Monday, January 10, 2011

Something sweet, something new

River has been giving signals. I think. I'm not sure I'm interpreting them correctly since we're on her schedule and it's only been two days. So I ask. And she answers. "How would you like to interpret them?" As if she doesn't already know the answer. Maybe she wants to hear it. "I'd like to think you're interested in doing it tonight." "Ok. What's your plan?" "I don't have one. Something sweet." To balance our raunchy Saturday afternoon.

We talk about what's sweet. Face to face for sure. We jostle for position and end up on our backs next to each other, her leg over mine. River has her hand on my cock, I have my hand on her pussy. Mutual masturbation with silicone lube. We match rhythms as we twiddle each other's parts, my fingers sliding over and between her labia. It's almost like having my own pussy. What would I do with my own pussy? Find a nice girl to lick it. Put dildos in it. "You'd smell like pussy." "That wouldn't be so bad."

It looks like we're setting up for interlock, which would be sweet, then River puts both of her legs over mine and we're in snuggly position. Like she's sitting in my lap while we're lying down. It doesn't get any sweeter than this. She reaches down and puts my cock in her pussy. It's almost like it isn't happening, like we're still just snuggling, but I can tilt my hips and feel it push into her and slide back out and we both go "mmmm". Not too hard, not too fast, just sweet.

River pulls some kind of maneuver, her leg goes over my shoulder, and before I figure out how she does it she's on top. I watch the bushy gap between her legs riding up and down my cock, let my gaze wander to her firm but yielding breasts, look at her beautiful face in the darkness. She squats for single point, and like always I close my eyes and enjoy the sensations of River's vagina tugging up and down on my cock as she fucks me with it.

I fuck back hard then we roll over for jackknife. Jackknife seems like it should be raunchy, with River's pussy thrust up for deep penetration, but really it's sweet and intimate and gives a nice feeling of face-to-face connection. We grind our way through a variety of angles, then I take her legs off my shoulders so we can smooch while we fuck, our two points of wet, sensuous contact working together to enhance our sweet fuck.

I sit up. River reaches back over her head and puts her hands on the wall. I smell pussy. And we find ourselves in a position we don't remember doing before, River's legs under my arms, my hands under her knees lifting her ass each time I thrust into her while she uses the wall to push back. The angles feel nice, and we pick up the speed. My orgasm still feels a ways out, and we have a nice long bang, my cock pushing in and out, her ass going up and down, until the feeling grips my nuts and my load spills into her and I'm pushing deeper and feeling my cock spasm inside her and my eyes close and my teeth clench and River's hands are running over my body feeling my orgasmic goosebumps.

I stay inside her while we talk about our new position. River the fertility goddess names it the plow. Thoughts of plowing her furrow come to mind. It's a satisfying position to come in.

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