Friday, December 31, 2010

Starting the new year right

I've been thinking about what River was saying about starting the year the way you want the year to go. One thing I'd like is to do it in the shower more often. So tomorrow, new year's day, I'll initiate in the shower. Even though we haven't had much success there recently. Then I think that I'd also like to seize the moment more, and not rely on delayed gratification which seems to fall flat more often than not. So why wait until tomorrow to start the year off right, when I can start if off right today?

"I'm thinking of doing something intimate and ridiculous in the shower with you." "I'm not saying no. It will have to be a quickie." "It's not like I want to use up all the hot water." I explain that this is my way of starting off the new year right, if you think about it hard enough. She shampoos her hair, I wash her with soap and wash cloth, then start tugging my dick hoping I'll get hard. I get a little harder, but not much, while she's washing me. I am leaking though. We have some nice kisses and River takes over for a while. Rubbing my wet thing in the shower without lube isn't the easiest, but somehow she does a really nice job. She feels my cock leaking. "That's because you're here. That doesn't happen when I'm by myself." "Cool." When I take over again, it's noticeably harder. Not good enough for a shower stick-in, though. "I'm not sure this is going to work. But at least we tried." We're about to give up, but River bends over and I put the head at her pussy entrance and push and watch as it buckles a bit and then pops through her opening. Amazing.

It was more work than I'd hope to get here, but it feels nice, and my cock stiffens up as I hit some good friction. I was worried that River wouldn't be juicy enough, and the water streaming down her back isn't helping. But she's easily wet enough for a quickie. Maybe the stuff leaking out of my cock is helping today. "I'm not sure I'll be able to finish." "That's ok." After some long smooth strokes I pick things up, banging her at a faster pace. Her moans tell me that's how she likes it. This is a ridiculous thing we're doing, River bending over under the hot water with her hands on the far edge of the tub, me standing behind her with my hardon poking up her pussy, grabbing onto her, admiring her shape, and pumping it in and out.

Suddenly the feeling lights up. "I'm going to finish." I make each stroke count and let the feeling grow until I push in deep and shoot my load into her. After a bit I pull out, and she queefs. We didn't even feel that in there.

She rinses, I wash her hoo with soap as usual, along the sides, two fingers in the grooves between her inner and outer lips, the nubbin of her clit, down the center to her pussy, swirling with both hands, and she rinses again.

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