Friday, November 5, 2010

Champagne, candles, music, lube, finger vibe, and fucking for homework

We go all out. Champagne. Candles. Divbyzero. I unbutton River's shirt dress from behind. I'm hoping she won't have anything on under it. But she does. Around front to unhook her bra. I do it easily this time. Her small boobs don't really need one. Pull her panties down to reveal her bush and let her step out of them.

She has some surprises for me. The first is the shirt dress, which she was wearing with a scarf, fancy legs, and boots. Looking hot with her short haircut. And she's found my favorite long-lost sweater dress, the one that makes me want to hold her and slow dance with her. "Do you see anything else?" I spot a small pump bottle on her bedside table. Silicone lube. The first thing I think of is anal. That would explain the champagne. And next to it is a small black pouch. I open it and feel inside. It's a finger vibe. "Great minds think alike." Just an hour ago I told her how I'd gone past my favorite toy store and thought of stopping in for one. Again we read each other's minds. And she's tried her surprises already. I approve.

I lift my arms so she can take my shirt off and drop my pants and boxers. "Socks too?" "Off. Leaving them on is just for quickies." I have the feeling we're in for more of a marathon tonight. River's requested the early start this time. And the champagne.

We sit facing each other on the bed and kiss. She doesn't really have a plan. But she does want an orgasm. At least one. She talks about edible panties and wedges. And anal. I think her trip to the toy store has inspired her. And they're covering sexuality in one of her classes. "Is this part of your homework? Everybody goes home and fucks? I'll give you an A." "What will you grade me on?" "Participation. Originality. Enthusiasm." "And creativity."

"Let's start things off with a bang. Fucking as foreplay." "Sounds good." She lays back and strokes my cock, rubbing it on her pussy, which we've pre-lubed a bit. Getting it hard. I've offered to take some medication tonight but she turned it down. It's like she wants to do the whole thing on pure River power. Which is what we usually do. I put my hands on her boobs, tracing over them, feeling her nipples. I smile. "I'm going to fuck you. Fuck my hot fertility goddess." "Fuck me."

My cock goes in and we fuck. Right away it's fast and hard, River responding, fucking back, me pressing my weight on her, both of us gasping. "You're in good form tonight." She's getting it like she likes. I angle to create the best view of my cock going in and out of her. I sit up and she arches onto my cock. She really responds when we do minimagnetism, her legs together, me pulling her ass up off the bed with her legs. Sometimes I wish I could be a girl for a while and see what it's like. We do jackknife and I go as deep as I can. She gasps and maybe winces. "I'm not going to stop unless you say something." She doesn't say anything.

After some intense fucking for warmup it's time for her turn. She puts on the vibe. Half jackknife with her leg on my right shoulder. She seems comfortable no matter how I bend her. My right knee forward, left leg back. A position with room for her right hand to do her clit, but still enough clearance for me to go deep. As usual I'm wary of distracting her while she's doing herself but I can't help indulging myself, moving my cock in her pussy, fucking her, going deep, feeling her vibrating pussy when I pull out to her lips. "I don't want to come in your first orgasm." "Ok."

"I'm kind of losing it a little bit." "Let's just fuck some more then." We fuck in a more standard position, me doing the driving, until I'm perked up again. But I really want River to finish her orgasm, so I pull out and give her room. I push one finger in, then two, reaching up for her g-spot, doing circles on it, then just holding pressure on it while River circles her clit with the vibe. This one seems to be taking a while. I've got my fingers in her, maybe I'll feel something this time.

"Here it is." I really want to fuck her in it. But I'm pretty soft now. "I don't know if I've got anything." It takes a while but somehow we get it in and I fuck her in the orgasm, pushing in deep, circling my hips, hugging her. But I hope I didn't ruin it for her. "Did I miss it?" "No, I was right on the edge for a really long time, then it just exploded. It was a really long one." "I like it when that happens. But do girls like it?" "I did."

Back to fucking. But I keep losing it. I roll River onto her right side for variety. I'll get hard and stick it in from behind. I slide a couple fingers in. The silicone lube is still going strong. I like sliding my fingers in but I really want to slide my cock in. I give it a try and it goes. But it's still softer than it should be.

More variety. Grab River's legs and flip her all the way over onto her front. We spread her legs as wide as they go. Her pussy gapes wetly in the candlelight. "Raunchy. That's the only word for how you look. Raunchy." "I like raunchy." "And this is reminding me that I need to tie you up again." Raunchy and inviting. Her pussy stretched open under the globes of her perfect ass. And our favorite music to fuck to. I put my face down and whiff her scent and probe her wet snatch with my tongue. I push my thumb into her. "That's my new thing. Using my thumb. It just feels so friendly." It's a nice fit. "And there's a finger." I finger her butthole and get harder. Not pressing hard enough to penetrate, just enough to stimulate. Stimulate me, at least. "Your butthole turns me on." I've told her how cute it is, and she likes that. If I weren't having ED issues this would be a good night to try anal. But after the first bit I'm having enough problems getting hard enough to fuck her in her pussy. Maybe I got closer to the edge than was good for me. But I don't think so.

I take my finger out and plunge my hard-enough cock into her raunchy pussy and we fuck. "Mmm, that feels like a penis." A raunchy fuck for a raunchy position. Feeling her ass against my stomach. "Do you have another one?" "Let's see." I wonder what will happen. She doesn't usually go this long before doing her second one. She puts her hand under her and does herself some more while I try to keep my weight off her so she has room. But it's too strenuous. We shift so I can straddle her leg while she humpy-bumpies. Suddenly everything clicks. I've got a really nice angle. Really nice friction. Interesting terrain inside her pussy. An unusual position for her to be doing herself. Her ass pressing against me. My hot fertility goddess of a sweetie. Plowing her furrow. "Nice plow." It's my turn. "I'm going to come." "You should." A few more perfect strokes and I just let it happen. She grinds her ass back into me as I come in her, noisily. She really knows how to help. It makes my orgasms so amazing.


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Reed said...

Thank you! Here's my idea of phone sex. Too bad it didn't work out quite like I wanted.

This one didn't quite work out either. One of these days . . .

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