Saturday, July 31, 2010

Taking advantage of River in the morning

"You did me so well last night that if you initiated now I'd turn you down." "I'm not planning on initiating." "No, I'd say let's do it tomorrow." I at least want to give River a backrub. Something to help her relax and sleep. Her shoulders have been hurting.

In the morning I wait for the appointed snuggle hour. I'm not sure how well River slept last night so I don't want to bother her much. I've had an erection for the last 45 minutes but as soon as I spoon River and push it down under her butt it fades. I hate that. It doesn't come back when I reach down and finger her, or finger myself. We talk about it.

I remember River's back and wanting to rub it so I run my fingers up and down lightly, across her neck, along her arms. Sit up, pull her over, and oil her. I sit beside her and rub her back, pushing sideways, shoulders, finding the spot under her shoulder blade that I'm not sure what to do with, talking about it. She's giving me some very nice feedback.

The top of her butt peeks out from under the covers. I uncover it and my hands drift down. Can I get another one? I think so. It's a nice morning with River. One hand on her butt, one on myself, her secret darkness pulling me like a magnet. Almost hard enough. Get on, finger her, spread her, slide it in, no backing up, in a little bit, a little bit more, lay out full on top for a little more, feeling each fraction of an inch open as I penetrate, finally pull back and fuck all the way in as we both moan softly. Deep thrusts, small thrusts, feeling it push through the improbable spot at the opening each time. Reach under and hold her wrists.

"I don't want you to drip all day." "It's ok." She's got things to do today and I don't want her to be distracted or uncomfortable. "I take advantage of you, and you have to drip all day." "Are you taking advantage of me?" It feels like it, giving her the back rub and then doing my thing back here without even asking.

"We can finish later." River shakes her head. "I can come on you." "If you want." This is a good position for that. No bush to mess up, just a smooth landing zone and a nice butt crack to slide in while I come. I sit up, hands on her back, watching myself push into her. Speed up. When I'm about to come I pull out and press it down into her crack and slide it up and keep the feeling until I come and my jizz dribbles onto her back. "That wouldn't have made you too drippy." "I can't even feel it." Body temperature. Wipe up with yesterday's t-shirt. Maybe it was more than I thought; my cleanup efforts make a mess of come on her ass and I have to wipe that up, too. "I can feel that."

We snuggle and talk about her shoulder muscles some more and I feel them, where they connect, what they feel like when they're flexed. I want to do a good job as her live-in, full-service masseur.

"The connection between my warm fuzzies and my libido goes both ways." "I've noticed. I like your warm fuzzies. That's why you get as much as you do."

Thursday, July 29, 2010

River takes charge and shakes up the routine

"I want to persuade you to have some kind of sex with me." "I'd probably do that." "I was thinking of the word for you today. It's "pretty"." River is pretty today. She's been told the gray shirt she's wearing has "nice details". I think whoever said that was talking about her tits. And I agree. They are nice.

I play guitar while River knits. Upstairs I light candles and go out on the balcony to wait for River and watch for shooting stars. And strip. I hear River come into the room. "I always need an excuse to hang out on the balcony naked." "You have your glasses on." "Like you and your watch. You're not naked as long as you have your watch on."

We sit on the bed. River's erotic, her hips and butt flowing out from under her cute gray shirt with the nice details, the cleft of her ass disappearing under her. I reach over and touch it. Some nice warmup kisses. I'm halfway hard already. "What kind of sex are we going to have?" "Shirt sex. I thought you'd like that." I do.

River takes charge, rolls me back and gets on top, a nice surprise, the blunted triangle of her bush framed by her nicely detailed shirt and legs. Oils me for one of her expert handjobs. "Isn't this a nice cock I have?" "If you do come back as a guy, your cock will be backwards." We think about how nice it would be to be able to get inside each other's heads right now.

River does the stick-in and fucks me. "Who's doing what to who?" We fuck each other. Her shirt comes off and she reaches back with it and wipes the oil off my cock. "I always like how that feels when you're wiping and fucking." That's better. She does single point and I let her do all the work while I close my eyes and writhe in ecstasy beneath her. "I hope this feels as nice for you as it does for me." "It couldn't possibly." Oh yeah. It's strenuous. She's working really hard and her knees are popping. "But I really appreciate it." "I need a workout to get better at that." "I'll help."

She leans down to hug and we get a good long time in, her rocking back and forth, me pushing in and out just a little. I like hugging her in close while she's on top. "Nice fuck, sweetie." She sits up and we collide putting our hands on each other's chest. I palm her boobs, pushing them together, pushing them upwards. "I'm glad you've got my favorite boobs." She puts one hand on my chest while she does me. Somehow that's even better than both hands. More casual, more attentive, more powerful, I don't know.

"I want something doggy style." "Turn around." She turns around, reverse cowgirl, her ass bobbing up and down, her cunt lips spreading to engulf me, me enjoying the view and wondering where it goes. Reverse single point. Again I let her do the work. Then we roll and twist into doggy. "I smell pussy." "I'm glad you like that smell." "It's a nice smell." It gets me even hornier.

River goes low. I go with her. "I like feeling my balls rub on your feet." I've got a hard hardon. It's nice watching it slide in and out under River's amazing ass. "Is there some air in there?" "Let's see." Squeef. "That's better." I do the work, River does the work, we both do the work. I've been on the edge of coming the whole time and need to stop for a break. River's feet give my balls a warm tickle that almost sets me off. She backs up onto my cock and my orgasm feels inevitable, I think about finishing with a few hard thrusts while I still can, but the need passes. I pull out and feel her pussy while I recuperate. "That might have been as close as I've ever come." "I wanted to keep going." I find her hole and plug it back in and we keep going.

