Friday, December 31, 2010

Starting the new year right

I've been thinking about what River was saying about starting the year the way you want the year to go. One thing I'd like is to do it in the shower more often. So tomorrow, new year's day, I'll initiate in the shower. Even though we haven't had much success there recently. Then I think that I'd also like to seize the moment more, and not rely on delayed gratification which seems to fall flat more often than not. So why wait until tomorrow to start the year off right, when I can start if off right today?

"I'm thinking of doing something intimate and ridiculous in the shower with you." "I'm not saying no. It will have to be a quickie." "It's not like I want to use up all the hot water." I explain that this is my way of starting off the new year right, if you think about it hard enough. She shampoos her hair, I wash her with soap and wash cloth, then start tugging my dick hoping I'll get hard. I get a little harder, but not much, while she's washing me. I am leaking though. We have some nice kisses and River takes over for a while. Rubbing my wet thing in the shower without lube isn't the easiest, but somehow she does a really nice job. She feels my cock leaking. "That's because you're here. That doesn't happen when I'm by myself." "Cool." When I take over again, it's noticeably harder. Not good enough for a shower stick-in, though. "I'm not sure this is going to work. But at least we tried." We're about to give up, but River bends over and I put the head at her pussy entrance and push and watch as it buckles a bit and then pops through her opening. Amazing.

It was more work than I'd hope to get here, but it feels nice, and my cock stiffens up as I hit some good friction. I was worried that River wouldn't be juicy enough, and the water streaming down her back isn't helping. But she's easily wet enough for a quickie. Maybe the stuff leaking out of my cock is helping today. "I'm not sure I'll be able to finish." "That's ok." After some long smooth strokes I pick things up, banging her at a faster pace. Her moans tell me that's how she likes it. This is a ridiculous thing we're doing, River bending over under the hot water with her hands on the far edge of the tub, me standing behind her with my hardon poking up her pussy, grabbing onto her, admiring her shape, and pumping it in and out.

Suddenly the feeling lights up. "I'm going to finish." I make each stroke count and let the feeling grow until I push in deep and shoot my load into her. After a bit I pull out, and she queefs. We didn't even feel that in there.

She rinses, I wash her hoo with soap as usual, along the sides, two fingers in the grooves between her inner and outer lips, the nubbin of her clit, down the center to her pussy, swirling with both hands, and she rinses again.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Post-bath body buttering and a slow come

"I could fall asleep now." "I might do you in your sleep." "I suppose I deserve that." "Is that an invitation?" "Do you need an invitation?" "I like one." "Then it is."

River has taken a bath. She wants to be slathered all over with body butter. I'm willing. I sit behind her and start with her back, down to her butt. She arches her back, emphasizing the shape of her perfect ass. Shoulders, arms, palms of her hands, fingers one by one. I reach around front and butter up her tummy while I look over her shoulder, getting the River's-eye view of her body. Under her boobs, over her boobs, buttering her nipples. I feel the blood flow to my cock. "It's amazing how feeling your boobs can do that to me." "You're heterosexual. And we're mates for life." I butter the tops of her thighs from behind then she rolls onto her back. I put each of her legs in turn behind my head to hold it in place and slowly and thoroughly butter her thighs, calves, feet, and ass, enjoying her awkward position.

River feels nice now, inside and out. She curls up on her side and delivers her invitation. I accept. I put plenty of oil on my cock. It's eager to go and responds quickly as I stroke it. The fingers of my other hand massage her boobs for good measure, taking in their compact resilience. Should I touch her pussy? I'll save that for when we start. My cock is nicely rigid. She can hear the glistening sounds of my fingers gliding slowly up and down its length. The anticipation of doing her becomes overwhelming. I kneel behind her in t-bone position, part her labia, and push my entire cock, hard and slippery, deep into her pussy. "That was a good stick-in." Yes, it was. The kind she deserves.

I grab her hip and she moans and we have a nice t-bone fuck. "Yes, I do like this position." Especially for the stick-in. I put my hands beind my back so all we can feel of each other is the penetration. Watch my cock disappearing into her darkness, and reappearing.

I lean sideways into upside-down spoons, my face peering up at her from between her legs. A playful fuck. We reposition into an interlock variation with our bodies scissoring at right angles and some nice deep penetration, each grabbing the other's leg and me holding myself up with my hand on the floor.

Time to get serious. We roll up into jackknife, look into each other's eyes, my cock plunges firm and deep, River liking it when I go left and right. I stop before I come. "When you come, do a slow one." "Ok." Maybe I can come with slow jackknife. Some nice slow jackknife strokes, our deepest position, angling and pushing for depth, my cock perfectly hard, watching it sink slowly into her pussy, until River flinches and asks if that was cervix. "It was more abrupt than cervix. Maybe it was the end of the tunnel."

