Monday, November 1, 2010

A really nice kiss and plans for later

We have a really nice kiss in the kitchen. Really really nice. Wet. Hot. Sensual. It's heating us both up. We both get consequences. "You're sexy." "So are you." But practical River can go off to the store while I have to stay home and look at pictures of her. At least she's sympathetic. Somehow. She gets that it's easy for her and not so easy for me. In the not-so-old days I'd be jacking off right now. Even if we were going to do it tonight. All the better. Jack off now and have a good fuck later. No regrets either way.

She's back. "Your being so sexy makes me think about having sex with you." "Of course it does." Maybe she's been thinking about it, too. "Would you like to have sex with me tonight?" Is she pretending to have to think about it to tease me? No, she's not that subtle. And I don't wonder what goes through her mind any more. I'm never right. "Probably." I think it's been a while since we made evening plans during the day. I like having something to look forward to. But I wish we could fuck right now. A quickie at the kitchen counter. No, I want something more intimate. And a good warmup. I can wait for tonight. Barely.

We can't do it now anyway. She has to study. Maybe a study break? "I have to be good to deserve sex tonight." "You don't have to be good with me."

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