Sunday, January 16, 2011

A good decision

River air dries after our shower. I admire her body and the person who's using it, stroke her bush, and learn more about her clitoris. I rub her back and neck where she asks me to. When I'm done I can't resist. Push her back on the bed, get on top, and we kiss like we mean it. I'm getting hard. River is having a hard time with decisions. I decide. Seize the moment. Don't miss a warmup like this, even though she's offered a muff dive opportunity tonight. I roll a condom onto my nicely hard cock, lube up, pull her to the edge of the bed, and we fuck, like we mean it, fast, long, repetitive, reaching for her shoulders to pull her against me. I hold off once, she feels my cock twitching at her entrance and wonders if that's it. But there's more. Back at it. She wants me to come this time and I do, easily and noisily, wondering how I look when I'm enjoying the release as much as I do. We both agree it was a good decision.

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