We go through a few more positions, agreeing on the good spots with good friction, and end up in missionary. Serious again. Tonight's finisher. I'm going slow, River is moaning and gasping like she's trying to make me come, and I feel the build-up, my orgasm is maybe thirty seconds out. I hold the pace. Slow and deep. Let it get closer. "Slow . . ." I can feel the come leaking out already, a few more strokes and my orgasm starts, the first spurts coming during a long slow slide into her, all the way in by the fourth spurt, and on the fifth I can really feel the jizz flow out and I squeeze as much as I can into her before we relax together.

I grab my shirt to wipe up. Usually I let her do the honors but she's so sleepy that I wipe her up tonight, cleaning as much as I can out of her, digging deeper than usual. "I'm never sure how aggressive to be." "Me either." That makes me feel a little less awkward about cleaning the come out of her pussy for her.

"Was that slow enough?" "Yes, it was nice. And it seemed like a good one." "It was. Going slow was a good idea."

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We do our old stick-in

"What's your plan?" "I'm going to try just letting it happen. But this would be a good day to try our old stick-in again."

I think back to how good she looked this afternoon in the family changing room at the pool, jeans on, shirt off, looking cute with her small bare tits, putting her suit on, the small sexy bottom she's wearing for my benefit. Showering off afterwards, rinsing each other with the hand-held shower while the kids get dressed.

We're on our sides, facing each other, some nice smoochies, my hand running down her back to her butt, her hand on my neck. I rub my cock against her bush, her nearness and the girlness of her thatch turning me on. She takes my hand and brushes it over her perky nipple. I explore River's breast some more, savoring its form and compactness, then I feel her hand on my cock. How can it feel so good? The encouraging way she handles it, left-handed tonight, her fingers running smoothly up the shaft with just enough friction, the perfect timing of each nice easy stroke building the desire then releasing the tension as her hand settles briefly against the base then goes back for more. "You could give lessons. To guys." It's been a while since she's taken me all the way with her hand. I'd gladly let her, but I feel like I'd be cheating her, all of her work going up in a spurt of spunk and her not getting what she really wanted.

It's hard enough. My leg pushes it against her vulva, the way we used to, getting the positioning right. I feel my cock head dipping into the sweetness of her pussy entrance. Does it slip in by itself, or did she reach down and do it? "We did it." Our old stick-in. I push in an inch or two and our fuck starts. Like old times. Together enough to fuck, but tantalizingly far enough that we can't go deep.

"We need something more comfortable." I roll River over and get on top, keeping it in like we like. She holds her legs out and we fuck deep, our bodies pressing together, smelling like chlorine from the pool. As good as her handjobs are, the warm friction of her pussy, with her grinding under me, is even more satisfying. I circle my hips, left to right, right to left, hearing River breathe into it, until I need to pause to hold off.

"I need a drink of water already." "That's a first." I sit up and grab River's water off the table and drink it lustily. I leave my cock in, but I can't fuck and drink at the same time without spilling. When I put the water back I've started to get a bit softer, but it hardens as we get back into it, more hip circling, no holding off this time, River's ass coming up off the bed with each thrust, she can tell I'm getting close, an amazing churning fuck, and I come and I'm losing control and not caring and squeezing her and groaning and wondering if I'm getting goosebumps and collapsing on her.

We hear footsteps in the hall. Usually it's just somebody having a bedtime bathroom break. But this time they're coming down the hall. We scramble to disengage and cover up. Someone is hungry. "I guess that's some proof they have no idea what was going on." "Or he came in to spy."

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wrapping presents in the basement

The basement is off-limits to kids. We're wrapping presents. That must be what we call it now.

My parents were over for a Chistmas Eve visit. We've got some champagne that we intended to open with them, but the timing didn't work out, so we open it after they've gone. River and I are snuggling on the couch. We've shared a glass between us. "This champagne is making me really amorous." Amorous. I like that. Her switch has been flipped, her parts are on fire, and she wants to take advantage of her mood. No waiting until this evening. I've been feeling third-dayish, and the basement was giving me ideas earlier today. We've never done it there. River said she never would. Surprise. I plug in a heater and let it run for a while. And I gather some supplies. Massage oil, silicone lube, a hand towel. And in a flash of inspiration, a hot wet washcloth. Not that it's likely to stay hot.