We've been going Reed speed, a bit slow. Time for some River speed. Faster and harder. Deep. Banging all the way in. "Are you ok?" "Yeah." It sounds slightly painful but I trust her and keep going. I'm lasting for a while but not much longer and I know this will be the finish and I let go and mmmmm and push and pull and flood into her. "You probably always know when I'm coming." "You've hidden a few of them." "Recently?" "Yeah." She's probably right, like maybe the recent time she fucked me in the orgasm. But really they're better when I make a production out of them.

It's still hard. The long afterfuck is more like a serious fuck. I could probably stay hard. But it's coming up to midnight and we've joked about staying up until midnight fucking and I don't want to push it. That was a good fuck. "Nice plan." "Something non-routine."

"Were you ok?" "It hurt a little but it felt really good and I didn't want to stop."

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pussy-eating, orgasm-fucking sex

I suggest that River pre-sleep while I read to Brook and clean the kitchen. When I come in she's awake. And naked. Her bush peeks out from above her closed legs. "You're not asleep." "But I'm happy." I start the foot rub I promised. "Do you have a plan?" "No, but you're giving me ideas." I've been glancing up at the flaps and folds between her legs every now and then and wanting to probe them with my tongue. River goes through a lot of poses as we sit on the bed. On her front with her butt curving enticingly, curled up on her side with her pussy subtly visible, on her back with her legs pulled up to her chest and her ankles crossed. For each pose I think about how I could lick her pussy. "If you call them poses, I'm going to get self-conscious." "About what?" "Body parts." "I've seen them all, and I've never said anything bad about any of them." "You're either very wise, or very . . ." "I'm very honest." I reach over and scratch her bush. "Pre-coital scratch. Although that's rather presumptuous of me." Not too presumptuous though I think.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A not-so-sexy hotel room

We're not staying at the economy hotel. It's tough to find a place for the whole family but River finds us a spot. It's the first hotel room I've ever stayed in with two bathrooms. It's actually a suite. But it's not sexy. "You know what's sexy? I can see a madrona tree out the window. And we can leave the window open so people can hear us. I think you'd like that." I admit I would. "Like that time we did it at the hotel at the funeral. I think funerals make people horny." "I think so. Something to do with life."

I'm wearing a t-shirt and underwear. River has pajamas. Her pajamas come off and she's nicely naked. I snuggle on top of her. I'm hoping I'll get hard just rubbing on her with my underwear on like I used to, but it's not working. We get my underwear off. I wish we had an elegant way to do that, like when River puts her legs in the air and I whip hers up and throw them over my head.

"Shirt on or off?" "On. It feels nice." Her hands move to my dick. "You have the spirit power in your hands." I feel the power flowing through them as she pulls and strokes. She gets me hard even though I'm not sure I've got anything. "You taught me everything." "I've said all along that you have a very nice touch."

The full moon is shining in but it only casts a narrow beam through the window. Not enough for a sexy moonlit River. She's sexy anyway, the nipples on her small breasts looking dark and touchable. I feel ready. River is always ready lately.

She does the default stick-in. It's a nice one. The good friction we like as it squeezes through the improbable part. I'm expecting the slick and gooey lube River's been making after her periods lately and which I kind of like, but she's got the really nice slippery-but-frictiony today that I like even better. A nice slow fuck for a while. Pull my shirt off so I can be naked with my sweetie.

River moves like we're going into jackknife and we do. I do missionary while River's in jackknife. It's never been easier to get so deep. Slow full-length penetrations. Not much for anybody to hear. We smile at each other. Legs back down for mini-v with River's hands on the wall but I can't do that long or I'll come. The moon is blinding when I look at it. We fuck until I come, have a nice extended afterfuck, and go to sleep.

Friday, July 23, 2010

"I woke up with a nice juicy orgasm this morning."

"You'll probably be pleased to hear this. I woke up with a nice juicy orgasm this morning. That hasn't happened since I was pregnant with Brook." I am happy to hear it. "That must have been some dream." "Not really." "You probably had to pee." "I did." "That will probably help move your period along." I wish I woke up with nice juicy orgasms. They're messier for me though. I've only had a couple wet dreams in my life, years ago, when I wasn't secure enough to mention them, just try to conceal the evidence. "I wish I'd been awake to notice." "You were already downstairs." "How can you come downstairs after having a nice juicy orgasm and not be totally horny?" "I had things to do." "Now you're probably going to be wiped out for a couple days and won't want to do it." "We'll see."

River does things all day long and when we get to the end of the day she doesn't have anything left. That's disappointing on many levels. Maybe we didn't have as nice a day together as I thought. But I'll get over it. I always do.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What makes River tick?

Every now and then I come around to the question, what makes River tick? What turns her on? Why does she want to have sex? I want her to want it more so we can both have more of it. Sometimes it seems like an imposition. Something I do to her. Of course I've asked. Her answers can vary from time to time because I think she's not even sure herself, and she varies from time to time. We both agree that it's good for our relationship, and our relationship has generally been quite nice since we started doing it again with a passion. There are things that turn her on and get her in the mood. Massage. Baths. Me smelling nice. But although smelling nice works, River is somewhat sensitive to scents so I can't do it any more. So what else? Hotel rooms. Hotel rooms? Now it's my turn to tease her about our bed not being good enough, and remind her that she was the first to use the word "routine" and wonder what to do for variety. But not just any hotel rooms. Sexy hotel rooms. Like the one we stayed at a while back. The mood lighting seemed to make an impression. We can still have sex in the econo hotel room we're planning on staying in this weekend, especially since the kids will have their own room. But it won't be sexy sex. What will it be? "Mom and dad sex." "Isn't that what we have all the time?" It seems pretty hot to me.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I feel my toes curling

"I'd like to do it with you tonight." "I think that can be arranged."

