Friday, December 10, 2010

"I like the goosebumps."

River is wondering when I'm going to finish what I started. I don't really have any plan for tonight. She's just bathed and her skin is dry. I offer to oil her all over. And warn her that will probably make me want to have sex with her. So we're set. I oil her back, arms, and legs. Lots of oil on her butt. Slippery. Shiny. Her hand and my cock come together and she grabs it. There's nothing like having someone else touch your cock. Especially when it's River. She knows what she's doing. Her hand rubs it up and down as I oil her arm and it starts coming to life. Flip her over. Front of her legs. Oil up her tummy to her boobs, the nipples perking up under my hands and between my fingers.

"I'm all slippery." "But are you slippery where it counts?" "Did you oil it?" "Not yet." She lies on her back, her ankle crossed onto her knee. "I'll do yours if you do mine." She reaches for my cock, starts pulling on it with her oiled hand, reaches under my balls and slicks them up. I give her pussy a nice oiling, up and down her furry mound, between all the flaps and folds, into her opening.

She spreads into flying v. I move between her legs and bring them together in front of me as my cock makes an easy slide into her pussy. I stay on top for jackknife and missionary, hitting different angles, doing the circular motion, a nice deep slippery fuck against her cervix, watching her cute face.

River starts breathing hard and moaning as we cling together. Hearing her under me ramps up my response. "Are you trying to make me come?" "Yeah. It's fun." "It's working." More nice deep fucking, feeling the tip go into her entrance and bang into her cervix, my orgasm building nicely, then everything squeezing together, my body stiffening, just holding it in deep and feeling the spurts. "I like the goosebumps." "I don't fake it."

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