We head to the basement. River spreads a blanket on the rug. I turn out one of the lights for mood. We can see the neighbor's porch out the window but no big deal. We undress each other. Everything but her socks. Sit facing each other. We talk while River plays with my parts and I finger her slit. Talk about how it's been more than a month since I ate her pussy. About how the way she feels now is how I feel most of the time. About how the champagne might affect my performance. About what we want to do with each other.

It takes a while, but River gets me up. She's good at that. She likes the reward of a job well-done. She gets into doggy position, her legs together as usual. It's a semi-erect stick-in, but my cock gets fully hard when the fuck starts, and I watch it pumping in and out under her sexy butt. She is on fire. Really into it. Moaning. Fucking back. Letting me bang her cervix. Doing all the work. We talk about how we didn't used to do much doggy. A couple nice rear-entry positions, but not so much doggy. It seemed kind of submissive and degrading to me. Not intimate enough. Now it's playful and energetic. And the view of River's perfect ass is amazing. I sigh and breathe heavily. "That means I really like it."

River sits up into hello kitty and the view gets even better, with her waist nipping in above her butt. It's an easy position for her to do all the work, rocking up and down with her hands on her knees, fucking me. Fucking herself on my cock. I lean back and enjoy the waves of pleasure she's sending through me, her extra push right at the end of the stroke, watching her lips slide up my shaft as she leans forward.

River wants to be on her back. To feel the blanket on her skin. To feel her pussy getting pounded. Deep missionary with her heels on my butt. I pull her legs up into minimagnetism and suddenly it feels amazing to both of us. River sounds like she's going to come, and I am going to come. I have to back off a bit. Neither of us wants this to end soon.

I put River's legs on my shoulders for jackknife. My cock squishes in and out of her quite nicely. But I'm going soft. That hasn't happened for a while. Is it the champagne? I'm confident I can get it back up. At least I hope I can. I stroke my cock a bit with some massage oil but it's not going anywhere.

But her pussy is staring at me, her fleshy lips calling to me, her bush beckoning. I put my mouth on her and press my tongue down on her clit. "You can give me hints." "It feels great." I feel great, my nose in her muff, inhaling her scent, looking up past her boobs to her face, my tongue working her clit, my hands holding her against me, both of us moaning. This is how it's supposed to be. "That feels really amorous. And hot." I answer when I can take a break. "It's meant to." Maybe I've finally got it figured out: fucking as foreplay. Get her warmed up with something she likes*. Then some cunnilingus. I love eating her when she's into it. And she is. I try to jack off to get myself hard again. But most of my attention is on her. I pull the skin at the top of her slit to expose her button for my tongue. And I'm still not getting hard.

"Do you have one in you?" "I might." She takes over on her button so we can each give ourselves some serious attention. She can come and I can be ready to fuck her when she comes. I slide my fingers into her wet pussy and circle her g-spot. River fingers her nipples and I oil them for her. Right about now Brook is outside the door and wants to talk to River. I get up to hold the door closed if necessary, and River sweetly persuades her to go back upstairs. I doubt River will be able to get herself off after that interruption. But I'm finally getting hard again.

"What do you want?" "Mmm, straight up my pussy." I oblige, a quick thrust straight up and in. "That's what I want." We do some vigorous banging, our bodies pounding together, River getting rug burn on her back as she gets pushed across the blanket. We kiss until I remember. "Sorry, I smell like pussy." My favorite, not hers.

She spreads her legs in the wide V and grabs her toes and suddenly everything clicks for us, I'm hitting a spot inside her pussy that feels great for both of us and we're both gasping and we both know this is going to be the finish. "I'm going to ..." and I can't even get the word out because I'm coming so hard and pushing in all the way and squeezing every last drop into her, "... come."

I get the washcloth for her. It's not hot any more, but the cool feels nice, and she appreciates having the washcloth and the towel to clean up. We wrap some presents, River sitting on the towel to catch the occasional drip, then get dressed and go upstairs.

"Same time next year?" "Did we just start a new tradition?"

* Or maybe it's the champagne. That would suck. Using alcohol as a way to get women to drop their inhibitions and open up, so to speak, is something I never learned, discovered, considered, or even thought of. It disgusts me.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"I want to do you while you dream."