River has a short bath. I have an even shorter bath in her leftover bathwater. Washing off sunscreen from a trip to the beach with the kids. "My plan is a back massage then butt position stick-in." "A classic."

Thursday, July 15, 2010

River's best-ever fuck in the orgasm

River takes a bath. That's a good sign. And she had art class today. That gets her suggestible. Susceptible. Receptile. Something like that. "Do you want to smear stuff on my feet to get in the mood?" "I'm already in the mood." But I can't resist massaging River's feet with the organic foot cream. It's hard to stop.

"This isn't very sexy talk." "No." She rolls over and shows me her butt. "Good thing you're so visual." "What's your plan?" "Because I initiated?" She rolls back over. Fingering her nipples. I oil my fingertip and join her. "That's a good plan. Fingering yourself." "Let's see if I have one in me." She moves her fingers to her button. I stay on her boobs, massaging the tops, sides, bottoms, squeezing towards the nipples, slipping them between my fingers. It's having some effect on me, but I'm not sure I'm going to get hard. We talk about her maybe doing her g-spot some day. Our talk tapers off and we start getting serious. I don't think she can really do herself while she's talking. I'm wondering if tonight is going to be come first fuck second, fuck in the orgasm, come in her second orgasm, or what. Leaning towards come first fuck second. Take some time to do things right. I finger River's pussy. And get hard. Tugging down on her opening. Harder. Feeling the ridge on the back. Spinning my finger for the right wall. The left wall. Nicely hard. The front. I try for her g-spot but the access isn't working for my index finger. I'd like to get two fingers in but it's a little tight down there today. I use my cock instead. Just a little, rubbing around her opening, dipping in, pushing it downwards towards the back. Then a shade deeper, staying out of the way, making myself feel good, showing it off, hoping I inspire River like she inspires me. She's been working at it a while, but not too long, not too hard. There's no question now. I've got a nice stiff to fuck her in the orgasm with. It's not going away any time soon. I idle and wait patiently, enjoyig watching her. "Here it comes." My cue. Push in, go to missionary, and fuck deep and hard. She takes her hand away and it's deeper and harder. A nice solid fuck while River flows under me. They always seem long when we're fucking in her orgasms, but I'm going to last through this one. Maybe come with her in her second. I'm never sure when to start backing off. Would she keep going if I kept going? Would she even want to? When is enough too much? We slow down and rest. "Should I summon up another one?" I don't really need to answer. My tongue runs over her left nipple while she does the honors. Pushing it down, scraping my tongue over it. Sit up with my hands on her boobs. Here's the second one. Missionary again, deep again, hard again, strong and solid, feeling myself push through her pussy from end to end. This one seems even better than the first. River is really thrashing and spouting out words and we both feel her cervix being mashed aside and she makes a special sound and it's long and intense and I want to last through it but I can't and it overtakes me as River the atheist is saying "oh god oh god oh god" and it's the wildest orgasm she's ever had and I'm coming too even though I wish I could keep going. Coming together in her second orgasm always seems so right. A really satisfying screw.

"That's one of those ones that only happens when you fuck me in the orgasm."

"I'm never sure when to start backing off." "You did it right. I didn't want you to come." "I didn't want to come either."

"It feels nice in here today." "I wonder what's gotten into me?"

"You're so altruistic. Having such nice orgasms for me to fuck you in."

"We'll have to do that again soon."

It's nice enough just nestling against River this morning

I get to sleep in a bit today. It's nice waking up with sleepy River and snuggling on her. I end up on my back with my leg touching her. An erection starts. I get fully erect without much encouragement. Amazingly, I don't want to do River this morning. Unless she asks. Just have a fancy snuggle. I roll over into spoons and push my erection under her butt. Her bush hair scratches nicely against my cock as I make a few small movements to get things settled in. I've woken River up. "Are you going to do anything with that?" I shake my head. It's nice enough just nestling against her while we talk about our plans for the day.

We talk more in the shower. She satisfied a chocolate craving last night. "An orgasm would have done the same thing." We talk about the possibility of chocolate-enhanced orgasms. "It might make them easier. It would be a good experiment." "You said the magic word. Wear your lab coat."

River puts on a gray shirt with her 501s. She's cute. "Undressable" is the word that comes to mind.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Morning quickie on our library room floor

A nice snuggle in the morning before we get up. I rub and stroke River's breasts, feeling into the muscle beneath. "You're making it hard to get up." "Good." But she gets out of bed, puts her robe on, and goes downstairs to make some tea to soothe her throat. I linger and play with my semi-erect cock, one hand on my balls, one hand at the top, working together, then pull some clothes on and come downstairs.

River is sitting in a chair in the library by the front porch window. I sit on her and snuggle. "I could sneak off and have some sex with you right about now." She's waiting for her tea to cool. I look around the room. The kids often leave stuff all over the floor. A regular obstacle course. Today the window cushion is on the floor. Upholstered foam. Six feet long. Several inches thick. Just the right width. The idea comes out before I even know I have it. "There's a comfy cushion on the floor." "There is." Why has that not occurred to me before. Comfort is one of River's reasons for preferring the bed.

