Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We do our old stick-in

"What's your plan?" "I'm going to try just letting it happen. But this would be a good day to try our old stick-in again."

I think back to how good she looked this afternoon in the family changing room at the pool, jeans on, shirt off, looking cute with her small bare tits, putting her suit on, the small sexy bottom she's wearing for my benefit. Showering off afterwards, rinsing each other with the hand-held shower while the kids get dressed.

We're on our sides, facing each other, some nice smoochies, my hand running down her back to her butt, her hand on my neck. I rub my cock against her bush, her nearness and the girlness of her thatch turning me on. She takes my hand and brushes it over her perky nipple. I explore River's breast some more, savoring its form and compactness, then I feel her hand on my cock. How can it feel so good? The encouraging way she handles it, left-handed tonight, her fingers running smoothly up the shaft with just enough friction, the perfect timing of each nice easy stroke building the desire then releasing the tension as her hand settles briefly against the base then goes back for more. "You could give lessons. To guys." It's been a while since she's taken me all the way with her hand. I'd gladly let her, but I feel like I'd be cheating her, all of her work going up in a spurt of spunk and her not getting what she really wanted.

It's hard enough. My leg pushes it against her vulva, the way we used to, getting the positioning right. I feel my cock head dipping into the sweetness of her pussy entrance. Does it slip in by itself, or did she reach down and do it? "We did it." Our old stick-in. I push in an inch or two and our fuck starts. Like old times. Together enough to fuck, but tantalizingly far enough that we can't go deep.

"We need something more comfortable." I roll River over and get on top, keeping it in like we like. She holds her legs out and we fuck deep, our bodies pressing together, smelling like chlorine from the pool. As good as her handjobs are, the warm friction of her pussy, with her grinding under me, is even more satisfying. I circle my hips, left to right, right to left, hearing River breathe into it, until I need to pause to hold off.

"I need a drink of water already." "That's a first." I sit up and grab River's water off the table and drink it lustily. I leave my cock in, but I can't fuck and drink at the same time without spilling. When I put the water back I've started to get a bit softer, but it hardens as we get back into it, more hip circling, no holding off this time, River's ass coming up off the bed with each thrust, she can tell I'm getting close, an amazing churning fuck, and I come and I'm losing control and not caring and squeezing her and groaning and wondering if I'm getting goosebumps and collapsing on her.

We hear footsteps in the hall. Usually it's just somebody having a bedtime bathroom break. But this time they're coming down the hall. We scramble to disengage and cover up. Someone is hungry. "I guess that's some proof they have no idea what was going on." "Or he came in to spy."

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