I've been awake a while. River is dreaming. She wakes up a bit. "I want to do you while you dream." A fantasy of mine. She rolls onto her side. I oil my cock up. It gets nicely hard. She wiggles a bit during the stick-in. She usually goes back to sleep easily. But she's said she couldn't possibly sleep while we're doing it. I enter her. It feels a little strange to just be probing into her like this. I take it easy. Not moving much. Just enough. Gentle rocking. My sensitive cock head projects a vivid image into my mind, of it being in her tunnel, sliding back and forth against her slippery walls as they close in on it. My rocking might put me to sleep. Or into the half-dreamy state I like. But she's different. No matter what happens it's nice to be connected like this. Our parts interlocking. The way I always want to be when we spoon. Fancy hug. After a while I can tell she's not asleep. "You can finish if you want." I pick it up a little, a little faster, a little further out, a little further in. Maybe I'll come like this, pumping my load barely inside her. But it's not going to happen any time soon. I pull out. "I feel a little silly." "You do?"

But I want to finish, so I roll River onto her back and get on top. Default position. She pushes my cock down and I push into her. That's the stuff. Everything well-oiled. I'm thinking do the whole thing in default, but it's not going deep enough, so into missionary, and I feel it sink all the way in, a nice humpy fuck in the morning. She wraps her legs around me, puts her feet on my butt. Makes the sounds of River being fucked. When I come I push in and hold it, we feel the throbs together and smile. Fancy hug. She gets up and says I can try again some time.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A good solid bang

I've been wanting to fuck River all day. We've had a really nice weekend together. Some interesting naked time in the morning. River wiping her dripping pussy, my cock leaking just watching her, her drying it for me. "You're spraying pheromones nefariously. Neferemones." It's ovulation time.

After our shower River lies on the bed, air drying her muff luxuriously. She asks me to oil her lips. She doesn't have to ask twice. I put oil on her labia, in the grooves between them, pulling each lip between my fingers from back to front. She likes how that feels. I should fuck her right there while we're both naked and ready, but I'm thinking I'd rather wait until evening when we'll have time to do it right. It's a date. At the crowded coffee shop River refers to our date in an under-the-radar way while we share a table with a friendly stranger. Is she getting more daring with the semi-public flirting? We have some nice smoochies to a steamy soundtrack, both of us feeling the reaction in our parts, her grinding against me, me grinding back. That's the kind of reaction I want later today.

But we're not in bed until ten. And River was tired around dinner time. And she's not sure I still want to do it tonight. Neither am I. I'm thinking we should skip it. Save it for a better time. "I should have just fucked you earlier when I had the chance." She agrees. And she's sympathetic. I roll over to go to sleep, on my front, one leg spread to the side. I feel her hand on me, up and down my back, my butt, my leg. It feels extra nice today, warm, smooth, confident. She could convince me to change my mind. She is convincing me. She's very persuasive. "Would you like some suggestions? Reach down for my balls." She reaches under my butt, strokes my balls, reaches up for my shaft, presses her fingers between my nuts and my butthole. She knows that gets me going.

I roll over and we kiss, both of us getting the same reactions we got this afternoon. Perfect. She's stroking my cock and it's getting nice and hard for her. "Let's do our old stick-in. I'm nostalgic." "Ok. That's sweet." On our sides, facing each other, my leg between hers. She uses some lube, lines things up, we push, but it's not going. It's plenty stiff enough. We make a few more tries, pushing hard, but we can't get it. We used to do that stick-in all the time. Our usual. We'll try it again some other day but for now I get on top and she spreads and I plunge my cock straight into her waiting pussy and we have a nice deep satisfying fuck. I watch her face while I feel my cock sliding into her. River is so cute when we're fucking.

Cross my legs behind me, grab her shoulder to pull, fuck fast and hard and long, faster and harder than usual, River just going along for the ride while I pound her good, feeling her feet on my ass pulling me into her, listening to her moan. Again I have to laugh and ask. "Are you trying to make me come?" "Well, yeah. I like it when you come." "I like it when you come, too." "But do you mean am I trying to make you come and get it over with?" I smile and laugh some more. Yes, that's what I meant. But no, that's not what she's doing.

She spreads her legs into a wide V, her feet in the air. I lift my body off hers so only my cock and her pussy are touching and bang her. Hard. I look down, watching the gap between our bodies open and close as we fuck, my cock disappearing into her, her legs still open wide. "That looks classic." "It feels classic, too." This was worth waiting for. We're still having a nice day together. Being sweet to each other. Finally fucking.

Back in close. My weight on her. Still hard and deep. A good solid bang. I haven't even had to hold off. But it's time to go out on top, so to speak. In and out, kissing while we fuck, banging until I'm coming, feeling like I'm turning inside out, writhing on top of her while I try to squeeze my whole body into her, emptying my load deep in her pussy, still smiling. I stay hard for some relaxing afterfuck.