"It's quiet upstairs." She's right, it's a nice quiet morning with the kids still asleep. "Quickie?" She thinks. Again I don't dare wonder what she's thinking. It's never what I think she's thinking. Even though it seems we can often read each other's minds. "You can even keep your robe on." I'm checking the sight lines through the windows. I can see the neighbor's porch and a house across the street. "What else do you need?" "Nothing." I have a good view of our porch as I take my pants off. The window doesn't have a curtain. "I hope nobody comes up on the porch." "Nobody will." It's ironic hearing her say that. That's my line.

She lies down on the cushion and opens her robe and reveals herself. Everything in the right place. "I hope my thing works." "It will." My right hand does me. I'm still leaking from being with River earlier. I spread the fluid around with my thumb. My left hand does her. Feeling her wet pussy with my thumb, moving up to her clit. It's working. I'm jumpier than River when somebody coughs upstairs. "It was just a cough." But I want to get going before we miss out so I do the stick-in before I'm all the way hard but it doesn't take long to stiffen up after we start.

It's interesting having River a few inches off the floor on the cushion while my hands and knees are on the floor. Different than just having a pillow under her. "Having it a little closer?" That's not quite how I'd put it. It never seems far away. We always line up well. It's more like having her in an unexpected place. Even though I expect it. Again we stumble across something new together. We'll have to try this with some other positions. Butt. River on top. But I'm on top for this quickie.

"A quickie." I could come now. "But not too quick." I slow down and enjoy having River on the cushion, being in our library, the quiet morning. And just being with River. Speed up. "It's going to end soon though." We fuck until I come, then I bring my knees up onto the cushion between her legs. Missionary. Comfy. "I should have gotten up here with you earlier." I look at River, beautiful beneath me, her body framed by her robe. We need a t-shirt. I'm still wearing one. It comes off and she puts it to work. "I gave you the shirt off my back." "Yes you did."

We get up, River fastens her robe, I'm pulling my pants back on. Out the window a neighbor is painting the second story of his house. "I didn't even notice that guy." "He wasn't looking over here. He was just painting his house the same boring color." Again, that sounds like my line.

Before long the kids are awake and a delivery guy is dropping something off on the porch. We had good timing this morning.

My insecurities again. "I get to have an orgasm and you just get to drip all day long." "Gravity will get it out faster than that."

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sweet and raunchy Sunday morning marathon

"I'll do it if I get at least 8 1/2 hours of sleep." But we keep each other up late having a very nice talk and River has some nice tongue kisses for me. A nice emotional warmup for us both. One of those times when talking is as good as doing it.

It hasn't been 8 1/2 hours and River was too fidgety to sleep well but we're both awake. Rub her back a little while we're on our sides. Snuggle with River's legs over mine. I run my fingers down to her bush. I'm hoping I'll just get hard with no work. "Give me a nice warm squeeze." I lay out full length on top of River. It's harder than I thought, but needs some help. A nice warm squeeze. "That's what I'm talking about." "Yucky morning kiss. They're never yucky for me though." I get into my usual straddle position, my hardening dick laid out on River's bush. She gives it the extra help it needs. "You can rub it on yourself." "I like that." "I like it too." We haven't done it much since the ED set in. It's best not to waste time once I'm ready. She rubs it around her parts, front and back, the tease where I never know whether she's going to stick it in this time or rub it back to her clit. She sticks it in. Through the improbable spot. "I like it when there's some friction on the stick-in." "Me too. Not like that last stick-in you did where I couldn't tell whether you stuck it in, or it was just limp and you sat on it." "It was already lubed up." We have a nice fuck with the full pullouts, River watching and me working the angle for a nice view, no-hands stick-ins, default, missionary, River's heels on my butt, her hands on my sides, kissing, jackknife, smiling at each other. Pushing in fast and hard. Pushing in slow and steady. "You feel nice today." The sticky slippery. Making nice sucky sounds when it goes in all the way. "You're enjoying the sounds." "I always do." River puts her hands over her head. "I'm not ready for that yet." "I'm not using the wall." She's in half-jackknife, her left leg on my shoulder. I'm in half-missionary, my left leg behind me. "You're good at this. I like your foot on my butt and your hands on my sides." "Just flexible. This is sweet." "Sweet? I think it's kind of raunchy." A rather dominant position. "Things can be sweet and raunchy at the same time. I learned that from you." "You did?" "Your writing. It's sweet and raunchy." "Yeah, I go from thinking sweet thoughts to talking about plunging into your warm wetness." We fuck and fuck and fuck more. My sweat drips onto her. I take a break in jackknife to hold off and twitch a bit. Then back to default, moving River's hands up to the wall, speeding up. "I wish I could draw you like this. Your shoulder muscles look really nice." But I get tired. My leg is still weak. I roll us into spoons on our left sides. Watching River's butt with my cock disappearing under it. Staying still while I move River's hip and fuck myself with her. Holding River still and fucking her. Both of us fucking together. I hear people through the open balcony door. They have no idea what's going on up here. Have I ever been the one with no idea? We speed up and hit it hard, but again my leg tires. We talk about just stopping and I pull out. River's been drying out. There's no slippery to get it back in. But we get it in. Interlock. Nice deep interlock. It's a nice view of River's body from the side. Her face, my favorite breasts, her tummy, the curls of bush. She oils things up to compensate for drying out. I put her legs over mine and hold them towards her for better access. But I can't do this position for long either. I roll her over partway and sit up. "Where am I going? Inviting?" "Right here." She's in the inviting position, but instead of straddling her bottom leg I'm behind it. There are any number of places to stop when transitioning from spoons or interlock to butt or inviting. A whole rainbow of colorful positions. This is another position that feels really dominant. And her lips are something to see in this position, peaking out from between her closed legs. I spread them, slide my cock between them, and fuck, watching as it slips in and out. "I think there's some air in there." "I can't feel it." But she squeezes out one of the biggest and fartiest sounding squeefs ever and we both laugh. "You'd think I would have felt that blasting past my balls." "You didn't?" "No. If you can't feel the air, and you can't feel when it's getting a little rubbery, I wonder what you can feel." "I think it's like you, when you can't always tell what I'm doing." "Just that it's something nice. That makes sense." It feels better now that the air has been blown out. Her cunt has a better grip on my cock while we have a nice deep fuck. "You're doing me." "I am. Mostly for my benefit it feels like." "I'm benefitting too." "I should come." "That would be good." I do her, my cock head pushing sideways between her lips, one lip on the bottom, one lip on the top. When I come it seems endless. River's butt snugs up against me as I push hard into her when it starts, then back out and thrust and squeeze into her, again and again, timed with my spurts, stretching them and adding to them. It isn't over until I'm completely and perfectly spent. Clumps of dried River juice cling to her muff hairs and decorate the bed where we had our frenzy. "You're right. That does take a long time."

