Sunday, December 12, 2010

Flashing the headlights

We're pulling out of a rest area onto the freeway. "Did we miss your exit?" "Yeah." My former least favorite exit. Now my favorite ever since River flashed me as we drove by. Pulling down her shirt and bra and baring her tit for me. "Do you have any other least favorite exits?" "No." Wait. Was that a hint? "Do you have something in mind?" "Flashing my headlights." She lets go of the wheel and discreetly pulls her shirt up over her tits with both hands. Her nipples point down the road like they've got somewhere to go. I feel myself getting hard. I'd ask her to pull over on the side of the road but the kids are in back. "Were you braless all day?" I hate to think I didn't notice. "No, I was inspired by the writing on the restroom wall." "Flash your headlights?" Her answer comes in a whisper. "Fuck my pussy." "I didn't think people wrote things like that in the women's room." I should try writing it on our bathroom wall at home.

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Anonymous said...

Eww. Really? With the kids in the car? How old are they? That is fucking disgusting.

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