Saturday, December 4, 2010

Back rub with benefits

Around dinner time River says she could use a back rub. With benefits. Back rub with benefits. I like that. She'll get a back rub, but I'm four days into a moratorium on penetration for my dry chafed skin, and her period's about to start, should have started already, so it should be easy to extend it to at least a week. But we both know she's hard for me to resist, especially when we're both naked and I'm rubbing her back and sitting behind her butt with its perfection spread out before me like a well-set table.

And there we are, both naked, me sitting behind her butt, rubbing her back, giving special attention to her requests for between her shoulder blades and up her neck, her breathing contentedly or relaxing quietly. Me glancing down at her butt every now and then, but mostly focusing on her back, taking it seriously, enjoying rubbing it, enjoying her body. There will be time for the rest.

I oil her butt cheeks, push and squeeze them every way I can, dig my fingers in, working out a pain she's had for a few days, feeling myself getting pulled in by her charms. Now it's one hand on myself, one on her, my thumb pressing against her lips just under her sweet butt cheeks, coaxing them to part, finding the wetness between them. Her pussy makes some nicely nasty wet smacky sounds as my thumb stirs it, and my cock gets harder as I think about how nice it will feel sinking into her. River is already pushing her butt up, wiggling it at me. The benefits were her idea. I'm ready to give them to her. I leave my thumb in place as a guide and push my cock in under it, as deep into her as I can go, then move up and push even farther in, feeling her pussy walls making room for my cock as it presses into her and we moan together.

We fuck, the shaft of my cock pulling out, the head pushing her lips aside and plunging back in. The slipperiness I'm expecting isn't happening, so we pause for lube, dripping it onto my cock, spreading it over her lips, then fucking some more, nice and smooth, reaching for her hands, squeezing them, her hair brushing my cheek, my sighs in her ear, feeling her firm ass against me.

I need face to face. I need to see her. Our kisses have been so nice the past few days. Roll River over, her leg flipping up to my shoulder, her other leg still between mine, my cock still inside her. We end up in some interesting positions as we switch things up like this. We stay this way for a while, watching my cock slip in and out, then I move my leg inside hers and swing her other leg up to my shoulder for jackknife, her legs folded up to her chest, her face looking sweet, her pussy presented for a good fucking. We look into each other's eyes and smile. I move my hands to her small tits, letting them hold my weight. She enjoys the sensations as I aim for the front wall of her pussy. I enjoy them too, my cock head sliding across the interesting terrain around her g-spot. When my cock slips out I press it against her and slide it up between her lips and see it leaking before I press it down into her again, all the way in to her cervix, a nice extra feeling at the end of each stroke. "Do you have one in you tonight?" "Probably not." I have to ask.

I put her legs down and she puts her heels on my butt. She knows I like that. We have a good medium-speed fuck, slow enough to make every stroke count. I sit up, wrapping my arms around her legs, pulling them to my chest, hiding behind them, fucking her lubed pussy until I have to hold off, then I put her legs down and she arches onto me and fucks me. I shouldn't hold off too long. I move over her again, we kiss, and everything clicks as she spreads her legs, I spread my knees, I feel my balls dangle, and we speed up a bit. "I'll finish like this." "Ok." We fuck, my hard cock squishing in and out of her, my orgasm building, the nice feeling of my nuts pulling up into me, the first spurt coming as I'm pushing into her, pulling out and pushing back in for each spurt, hugging myself to her, feeling my jizz pouring into her, then resting on her, each of us holding still.

"Back rub with benefits. I like that." "I liked it, too."

I find my t-shirt for clean up. "You're a little more obviously opened up down here than usual." "Can you see all the way to my nostrils?" "It's just dark. No light at the end of the tunnel."

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