Monday, December 13, 2010

River 18, Reed 1

River is imperturbable. She feels like she's on an antidepressant. We kiss and rub against each other and get consequences and describe what it's like to each other. Hers is tingling and blood filling and pleasant weightiness. I'm the same except for the tingling. I hope the emotions and desire can last until the evening. Two more hours. I've got something perturbing in mind. I take my cialis to make sure I can follow through. That never perturbs her.

In the kitchen I'm sitting on the floor. She's standing next to me, reading something on the counter. "If I had my way, you'd drop your pants and stand over me and keep reading." "And you'd start munching?" "Yes. Am I going to have my way?" It doesn't look like it. Just as well. Our tongues are purple from eating blueberry crumble and she probably doesn't need the sugar in her snatch.

So there we are. She's got monitoring electrodes stuck to her chest. I told her I've never done it with a borg, but my hints are always too sketchy so she's got a shirt on over them because she's self-conscious. I wrongly think she's got it on to keep things safe and don't want to pester her about it. I'm too nice. I should remember to just ask for what I want. If I want to fuck a borg, all I have to do is ask and she'll comply.

River thinks I have something in mind for tonight. She's right. "I'll do you in the butt again." "As appealing as that sounds, I don't think my butt is up for it tonight." That's fine. But now what? I shaved my face before bed in the hope of eating her pussy, but she silently turned that one down already. "You said something about a vibrator. And I'm thinking of coming twice tonight." The finger vibe appears out of nowhere. I run my fingers through her bush, down her inner thighs, beside her labia, having a nice time exploring her vulva, the feel of the different parts, pressing her lips against her opening without parting them, circling her clitoris. All the while she's examining the vibe, trying to get the maximum vibration. "I hope you don't mind." "You know I tend to like the juxtaposition of the mundane and the erotic." Like talking about random things while we do it, or eating her pussy while she watches tv.

I put the vibe on. The extra thickness on my finger makes it hard to feel if I'm in the right place. She squirts on some lube and helps me get it on her clit. I circle it with the vibe, feeling it bump across, watching her, looking for clues about speed and pressure. She tilts her head back and closes her eyes. Reaches down and starts stroking my hardening cock. I let her know she can take over on her button any time she wants. There's no kind of ego thing going on with me.

After a few minutes she decides it will be better the old-fashioned way. I sit between her legs and watch her do her girl parts, her hand resting on her bush, her fingers circling her clit, her lips chasing them around. "Are you ready?" I am. Jacking off with her silicone lube while I watch and make sure her lips are spread open for my thumb, and later my cock, to go in. "I want you to say 'Fuck my pussy' when it's time." From the women's room wall. "Ok."

It doesn't take long. Just a few minutes. That's quick for River. I like it. "Here it is." It's not what I was hoping she'd say, but I'm not going to argue at a time like this. It's all slippery when it goes in and we fuck deep and hard and I cross my legs behind me and pound her and listen to her come under me and wonder what it's like for her to get fucked in the orgasm. I'm going to try for two so I'm not holding off, if I come I come, and I'm going to, so I just keep going until I come too, squeezing into her, and she's grabbing my ass and pulling me in so tight I can't even back off a little to push back in, I just feel our pubic bones grind together and enjoy it.

I sit up while my cock softens inside her. River is already going for another one. I wish I could do that but she says it used to take me about 20 minutes to recharge. Her vulva fascinates me. Her whole body fascinates me. Everything about her fascinates me. My nice soft girl. I play with myself while I watch. Squirting on the silicone lube. Fingering her pussy just a little. She's having her second one, her head tipped back, her pelvis jerking. Other than that I can't really tell it's happening. I tease her that she could be faking.

She keeps going. Three. Then she closes her eyes and holds up four fingers. We usually lose count around five but for some reason we're keeping track this time. I put my thumb on her clit and give it some circles for number seven. They get easier as she has more, but they also get smaller. So she's wondering what would happen if I fuck her in number eight. Would it be as good as number one? Would it be terrible? I might be able to, but she's already had it by the time I get my half-erect cock into her pussy. It's a slippery mess. Dripping with lube and jism. But it's crazy fun getting my cock in and fucking her like that. It stiffens up as I get into it, so to speak.

"You might be able to give me one by fucking." That would be something. She's always needed manual stimulation. "How can we get the most clitoral stimulation? You said something about it before." I try the steep angle but I can't keep my not fully-erect cock in with so much slippery. So I give her a nice hard bang like she likes. But we're not getting the right friction to keep me hard so I pull out to jack off again. We're like that on and off, her stirring her button, me fucking her when I'm hard enough, jacking off and wiping things up when I'm not, her orgasm count going up, twelve, thirteen, ... "That's a whole month of orgasms." "For me." "Right." And she has them in one night. This is easily the most we've ever counted together. And she's not stopping. What's gotten into her. And she still wants me to fuck her and have my second.

River's up to sixteen when I get hard enough to stick it in for about the fifth time and fuck some more. I've dried things up and we both feel some nice friction but it's time for another position. She got up to eighteen during that last fuck, but by now she says they're not much more than warm flushes.

I roll her onto her side. Stick my fingers in her pussy and jack off until I'm good and hard. She's a good sport. It's a good stick-in. I kneel behind her, grab her hip and rock her back and forth against me. That's more like it. A good solid fuck. We keep it in while she rolls up into doggy. I look at her ass, grab her hips, and watch my nicely hard cock push in and out of her. From my perpective it's hard to believe she's had eighteen orgasms and is still up for fucking. "You're going to be sore tomorrow." "I haven't really been fucked that much yet. You're going to be sore."

But I don't feel another impending orgasm at the end of the tunnel. If I work hard enough to get one I'll probably regret it. It's been wild, it's been fun, it's been playful and energetic, but it's time to clean up and get some sleep. River offers some action in the morning if I want it, but I have a feeling that's just the dopamine talking and she'll have changed her mind by then. She asks for a second t-shirt for clean up and I pull one out of the drawer for her.

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