Friday, December 10, 2010


4:30am. I've been dreaming about having a nice hard one. I wake up. There it is. Roll over. Spoon on River. Stick it under her ass. Feel the hairs of her vulva rub against it as I make a few small movements to keep it hard. Is she asleep? Maybe. I want to give her some sexy dreams. Then wake up and realize we're really doing it. Finally drift back to sleep and wonder if it happened. Move my hand down. Position my cock for penetration. It's a hard push. Not getting anywhere. Am I missing? Reach down. Use her butthole as a guide. Yes, that's her vagina. Line the head of my cock up. Push. Hard. Still not much. Just a little. Feel it pop through her opening into her pussy. She must be awake now. That was too much to sleep through. A small fuck to spread the juice. Still dry. I'm hoping for post-period goo but not finding any. Keep hitting bad friction at the same spot. Change angles. No help. She's awake. Gets up to pee. "I'll be back." I get some oil. Slick up my cock. Feel the remnants of her dried juices as I slide a thumb and two fingers down over my cock head. The slack goes out of it and it stiffens back up. Ready to take River on again. Circle her opening with my fingers. Roll over. Line my cock up. Push. There it goes. We fuck. Or I fuck. She's not really participating. Probably not her favorite way to wake up. Just mine. In deep now. Slow. Full hug in spoons. Keep it pushed in and snuggle. Lean back, pull out, push in. Stop to savor my hard cock inside her. Faster. She fucks back. I'd come now if I could. But it's too far off. We can finish later. There's something strangely compelling about fucking without coming. "I think that's enough." Leave my hard cock inside her while she falls asleep. It's really nice for me, snuggled up with our parts interlocking. But what's it like for her, lying here with a cock up her hole? I'm sleepy too. Five minutes. Ten minutes. Feeling my cock slowly soften, feeling the head slide outwards as she dreams and I get squeezed out bit by bit. Can I get hard again and have my cock push its way in by itself? I can't summon it up. I fall asleep with my cock perched at her entrance. We dream.

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