Afterwards I always want to talk and River always wants to sleep. It's sweet having her fall asleep in my arms.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Morning massage and t-bone

A nice morning sleep-in. Me snuggling on River. River snuggling on me. Me thinking how I'd like her to reach down and get me hard. But mostly just enjoying the nice snuggles. And waking up with River.

Her shoulder is sore. Maybe she slept on it funny. I flatten her out and get some oil to rub her back and shoulders. I have a nice time, working around her shoulder blade, up to her deltoid. She asks for thumbs in her lower back. A nice slow rub. My halfway hard cock resting on her ass. When I finish I lean forward on her and we rest together. I don't really want to do the usual post-massage stick-in. Sometimes a massage should just be a massage.

River rolls onto her back and I oil her boobs and nipples, feeling supple and rubbery under my hands and between my fingers. It's ovulation time and her nipples are getting tender. "I enjoy your body." "I enjoy you enjoying my body." We talk about what we're going to do this morning. Start with a shower together? River wants to start with coffee. "I know what I want to start with." "Do you?" She knows what I mean. Of course. But says I didn't quite have the body language. I get my body talking. She's already got it leaking. She watches my cock stiffen as I jack off. I like it when she watches. The feel of her hand resting on the trimmed hair at the base of my cock makes it want to get hard for her. She moves her hand down to my balls and plays with them, then gets the silicone lube. Not as perfect as pure River juice. It's got a bit of an indistinct feel to it, but better than nothing. "Can you do the stick-in?" She sticks it in, I push, and we fuck in interlock, me holding her leg to the side, pulling it towards me. Relaxing. My cock always feels strangely long, almost obscene, slipping out and sliding back into her in this position.

River rolls us into spoons. Another relaxing position. Pulling out all the way, feeling it finding its way back in through the improbable spot, River moaning. I grab her hip and rock her back and forth against me. Enjoying her body. Enjoying waking up with River.

River stays in spoons and I kneel behind her. One of my favorite positions lately. She hands me the lube. For her lips. I pull out, lean back, and look at her parts, her nice thick lips covered with dried . . . something. It's a nice time spreading lube over her lips, around her lips, between her lips. I like feeling her pussy from behind. "Here's your other favorite part. Sticking it back in." "Yeah." I slide my cock back in, pushing hard, pulling her against me. "That's a nice bony bone." I'm glad she likes it. "There's a nice view back here." Watching my cock snake into her pussy. "I'm glad you like it." I put both hands on her and go faster, pulling us together as I thrust. "How's the angle?" "Good." She's getting more vocal. That always makes me feel like coming. And I do, a deep push, a firm pull, feeling her ass against me as I spurt my goo into her. She runs her hands over my body as I'm coming. "Feeling the goosebumps?" "Yeah."

We decide this position needs a name. We call it T-bone. A nice double entendre.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

If I want something, ask

If I want something, ask. River is getting the kids off to school. "Would you have time for a quickie?" She checks the clock. "I think I would." I check whether there's anything I can do to help, then head upstairs. I want to be ready. No use wasting time getting hard. I'm on the bed wearing my shirt and oiling up when she comes in and takes her pants off. "I'll leave my socks on." "And your shirt." Seeing her bush under her shirt always turns me on. I'm kneeling on the bed. She gets on and kneels in front with her back towards me. We're ready to go. I reach under her ass. Her lips part easily in this position and I feel her enticingly wet pussy between them. She lubes it up even more, then we get my cock in place and she slowly sits back on it. "You must like that stick-in." "Yeah." We both like it. The hello kitty stick-in. This is a quickie so we go at it. We're fucking, the bed is making noise, and the kids are downstairs oblivious. She fucks me, I fuck her, I look at the incredible view of her back and ass, maybe she has her socks on and maybe she doesn't, I lean back and bang up into her pussy while she rocks back and forth, we're both feeling it. "I'm getting there." Just so she knows I won't be taking long this time. A few more thrusts and I'm there, I push forward, she pushes back, my come pumps into her. I'm expecting her to drip when I pull out in this position but my load went in deep. I pull my shirt off for clean up. She slips a pad into her panties and takes the kids to school.

Monday, December 13, 2010

River 18, Reed 1

River is imperturbable. She feels like she's on an antidepressant. We kiss and rub against each other and get consequences and describe what it's like to each other. Hers is tingling and blood filling and pleasant weightiness. I'm the same except for the tingling. I hope the emotions and desire can last until the evening. Two more hours. I've got something perturbing in mind. I take my cialis to make sure I can follow through. That never perturbs her.

