them. "I've got another one." She bumps her ass up a little and reaches down to her clit as I push my cock all the way into her and she gasps. A few easy strokes then some deep hard bangs while she does herself. It's quick. "Here it is." I bang hard against her ass. She wants to be fucked and she's getting it in her second orgasm. I wish I could see my cock pounding into her spread pussy, glistening with her juices, but her perfect ass blocks the view. By the time I feel myself starting to come, in less than a minute, maybe only thirty seconds, it's inevitable and I can't hold off. "I'm going to come, too." I join her in a mutual orgasm, pumping my load deep inside her as we come, feeling her feet on my ass pushing me even further in.

I wish I could stay hard and fuck some more but I'm spent. I pull out to look at her luscious pussy. "Now it's even raunchier." She's right. Her lips are spread wide, a gash of pink between them, from her clit to the gaping hole of her just-fucked cunt. "It could only be raunchier if there were come dripping down." I poke a finger in and feel for it, but it must be deep. Too bad. I'd like to lick my white jizz as it dribbles out of her pink pussy.

She rolls over. "Here's the third." It just takes a small touch at the right time. She has four more as we sit and talk, and gravity starts making my load drip out. "Six days worth." "It felt like a lot."

"I did a job for you. With my tool." "Fucked me right in the raunchy." "If you saw how raunchy you looked, you might not do that position." "Are you serious?" I think a moment. "Yes." "Cool." My sweetie likes being raunchy.

We're talking the next morning. "So it's seven to two for the year?" "Eight. I popped another one out in the bathroom. After the first one they're easy." "I wish I could do that."

Doing it on River's schedule this year?

For the past two years River and I have been doing it on my schedule. Actually a bit of a compromise. It's a bit much for her, at least sometimes. And we don't do it as often as I find myself wanting to. I'm often ready to go the next morning but River rarely is.

So this year I've offered to do it on River's schedule. I've offered before but she never takes me up on it. She really doesn't know how often she'd end up wanting to do it, if it were up to her. She likes it when we're doing it, but tends not to think about it when we're not. She doesn't think either of us would be happy with her schedule, and she doesn't think I'd last very long on it. She's probably right on both counts. But still I think it would be interesting to try. I'd at least like to give her more room to initiate. Let's just see what happens.

She does say she wants to do it today sometime. I try to seize the moment. "Right now?" "No, but thanks for the offer. I sure like you." "When you're liking someone, it's probably a good time. And if you're liking me, I'm probably liking you back."

And really, that's the reason I like to do it with her so much. And do all those other things I like to do with her, and for her. It all comes from the same place. I sure like her.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A nice morning hand job and screw

The restaurant for our romantic date last night was less than we hoped for and River didn't think we were planning on doing it afterwards so we plan on morning. In the morning I'm thinking of passing and River's period has started. But it feels nice snuggling with her. "Could I talk you into giving me one of your amazing handjobs? I'm always wanting one that goes all the way, and now seems like a good time." "I'd do that."

And it is amazing. She lubes up with just the right amount of massage oil. I like how she spreads her fingers out at the bottom. How she just goes up and down on the head for a while sometimes. Rubbing under my balls with her other hand and pushing them upwards. It's a full-surround handjob. And she's doing most of the work. I'm barely moving, or not moving. At least three times I think she's going to make me come, and let her know, but then it subsides. I feel like River, when I'm trying to get her off, and keep coming close but not getting there. Maybe it's a morning thing for me today.

At least I've been good and hard the whole time for her. And we've got some dirty talk going, her talking about my cock being the thing that goes inside her that I fuck her with, me wondering where it goes.

We try a different position. I sit up on my knees and we face each other. River points out that I'm in position for hello kitty. She doesn't usually see me like that since she's facing the other way when we do hello kitty. Although we watched ourselves do it in a mirror at a hotel once. And we looked pretty good. "You can get on it if you want." She doesn't.

It's really nice, everything I hoped for and more, but I'm still not getting there. "Do you want to take over?" "Not so much." It's been a nice time together, and I'd rather just remember it that way. Then she's laying back and pulling her panties off. "I'll let you." When she puts it that way I can't resist. I get on her. We fit together right away and have a warm squishy fuck with her feet on my butt, and I pump into her until I finally come. "Hoo always knows what to do."