Sunday, January 2, 2011

A nice morning hand job and screw

The restaurant for our romantic date last night was less than we hoped for and River didn't think we were planning on doing it afterwards so we plan on morning. In the morning I'm thinking of passing and River's period has started. But it feels nice snuggling with her. "Could I talk you into giving me one of your amazing handjobs? I'm always wanting one that goes all the way, and now seems like a good time." "I'd do that."

And it is amazing. She lubes up with just the right amount of massage oil. I like how she spreads her fingers out at the bottom. How she just goes up and down on the head for a while sometimes. Rubbing under my balls with her other hand and pushing them upwards. It's a full-surround handjob. And she's doing most of the work. I'm barely moving, or not moving. At least three times I think she's going to make me come, and let her know, but then it subsides. I feel like River, when I'm trying to get her off, and keep coming close but not getting there. Maybe it's a morning thing for me today.

At least I've been good and hard the whole time for her. And we've got some dirty talk going, her talking about my cock being the thing that goes inside her that I fuck her with, me wondering where it goes.

We try a different position. I sit up on my knees and we face each other. River points out that I'm in position for hello kitty. She doesn't usually see me like that since she's facing the other way when we do hello kitty. Although we watched ourselves do it in a mirror at a hotel once. And we looked pretty good. "You can get on it if you want." She doesn't.

It's really nice, everything I hoped for and more, but I'm still not getting there. "Do you want to take over?" "Not so much." It's been a nice time together, and I'd rather just remember it that way. Then she's laying back and pulling her panties off. "I'll let you." When she puts it that way I can't resist. I get on her. We fit together right away and have a warm squishy fuck with her feet on my butt, and I pump into her until I finally come. "Hoo always knows what to do."

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