Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Unfinished morning screw

In the morning I spoon on River for a short snuggle. We had a nice day together yesterday. And something happens that I was hoping for yesterday morning: I'm getting an erection. When it's hard enough I push it below her ass, between her legs, and slide the glans against her fuzz, the sensations making my muscles tighten in reflex, making my cock harder and my glans swell and become more sensitive to the gentle scratchings of her bush. "That's what's supposed to happen when I snuggle on you."

I'm hoping River will reach down and slip it in like she does sometimes. But she doesn't, and after a few minutes of friendly rubbing it's time to get up. "How can you resist sticking it in?" "You're resisting, too." She has a point. But I'm not so much resisting as waiting for an invitation. Wanting things to be mutual. I pull back, find the moist entrance to her vagina with my fingers, put my cock head in place, and push. Nothing happens. Push again, expecting to feel it pop through the opening into her wet pussy, but again nothing. "You've got the right place. I might need some lube." "We'll see." Now that I'm sure I'm lined up I push again, harder, and feel the warm wetness as my cock slips into her pussy and stirs her juices.

We have a nice but brief morning screw in spoons, then I sit up and River stays on her side for t-bone. The opposite side to the way we've been doing it lately. I like the asymmetric positions that can be done left-handed or right-handed. It's like getting two for one.

River's body is laid out in front of me, and my hands wander over her legs, back, and ass, then pull her hips against me as we pick up speed and River starts fucking back. It's really time to get up so when my cock slips out I'm guessing we're through, but she gives a little wiggle and it slips right back in and we keep going. I'd like to have a few deep and satisfying thrusts before we separate, in to the hilt, opening her pussy all the way to the end, but this isn't a deep position today so I push in as far as I can and hold it, then River disengages from my cock and gets out of bed. "There's something about fucking without finishing." "I'm glad you like it."

She heads off to the shower and I stroke my hard cock for a while, feeling the remnants of her juices on it, then join her.

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