I talk about my two insecurities. River not getting enough warmup. And finishing when I come. We don't always, but usually.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A nice orgasm partway in

River and I sit on the porch swing for an hour or so, leaning against each other and talking. I like talking. She's not wearing a bra under her black sleeveless top. Her small boobs declare their shape through it. My hand reaches down her neckline to make sure. No bra. Just boob. I like it.

Despite several stars aligning and Venus in the evening sky I'm turned down for the trampoline. "We at least need some candles or music." River takes care of the candle. "Could I convince you to start on top?" I wonder what's going through her head as she considers it. "I can finish on top. Or I can start on top and you can finish. Do you have any preferences?" "No. Do you?" "You start on top."

She straddles me and gets some oil. "I saw your lips in the shadows." She has great lips. Erotic lips. Amplifying my desire.

This time I watch as she does the handjob. It looks as good as it feels. She's nice to watch. She's nice to feel. Just the right speed. Just the right amount of squeeze. It felt like it was going to get hard quickly, but it's not so easy. She puts it under her and sinks down on it so quickly and frictionlessly I'm not sure what just happened. Is it in, or did she just sit on my limp dick? She starts to move and I'm sure. Single point. That always makes me want to just hold still and enjoy it. Even though it's hard work for her. I really appreciate it. It helps when I reach under and lift her butt, but it's nicer when she's doing all the work. So I let her.

Into the normal River on top position for a break. We get a shirt so she can wipe off some of the oil. Again the cotton fabric on my parts is a nice feeling as she wipes me and fucks me at the same time.

I reach up and tousle her hair into a mane, waves of brown covering her face. She looks primal. "A wild girl." Doing what wild girls do with their primal urges. Single point again. I hold still then fuck back.

When she gets tired I roll her over to return the favor in default and missionary and more of the Reed-on-top repertoire. Watching my cock disappear into the gap between her closed legs as I hold them up for magnetism. Mini-magnetism, vigorous flying V, bouncing magnetism. River arches into mini-v but hitting the front isn't good today. Jackknife. I have a feeling we'll finish this way.

"Your cervix is taking a beating." I slide my cock against her right wall, then her left wall, feeling for it. "Is that ok?" "Yeah. But maybe not so deep today." I pull out for microfuck. Or rather minifuck. About a third of the way in. I can do this until I come.

It feels nice but it's taking a while. A slow buildup. I hope it doesn't feel like something I'm just doing to her. I hope we're doing it together. "Here it comes." I hold it in just an inch or two and feel the throbs of orgasm with my cock bridging the gap between us as I unload into her.

"Was that an orgasm?" That's funny. "Yes. It's hard for me to tell when you're having yours, too." But I can see how that was more like the twitchies I get when I stop at the edge to hold off, maybe a half orgasm, not a slam it all the way in orgasm. It was a really nice one though, just partway in with the sensations of her pussy focused on the tip. Usually I feel it at the base when we're pressed together hard. It might be insane if we could pull that off in single point.

"It won't be very deep." "That was more on me than in me."

Can I get Brook to bed early?

It's blazingly hot. River said she was hot last night. That's always good for a laugh. She's fucking hot. This evening she's at art class. She's left a note inviting me to get Brook to bed early. I hope their model doesn't have to wear clothes on such a hot day.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A 5am muff dive