In the kitchen I'm sitting on the floor. She's standing next to me, reading something on the counter. "If I had my way, you'd drop your pants and stand over me and keep reading." "And you'd start munching?" "Yes. Am I going to have my way?" It doesn't look like it. Just as well. Our tongues are purple from eating blueberry crumble and she probably doesn't need the sugar in her snatch.

So there we are. She's got monitoring electrodes stuck to her chest. I told her I've never done it with a borg, but my hints are always too sketchy so she's got a shirt on over them because she's self-conscious. I wrongly think she's got it on to keep things safe and don't want to pester her about it. I'm too nice. I should remember to just ask for what I want. If I want to fuck a borg, all I have to do is ask and she'll comply.

River thinks I have something in mind for tonight. She's right. "I'll do you in the butt again." "As appealing as that sounds, I don't think my butt is up for it tonight." That's fine. But now what? I shaved my face before bed in the hope of eating her pussy, but she silently turned that one down already. "You said something about a vibrator. And I'm thinking of coming twice tonight." The finger vibe appears out of nowhere. I run my fingers through her bush, down her inner thighs, beside her labia, having a nice time exploring her vulva, the feel of the different parts, pressing her lips against her opening without parting them, circling her clitoris. All the while she's examining the vibe, trying to get the maximum vibration. "I hope you don't mind." "You know I tend to like the juxtaposition of the mundane and the erotic." Like talking about random things while we do it, or eating her pussy while she watches tv.

I put the vibe on. The extra thickness on my finger makes it hard to feel if I'm in the right place. She squirts on some lube and helps me get it on her clit. I circle it with the vibe, feeling it bump across, watching her, looking for clues about speed and pressure. She tilts her head back and closes her eyes. Reaches down and starts stroking my hardening cock. I let her know she can take over on her button any time she wants. There's no kind of ego thing going on with me.

After a few minutes she decides it will be better the old-fashioned way. I sit between her legs and watch her do her girl parts, her hand resting on her bush, her fingers circling her clit, her lips chasing them around. "Are you ready?" I am. Jacking off with her silicone lube while I watch and make sure her lips are spread open for my thumb, and later my cock, to go in. "I want you to say 'Fuck my pussy' when it's time." From the women's room wall. "Ok."

It doesn't take long. Just a few minutes. That's quick for River. I like it. "Here it is." It's not what I was hoping she'd say, but I'm not going to argue at a time like this. It's all slippery when it goes in and we fuck deep and hard and I cross my legs behind me and pound her and listen to her come under me and wonder what it's like for her to get fucked in the orgasm. I'm going to try for two so I'm not holding off, if I come I come, and I'm going to, so I just keep going until I come too, squeezing into her, and she's grabbing my ass and pulling me in so tight I can't even back off a little to push back in, I just feel our pubic bones grind together and enjoy it.

I sit up while my cock softens inside her. River is already going for another one. I wish I could do that but she says it used to take me about 20 minutes to recharge. Her vulva fascinates me. Her whole body fascinates me. Everything about her fascinates me. My nice soft girl. I play with myself while I watch. Squirting on the silicone lube. Fingering her pussy just a little. She's having her second one, her head tipped back, her pelvis jerking. Other than that I can't really tell it's happening. I tease her that she could be faking.

She keeps going. Three. Then she closes her eyes and holds up four fingers. We usually lose count around five but for some reason we're keeping track this time. I put my thumb on her clit and give it some circles for number seven. They get easier as she has more, but they also get smaller. So she's wondering what would happen if I fuck her in number eight. Would it be as good as number one? Would it be terrible? I might be able to, but she's already had it by the time I get my half-erect cock into her pussy. It's a slippery mess. Dripping with lube and jism. But it's crazy fun getting my cock in and fucking her like that. It stiffens up as I get into it, so to speak.

"You might be able to give me one by fucking." That would be something. She's always needed manual stimulation. "How can we get the most clitoral stimulation? You said something about it before." I try the steep angle but I can't keep my not fully-erect cock in with so much slippery. So I give her a nice hard bang like she likes. But we're not getting the right friction to keep me hard so I pull out to jack off again. We're like that on and off, her stirring her button, me fucking her when I'm hard enough, jacking off and wiping things up when I'm not, her orgasm count going up, twelve, thirteen, ... "That's a whole month of orgasms." "For me." "Right." And she has them in one night. This is easily the most we've ever counted together. And she's not stopping. What's gotten into her. And she still wants me to fuck her and have my second.

River's up to sixteen when I get hard enough to stick it in for about the fifth time and fuck some more. I've dried things up and we both feel some nice friction but it's time for another position. She got up to eighteen during that last fuck, but by now she says they're not much more than warm flushes.

