Sunday, December 19, 2010

A good solid bang

I've been wanting to fuck River all day. We've had a really nice weekend together. Some interesting naked time in the morning. River wiping her dripping pussy, my cock leaking just watching her, her drying it for me. "You're spraying pheromones nefariously. Neferemones." It's ovulation time.

After our shower River lies on the bed, air drying her muff luxuriously. She asks me to oil her lips. She doesn't have to ask twice. I put oil on her labia, in the grooves between them, pulling each lip between my fingers from back to front. She likes how that feels. I should fuck her right there while we're both naked and ready, but I'm thinking I'd rather wait until evening when we'll have time to do it right. It's a date. At the crowded coffee shop River refers to our date in an under-the-radar way while we share a table with a friendly stranger. Is she getting more daring with the semi-public flirting? We have some nice smoochies to a steamy soundtrack, both of us feeling the reaction in our parts, her grinding against me, me grinding back. That's the kind of reaction I want later today.

But we're not in bed until ten. And River was tired around dinner time. And she's not sure I still want to do it tonight. Neither am I. I'm thinking we should skip it. Save it for a better time. "I should have just fucked you earlier when I had the chance." She agrees. And she's sympathetic. I roll over to go to sleep, on my front, one leg spread to the side. I feel her hand on me, up and down my back, my butt, my leg. It feels extra nice today, warm, smooth, confident. She could convince me to change my mind. She is convincing me. She's very persuasive. "Would you like some suggestions? Reach down for my balls." She reaches under my butt, strokes my balls, reaches up for my shaft, presses her fingers between my nuts and my butthole. She knows that gets me going.

I roll over and we kiss, both of us getting the same reactions we got this afternoon. Perfect. She's stroking my cock and it's getting nice and hard for her. "Let's do our old stick-in. I'm nostalgic." "Ok. That's sweet." On our sides, facing each other, my leg between hers. She uses some lube, lines things up, we push, but it's not going. It's plenty stiff enough. We make a few more tries, pushing hard, but we can't get it. We used to do that stick-in all the time. Our usual. We'll try it again some other day but for now I get on top and she spreads and I plunge my cock straight into her waiting pussy and we have a nice deep satisfying fuck. I watch her face while I feel my cock sliding into her. River is so cute when we're fucking.

Cross my legs behind me, grab her shoulder to pull, fuck fast and hard and long, faster and harder than usual, River just going along for the ride while I pound her good, feeling her feet on my ass pulling me into her, listening to her moan. Again I have to laugh and ask. "Are you trying to make me come?" "Well, yeah. I like it when you come." "I like it when you come, too." "But do you mean am I trying to make you come and get it over with?" I smile and laugh some more. Yes, that's what I meant. But no, that's not what she's doing.

She spreads her legs into a wide V, her feet in the air. I lift my body off hers so only my cock and her pussy are touching and bang her. Hard. I look down, watching the gap between our bodies open and close as we fuck, my cock disappearing into her, her legs still open wide. "That looks classic." "It feels classic, too." This was worth waiting for. We're still having a nice day together. Being sweet to each other. Finally fucking.

Back in close. My weight on her. Still hard and deep. A good solid bang. I haven't even had to hold off. But it's time to go out on top, so to speak. In and out, kissing while we fuck, banging until I'm coming, feeling like I'm turning inside out, writhing on top of her while I try to squeeze my whole body into her, emptying my load deep in her pussy, still smiling. I stay hard for some relaxing afterfuck.

Afterwards I always want to talk and River always wants to sleep. It's sweet having her fall asleep in my arms.

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