It's 5am. The balcony door is open to the warm outside. I don't have one that won't quit. But maybe I can get one. Three fingertips stir the skin on the right side. I can. I do. Fairly easily. Surprise. River isn't in a stick-in position. Not inviting. Not spoons. Not butt. How is she? I peek under the covers and see bush. On her back. What to do. Slide my hand over her bush and down between her legs to her soft lips. There's her clitoris. There's her vagina. Maybe a little dry. Circles on her clitoris. Finger between her lips. Keeping myself hard. I don't have a plan. But there's something I have to do. I sit up beside her, lean over, and put my mouth on her pussy. A good position. My tongue runs up and down her slit then settles on her button. I try to do it like I do with my hand, the circles, the firmness, the placement. This is nice. There's nothing quite like having River's muff on my face in the morning. I enjoy myself. I hope River enjoys myself. Bring my hand up and pull the skin at the top of her pussy as I do the circles with my tongue. Now she's responding. Moving back. Breathing. Moaning. Things that make me go mmmm as I work my tongue over her parts. My left hand under her thigh lifts her closer to me. Sit up and switch to my hand. One finger on her clit. Two fingers. Her body flexing under me. My arm tires a bit as I speed up. Eventually it's more of a side-to-side motion in an effort to keep things going. Again I stiffen easily as I rub her clit. I'm leaking. Spreading the slippery fluid around my head as I stroke myself. "I can finish if you want." I want. I watch. She does the circles, reaching deep, her lips swirling under her fingers. Come first fuck second? Or fuck in the orgasm? "It's coming." I can't decide. "Here it is." She's maintained me well. She's coming. I climb over her leg and push my hard cock into her warm wetness and we fuck. Hard. Nice reactions as her cervix gets pushed out of the way on the deep strokes. Fast. I slow down as I feel my turn coming. Then we push together, feeling her pubic bone against mine as my muscles squeeze with release and send the spurts of my load deep into her. I hope she was nearly finished with hers. There's not much left for the afterfuck after that. "I wasn't expecting you to give me one of those this morning." "Neither was I. I didn't do all the work." "You were doing great." "You just got a lot of goodwill." "So did you." And we get to go back to sleep.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Experiment redux

"There's time to finish the movie and for me to do you." We finish the movie. "You did a really good job of maintaining me this morning. You don't have to do it again tonight." A smile. I think. With surprised eyes. I've seen that look before when I've done something outrageously right. "We didn't finish." "Later doesn't have to mean tonight." "Maybe in the morning?" "At five o'clock? This morning I had one that wouldn't quit." "I thought the random morning ones weren't so useful. But yes, if I can go to sleep afterwards." "That's the best part."

We talk about our experiment. "I'm flattered that you did that with me." "It was easy to comply." River's experiment inside the experiment was to see if she'd build up some kind of karma or goodwill so I wouldn't want to do it for a while. She did. Even though I asked about the eighth day. "I had to ask. Like all the other times." My hypothesis of mid-week has been confirmed. "Yes, we can do that, and I'm glad we did, but I like it better when we don't. The more sporadic schedule." To me it seems like we both got less participatory. River seems to disagree. Certainly she was always participatory, and I have to be or it's not going to happen. But she notes the times got shorter as we went along. But always sweet. On the 4th we couldn't start until after the fireworks. The day before, River was already tired. "But you found it in you." "Yes."

Our first shower success in years

I'm up before River. I shower. Do some work. She gets up. Before she showers she has a hug for me. She opens her robe to reveal her smooth hot naked body and we hug. "I'm glad I opened my robe. It had unintended consequences."

This whole morning I've felt like I've taken something. My dick keeps wanting to get hard. I press it against her leg through my pants. "I'm having consequences too." "I'm going up to shower. You can watch." Will this be one of those times I jack off while I'm watching her? Probably not. The kids are likely to come wandering in this morning. They do that. We only have one bathroom and the door doesn't have a lock.

"If there were ever a day when it would work in the shower, it's today." "Ok. But I only have half an hour." She gets in. I lower my pants. I'm already a bit stiff. I give my shaft some strokes, base to tip. It stiffens nicely. I get in. River is washing her hair. I gaze. Her face, her arms, her breasts, her shape, her muff, her legs. It gets harder. It's easily good enough.

"How long are you going to take?" "I'll be quick." "I think it's starting to sag." "Then let's go." She turns away and leans forward and pulls her flaps aside so I can't miss. "I think we'll have to do it this way. Stick it in." It takes some pushing to overcome the water friction but it goes in and finds River's lubrication and everything is happy. Our first successful shower fuck in over three years.

Water streams over River's back and down her crack, falling warmly onto my dick as we fuck. "You know one of the kids is going to walk in on us." "I thought I heard something." She checks the door every now and then. The kids often come in when we're showering together. Today would just be business as usual for River, she's just taking a shower, she's not the one with the obvious boner. It wouldn't be a big deal really, even though the shower curtain is mostly clear. It's something mom and dad do. Better than mom and dad not doing it. No shame. Better than if I were sitting on the cushion watching River shower and jacking off with my pants down.

We're making nice wet watery sounds as our bodies collide. "This might have to be start now finish later." "That works for me." I pull her towards me so she stands up straight but we can't keep it in. She leans forward, I push back in through the squeaky clean watery friction to the comfort of her well-lubricated cunt, and we fuck some more, pulling her against me, moving closer, feeling the warm water. We should probably stop before one of the offspring walks in on us. Push in hard, stand River up, it comes out again, and we're through. For now.

She washes. I give her a hug from behind. "That's the first time we've been able to do that in years. You don't know what that means." "Yes I do." "Yes you do."

The rest of the day my nuts have that pleasant ache that makes me want to jack off and shoot a load. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to come without even having an erection if I just shift my position a little bit or look at River or think about her. But we'll finish later.

Is it even possible to come without having an erection? Sort of. When I was younger I experimented. I could almost come with my dick fairly soft, and it was kind of exciting, but it would always surge to fully erect just as I was about to shoot.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Eight days a week?

We had a chance to go clothes shopping today. We've been trying to do that for a long time. We got River some nice stuff. But she looks good in anything.

Tonight she's out of Brook's room earlier than she's been in months. I was a little worried when I saw her holing up with her iPod. She wants to spend some time with me, finishing the movie we started yesterday. I wasn't anticipating this. I have to finish some stuff for work so we can spend more time together tomorrow. I finish shortly after ten.

We try the DVD in three different laptops and it doesn't work and I get frustrated. Any mood I had is completely killed. River gets in bed. I'm not tired. I don't want to be in bed. I lie down on the floor. I should be focusing on the good things, not the bad. I try.