I roll her onto her side. Stick my fingers in her pussy and jack off until I'm good and hard. She's a good sport. It's a good stick-in. I kneel behind her, grab her hip and rock her back and forth against me. That's more like it. A good solid fuck. We keep it in while she rolls up into doggy. I look at her ass, grab her hips, and watch my nicely hard cock push in and out of her. From my perpective it's hard to believe she's had eighteen orgasms and is still up for fucking. "You're going to be sore tomorrow." "I haven't really been fucked that much yet. You're going to be sore."

But I don't feel another impending orgasm at the end of the tunnel. If I work hard enough to get one I'll probably regret it. It's been wild, it's been fun, it's been playful and energetic, but it's time to clean up and get some sleep. River offers some action in the morning if I want it, but I have a feeling that's just the dopamine talking and she'll have changed her mind by then. She asks for a second t-shirt for clean up and I pull one out of the drawer for her.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Flashing the headlights

We're pulling out of a rest area onto the freeway. "Did we miss your exit?" "Yeah." My former least favorite exit. Now my favorite ever since River flashed me as we drove by. Pulling down her shirt and bra and baring her tit for me. "Do you have any other least favorite exits?" "No." Wait. Was that a hint? "Do you have something in mind?" "Flashing my headlights." She lets go of the wheel and discreetly pulls her shirt up over her tits with both hands. Her nipples point down the road like they've got somewhere to go. I feel myself getting hard. I'd ask her to pull over on the side of the road but the kids are in back. "Were you braless all day?" I hate to think I didn't notice. "No, I was inspired by the writing on the restroom wall." "Flash your headlights?" Her answer comes in a whisper. "Fuck my pussy." "I didn't think people wrote things like that in the women's room." I should try writing it on our bathroom wall at home.

Friday, December 10, 2010

"I like the goosebumps."

River is wondering when I'm going to finish what I started. I don't really have any plan for tonight. She's just bathed and her skin is dry. I offer to oil her all over. And warn her that will probably make me want to have sex with her. So we're set. I oil her back, arms, and legs. Lots of oil on her butt. Slippery. Shiny. Her hand and my cock come together and she grabs it. There's nothing like having someone else touch your cock. Especially when it's River. She knows what she's doing. Her hand rubs it up and down as I oil her arm and it starts coming to life. Flip her over. Front of her legs. Oil up her tummy to her boobs, the nipples perking up under my hands and between my fingers.

"I'm all slippery." "But are you slippery where it counts?" "Did you oil it?" "Not yet." She lies on her back, her ankle crossed onto her knee. "I'll do yours if you do mine." She reaches for my cock, starts pulling on it with her oiled hand, reaches under my balls and slicks them up. I give her pussy a nice oiling, up and down her furry mound, between all the flaps and folds, into her opening.

She spreads into flying v. I move between her legs and bring them together in front of me as my cock makes an easy slide into her pussy. I stay on top for jackknife and missionary, hitting different angles, doing the circular motion, a nice deep slippery fuck against her cervix, watching her cute face.

River starts breathing hard and moaning as we cling together. Hearing her under me ramps up my response. "Are you trying to make me come?" "Yeah. It's fun." "It's working." More nice deep fucking, feeling the tip go into her entrance and bang into her cervix, my orgasm building nicely, then everything squeezing together, my body stiffening, just holding it in deep and feeling the spurts. "I like the goosebumps." "I don't fake it."


4:30am. I've been dreaming about having a nice hard one. I wake up. There it is. Roll over. Spoon on River. Stick it under her ass. Feel the hairs of her vulva rub against it as I make a few small movements to keep it hard. Is she asleep? Maybe. I want to give her some sexy dreams. Then wake up and realize we're really doing it. Finally drift back to sleep and wonder if it happened. Move my hand down. Position my cock for penetration. It's a hard push. Not getting anywhere. Am I missing? Reach down. Use her butthole as a guide. Yes, that's her vagina. Line the head of my cock up. Push. Hard. Still not much. Just a little. Feel it pop through her opening into her pussy. She must be awake now. That was too much to sleep through. A small fuck to spread the juice. Still dry. I'm hoping for post-period goo but not finding any. Keep hitting bad friction at the same spot. Change angles. No help. She's awake. Gets up to pee. "I'll be back." I get some oil. Slick up my cock. Feel the remnants of her dried juices as I slide a thumb and two fingers down over my cock head. The slack goes out of it and it stiffens back up. Ready to take River on again. Circle her opening with my fingers. Roll over. Line my cock up. Push. There it goes. We fuck. Or I fuck. She's not really participating. Probably not her favorite way to wake up. Just mine. In deep now. Slow. Full hug in spoons. Keep it pushed in and snuggle. Lean back, pull out, push in. Stop to savor my hard cock inside her. Faster. She fucks back. I'd come now if I could. But it's too far off. We can finish later. There's something strangely compelling about fucking without coming. "I think that's enough." Leave my hard cock inside her while she falls asleep. It's really nice for me, snuggled up with our parts interlocking. But what's it like for her, lying here with a cock up her hole? I'm sleepy too. Five minutes. Ten minutes. Feeling my cock slowly soften, feeling the head slide outwards as she dreams and I get squeezed out bit by bit. Can I get hard again and have my cock push its way in by itself? I can't summon it up. I fall asleep with my cock perched at her entrance. We dream.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Back rub with benefits

