Friday, November 5, 2010

Mmm, my sweetie fucked me good last night

The previous night turned out to be a bit of a trainwreck. I was pressuring River too much for cunnilingus, which she really doesn't like, and the mood soured. But we always recover and snuggle each other to sleep. No make-up sex though. I don't like make-up sex. It always seems so cloying and phony somehow.

I indulge her by buying some of her favorite sparkling wine while we're out shopping. I'm not sure I've ever been in a wine shop before. Part of the counter is a polished slice of wood with a natural blemish, a vagina shaped hole surrounded by dark fleshy lips. I run my finger over it and make sure River notices. We set up a date for champagne and cunnilingus, on her ovulation day when she'll be most receptive.

I've requested an early start today. River takes a hot bath to warm up. I come in, strip, and kneel on the bathmat, getting myself hard, jacking off. "I'm naked. And wet." Hearing her say that gets me harder. "You can feel my bath water, how hot it is." I wonder if she's thinking I might slip a finger in to get the sensation of her pussy being cooler than the water. "What else can I feel?" "Anything you like." "I like your boobs." I move one hand up to her nipple, pinching it, while my other hand strokes my hard cock. "It's working." I let go of my cock and it stands up for her. "Nice one." Was being wet a hint? About a good time for a muff dive? "You're wet." "I might be amenable." My heart races.

She gets out and dries off, her muff and lips staring me in the face. I want to eat her right there. She stands at the sink and brushes her teeth. The curve of her ass excites me and I know what I have to do. I reach under, spread her pussy lips, put my cock in place, and push. She bends over to accommodate me and we try to push it in, but her watery wet pussy is the opposite of slippery. My cock is hard but it isn't the diamond-tipped drill of a few years ago. I almost lose my erection by the time we work it in deep enough to find her juices. I fuck her from behind while she brushes her teeth.

Someone is padding around in the kids' room, all the doors are open, and we break it off and head back to our room. divbyzero is playing on the squeezebox. Our favorite music to fuck to. The light is on. I can see the neighbors' house out the window. I can see hot, naked River. "Let's start that same way in here." River bends over with her hands on the bed, I part her lips again, push my hard cock in, and we get a good fuck going. I put my hands behind my back, look down and watch the entire length pull out and plunge back in, only our parts touching. I push in deep. No problems with deep tonight. Deep and hard and fast, my hands going to their usual places, from behind my back, to her hips, down the front of her thighs pulling her against me. "What would you like me to do back here?" "I like what you're doing." Going slow like I like, banging hard and slapping together like she likes, until I have to take a break to hold off. At least I don't feel like I'm going to come every five seconds tonight. It feels just right even though it's been three days and my balls have been aching to fuck River for the past two.

"We can't do this the whole time." "What do you want to do?" Now it's my turn to not know what to do. "You had a plan." "For something wet?" "Yes." She's going to let me dive her muff. She is so sweet.

She lowers her head to the bed, her pussy still at just the right height for my cock, her legs still together. And it's even better, banging into her at this angle, hoping she's comfortable.

More footsteps. Out in the hall this time. We rarely close the door and we're standing right in front of it. I follow River's lead and get in the bed. But it's just somebody's late night bathroom break. They don't bother us. They're oblivious to what's going in on our room.

Now that we're on the bed, it's time for something different. Cunnilingus. It's not just for foreplay anymore. Having her pussy served up fresh out of the bath isn't my favorite, it's better when she's skipped a day of washing it, but at least we've been fucking for a while already. "Muff dive?" "I might even enjoy it." "This way or that way?" "Whatever you want." I choose the classic position, River on her back, me lying between her legs, hands ready to pull her in tight. My tongue goes around her opening, up and down, dipping in, suck her lips into my mouth, tongue flat on her clitoris, then bury my face in her muff, tongue probing, finding her clit, starting the circles. River's letting me eat her pussy. At least one of us is going to enjoy it. I want to take some time. Do it right. Remember the big circles that she's asked for. Side to side, up and down circles. I moan as my tongue works her clit, feeling its shape, its hood, the soft folds around it. River's pussy and I are good friends, lovers sharing a kiss, satisfying each other. I pull her tighter, feel her bush against my face, try to get as much pressure with my tongue as she likes with my fingers. Moving my head. Keeping my head still and just using my tongue. Is she enjoying it? Maybe. Sometimes it's more obvious than others. But I sure am. Lapping it up. Feeling friendly. Feeling intimate. Feeling loved. Feeling forgiven. Because I know she's doing it for me. Lift my eyes up to her face. I slip a finger in, hoping to get her g-spot, but I can't reach it at this angle so I just slip it in and out and explore her back wall. But I'm starting to feel like I've had a fulfilling muff dive session so I wind it down. "Was it as good for you as it was for me?"

Now I can reach her g-spot. I stroke it while I get myself hard enough to fuck River some more. Some day I'd like her to do her g-spot just to see what happens. I rub my hand over her bush, feeling it between my fingers, liking the way it makes her look like a girl. "I want to say all kinds of dirty things. I'm going to fuck your pussy. Ram it with my hard cock." "You can do that."

We fuck with her leg on my shoulder. She reaches down and feels my cock. "Shafty." She leaves her hand on her pussy while we fuck. That's something I like to do. Now I like the feeling of my cock sliding between her fingers on the way to her pussy. I lean back, my cock pointing forwards into her, and she fucks back with her hands on the wall. I move my feet forward and we fuck, my cock drilling into her. She reaches for me, wanting to be pulled up on top, and I oblige.

She goes into single point. My favorite. I tip my head back with my arms out to the sides while she nails me. "Fuck ... me ... with ... your ... cunt ..." She could finish me right now if she can keep going, but I don't want it to end. "How long can you do that?" "I don't know." Long enough. She leans forward for a break, her legs squeezed together, my hands on her tits. "I like seeing you up there."

Suddenly I feel her hands on my chest, her weight pressing down on me, squeezing my nipple against its piercing, and she fucks me, up and down on my cock, her pussy devouring it over and over, where is she getting the energy, I can barely stand it, the sensations are overwhelming, sight, sound, smell, touch, feel, too much at once, I can't pay attention to them all. Does my nipple hurt or does it feel good? I don't know. But I like it. It sends stiffening sensations to my cock, being slammed by River's pussy. I think she's smiling but it's a blur, everything running together. "You can finish me." I don't even know what's happening any more. Reed and River are fucking. Then my cock grabs my focus, River pumping it with her cunt, my nuts straining to let loose, and I burst into orgasm, feeling her pussy swirl down onto me one more time in a blaze of colors, a vortex of pink and purple, ribbons of blue and green, as I explode into her grinding pussy, filling her with come, feeling the colors, feeling the warm, feeling the energy, feeling the sound of my own voice, yeah, oh yeah, lllllllnnnnggg, wondering whether the kids hear us and not caring. I breathe hard. That was amazing. River really did me right. I can't wait to return the favor.

The next day I have only one thing on my mind. "Mmm, my sweetie fucked me good last night." And again the next day. I hope River doesn't get tired of hearing that. "I don't think I will."

Walking through the clothing store holding hands. "Mmm, my sweetie fucked me good two nights ago." "I'm glad the effect is lingering." I feel my weighty cock dangle pleasantly in my jeans. "That's not all that's lingering." And I don't care who notices how much River turns me on.

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