River tries to lure me onto the bed with her. "It's more comfortable up here." So what. "I'm naked." "Good point." She's doing a nice job of talking me down. Grab the nearest bottle of oil. "I want to do something nice for you." "What do you want to rub?" "Whatever you want."

She's on her back, and I'm about to start in on her front while she's being indecisive, then she rolls over. I spend a lot of time on her back, neck, shoulder blades, sides, and butt. It's really relaxing for me. And I'm almost getting an erection without even trying.

I tell River how I've got "Eight Days a Week" in my head. "What would you say if I tried to initiate number eight?" Somehow it doesn't feel right just stopping after the week. I feel like capping it off with a day of doing it because it's what we want to do. "I think I'm too abraded." "Ok. I'm a little abraded too."

But I still want to enjoy her body. "Because we're not doing it, you get a bonus rub." I oil her left leg, rub, wring, pick the muscle up. Her foot. Her right leg. Work from her calf up to her butt, feeling a bit of fluffy muff between her thighs. Snuggle and sleep.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 7: Do you see fireworks?

"Do you see fireworks?" "When Mom kisses me. Every time."

"I'll take your shirt off." "Ok." River's shoulder has been sore. I'll save her the contortions. Or maybe I should just leave it on. I reveal a black bra. Earlier she had on some sexy black panties. I was looking forward to that. But now she's commando. If it's still commando when you're not wearing pants, either. I have problems with the back closure bras. I get one hook undone, then have to slip it down to the floor.

Neither of us has a plan. It's a bit late. "I guess the usual." "There's a usual?" I think of me on top with the default stick-in as usual. But maybe it's like when I thought we had a Tuesday-Thursday-Weekend pattern, and River said it was a lot less predictable, and she was right. "Back rub and butt position stick-in is pretty usual too." "Yeah." "Face to face on our sides like this used to be usual, but it's gotten kind of hard." "Yeah." Hard to get hard. "Anything else is unusual."

It's been kind of nice just knowing we're going to do it evey night for the past week. I like knowing what's coming up, either way. Although I like surprises, too. Good surprises. And I call River my surprising sweetie for a reason. But on the other hand, even though River calls me insatiable, this may be outstripping even my libido. I like doing it because it's what I want, or what we want, not because the calendar says it's the next day. And we haven't varied much. Time of day, place, candles, music, emotional and physical warmup. Just positions, which is pretty normal for us. We have fun expanding our repertoire and mixing things up. Varying the time isn't easy when we do it every day. We could do it the morning after. But I think our recent honeymoon is the only time we've done it the morning after, even though I often have lingering effects and want to do it. I wonder about River's motivation for being such a good sport. She likes a sweet and tolerant sweetie. She suggests sex is my antidepressant or upper. It seems true. Waffle fixing, lightbulb changing. Being sweet and tolerant.

I get on top. Feel River's boobs. Her compact set. She strokes my cock and easily gets me hard. I'm not even feeling her pussy. No oil this time. Still so nice I don't want it to end. But we're here to fuck. Get to the good part. Between her legs, she does the stick-in, a few strokes in default to work it into her juice then missionary. Her feet on my butt. The physical combining with the emotional for a powerful feeling. I'm not even paying that much attention to the mechanics. Just enjoying being with River. How much I like doing this with her. And she likes it too. I made a mental note a while back to remind her she likes it. Default, missionary, half-missionary -- this time my left leg stays forward while I stretch my right leg back -- flashing by in a slow-motion time warp. River gives me a squeeze. I return it. The bright glow of fireworks lights up the room. We're fucking. It's physical, it's emotional, it's nice. "This is it." The good part of the good part.

"I wonder how long the glow will last." "From the fireworks?" "The sweet and tolerant glow."

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 6: Face-to-face

The kitchen is cleaned up, my teeth are brushed. River is still in Brook's room. I go lie down on our bed to wait. I'm sweet and tolerant. River needs her time. I only wait a minute. A nice greeting so she knows I'm ok. Wash each other in the shower. I've thought of something new for my plan. She's suggested I exercise my tongue in the shower some time. "Lucky lucky lady likey likey licky licky?" Something is going through her head but it's not a good idea to guess what it is. I'm never right. "It takes too long. I'm tired. I'm doing it tonight because we've already got five days behind us." I'm sweet and tolerant. River's been sweet and tolerant herself today. As usual. Assuaging some of my fears and insecurities about lap swimming and art classes. Putting up my with personality quirks. "I knew you were like that when I hired you." "You hired me?" "Yes." "At least you pay well." I gaze at her in bed. It's after ten but the light outside is still fading. "I didn't mean to be so negative earlier." Smoochies. Me on top. River spreading her legs beneath me. And doing her magic. I'd hope it would work after watching her in the changing room and the pool and the shower. And it does. We each get a bit of oil. Her lips feel nice oiled up. I'm reaching back for her pussy with both hands. "You feel nice and hard." "You feel nice and soft and wet. And mysterious. I wish I could do as nice a job on you as you do on me." "You do." "Are we ready?" "Yes." Her handjobs are so nice it's hard to stop even to fuck. But I get between her legs and she sticks it in. Immediate transition to missionary and full pull-outs. Her feet on my butt. I always tell her how much I like that. Because I do. Feeling her pull me in. Face to face. Jackknife. "We had to do this sometime in the seven days." "Of course." She holds her feet up on each side of my head with her hands. It's insane how she can do that. "I grin." "I can see." "I watch." "Me too." Try to go extra high to enhance her view. "Are you having fun yet?" "Yes." "Me too." The deepest position. "Is that ok?" "A few times." I fuck about halfway in. Then rest against her bush and arch upwards into her with my hips. "That's not such a good angle." Good to know. "I always like the top that you call the front." Microfuck with just the head going in and out. "And I like this too." River is sore and needs to take her legs down. Time to finish with a nice solid face to face fuck. Pull down on her shoulders. Speed up. So fast my knee might get burned sliding on the bed but I don't care. My sweetie and I are entwined. It's hard to pull out all the way when we're going so fast but I try. Think of how fast River goes when she's doing herself. We're probably going that speed. I hope. I'm glad the good part of the good part is lasting so long. I'm liking pounding into River. Not as hard as in spoons a few days ago, but faster. At this speed there's a gradual buildup. Hard to predict exactly when it will happen. "Here it comes." It sneaks up and gushes out as we push together. "Do you know where your nut is?" I move River's hand down so she can pop it back into place. It's always a good one when I feel one or both of my nuts getting sucked up. I've had the forethought to bring my t-shirt to the bedroom after our shower. River goes old-school again with just the shirt and no gravity assist. It's cute when she does that. We talk for a while, about infinity and who knows what. I like talking together afterwards. Afterglowing. "You're a good sport for doing this experiment. Or maybe it's the scientist in you. You should be wearing your lab coat." "You said the magic word." "Please?" "Experiment." Sometime after midnight I wake up and realize River isn't sleeping so well again. She takes me up on my offer to switch to our usual sides. I hope it helps.