Around dinner time River says she could use a back rub. With benefits. Back rub with benefits. I like that. She'll get a back rub, but I'm four days into a moratorium on penetration for my dry chafed skin, and her period's about to start, should have started already, so it should be easy to extend it to at least a week. But we both know she's hard for me to resist, especially when we're both naked and I'm rubbing her back and sitting behind her butt with its perfection spread out before me like a well-set table.

And there we are, both naked, me sitting behind her butt, rubbing her back, giving special attention to her requests for between her shoulder blades and up her neck, her breathing contentedly or relaxing quietly. Me glancing down at her butt every now and then, but mostly focusing on her back, taking it seriously, enjoying rubbing it, enjoying her body. There will be time for the rest.

I oil her butt cheeks, push and squeeze them every way I can, dig my fingers in, working out a pain she's had for a few days, feeling myself getting pulled in by her charms. Now it's one hand on myself, one on her, my thumb pressing against her lips just under her sweet butt cheeks, coaxing them to part, finding the wetness between them. Her pussy makes some nicely nasty wet smacky sounds as my thumb stirs it, and my cock gets harder as I think about how nice it will feel sinking into her. River is already pushing her butt up, wiggling it at me. The benefits were her idea. I'm ready to give them to her. I leave my thumb in place as a guide and push my cock in under it, as deep into her as I can go, then move up and push even farther in, feeling her pussy walls making room for my cock as it presses into her and we moan together.

We fuck, the shaft of my cock pulling out, the head pushing her lips aside and plunging back in. The slipperiness I'm expecting isn't happening, so we pause for lube, dripping it onto my cock, spreading it over her lips, then fucking some more, nice and smooth, reaching for her hands, squeezing them, her hair brushing my cheek, my sighs in her ear, feeling her firm ass against me.

I need face to face. I need to see her. Our kisses have been so nice the past few days. Roll River over, her leg flipping up to my shoulder, her other leg still between mine, my cock still inside her. We end up in some interesting positions as we switch things up like this. We stay this way for a while, watching my cock slip in and out, then I move my leg inside hers and swing her other leg up to my shoulder for jackknife, her legs folded up to her chest, her face looking sweet, her pussy presented for a good fucking. We look into each other's eyes and smile. I move my hands to her small tits, letting them hold my weight. She enjoys the sensations as I aim for the front wall of her pussy. I enjoy them too, my cock head sliding across the interesting terrain around her g-spot. When my cock slips out I press it against her and slide it up between her lips and see it leaking before I press it down into her again, all the way in to her cervix, a nice extra feeling at the end of each stroke. "Do you have one in you tonight?" "Probably not." I have to ask.

I put her legs down and she puts her heels on my butt. She knows I like that. We have a good medium-speed fuck, slow enough to make every stroke count. I sit up, wrapping my arms around her legs, pulling them to my chest, hiding behind them, fucking her lubed pussy until I have to hold off, then I put her legs down and she arches onto me and fucks me. I shouldn't hold off too long. I move over her again, we kiss, and everything clicks as she spreads her legs, I spread my knees, I feel my balls dangle, and we speed up a bit. "I'll finish like this." "Ok." We fuck, my hard cock squishing in and out of her, my orgasm building, the nice feeling of my nuts pulling up into me, the first spurt coming as I'm pushing into her, pulling out and pushing back in for each spurt, hugging myself to her, feeling my jizz pouring into her, then resting on her, each of us holding still.

"Back rub with benefits. I like that." "I liked it, too."

I find my t-shirt for clean up. "You're a little more obviously opened up down here than usual." "Can you see all the way to my nostrils?" "It's just dark. No light at the end of the tunnel."