River is the hottest girl at the pool

"You looked really hot in the pool changing room. Wearing your shoes, but all naked." "The shoes enhanced the effect." "That's a good way to put it." Kind of a stripper effect. More sandals than shoes really. But nice sandals. Then putting on her bikini bottom. And finally the top. She found a top that looks really nice on her. "That's just me." "Wow." In the little kids' pool with our daughter. "Come down here, I have something to whisper in your ear." "You can come up here." I stand. "No competition." We both know what that means. River is easily the hottest girl at the pool today. She spots a nice girl for me a bit later. She's got a good eye. We have a nice time sitting in the pool next to each other. "When I went home to get my suit, I was thinking I should just stay and jack off." She gets me that horny.

Our experiment is making me sweet and tolerant. She likes a sweet and tolerant sweetie. I like being sweet and tolerant. She's sweet and tolerant too. We have a nice day together.

"Face to face." That's my plan for tonight. I miss it. "And a shower together." "I could do that."

I pour wine before dinner. "Are you trying to get me drunk?" "That's not part of my plan." She's hinted at it on occasion, but it's not really our thing.

"You looked seriously good wading away from me in the pool. I wouldn't want to see you walking away for good." "I'll always come back."

Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 5: River seems as committed as I am

"If you want some action tonight you shouldn't dilly-dally." River is a bit tired. But not too tired. She seems as committed to our experiment as I am. She finds it in her. "I like the dilly-dally." "I know you do." We've switched sides of the bed. My new girlfriend. Her new boyfriend. We snuggle, me in spoon position, her legs over mine. "You're a nice temperature." She radiates a cool comfortable warmth. We go over the positions we have left, and possible transitions. "Interlock is really close to spoons." And we're nearly in interlock. We try to get things going that way but I'm not responding. I'm talking too much. Not concentrating. Sometimes it's good to let my mind wander. But not this time. Better get on top and let River take care of it. Feel her boobs in front of me. Feel her pussy behind me. "How's it going?" "It was going better before you checked." But before long we're both ready. We go back into interlock. Me on my right side. River on her back. Do the stick-in. And fuck. We didn't do interlock for a long time. I thought River didn't like it. I'd like to be rubbing her clit while we do it but maybe not such a good idea when she's tired. Trying to position for deep. My arm around her left leg pulling it towards me. Position for smooching and smooch. Interlock has its advantages, and we're making nice sounds, but it's time to switch. It doesn't seem to be as stiff as it could be. Interlock really benefits from a nicer stiffy. Into the snuggly position with River's legs over mine. Lift her legs with my left arm to get deeper and harder. My left arm is working well. Slap together. "I'm having a problem with the friction." "It's pretty wet." We both noticed some particularly good friction for a while. River grabs a shirt and dries things off a bit. Better. Roll her over. "Inviting." She does inviting with her left leg bent out. This is such an amazing position. I feel my balls on her leg, her sumptuous just-right butt pressing against me as I push in. Get a good speed going. Find the friction. A slow build on this one. The spurts come. This time we work together, pulling out and pushing together hard on every other spurt, feeling it slide in under her butt while the sensuous roundness of her butt pushes back against me. That's how it's supposed to be done. River is too tired for the gravity-assist drip so she goes old-school with just a shirt, and maybe a backup shirt. I still can't believe she slept next to me with a backup shirt between her legs and I never knew it.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Then your lesson for that night is to find it in you

River goes to art class. "What happens if you go to art class some night and you totally don't feel like making art?" "Then your lesson for that night is to find it in you." "That sounds like a good lesson." "It's one I learned a long time ago."

Day 4: I get fucked in the orgasm

"Do you want to scratch an itch for me?" "I want to fuck you." But first I have to scratch the itch. It's always hard scratching someone else's itch. Following their directions, listening to their feedback, trying to scratch hard enough but not too hard, and not too long. Not too fast, not too slow. Not too much, not too little. But don't miss anything. Knowing how good it can feel to get an itch scratched, what a relief it is, and hoping you've just done that for them.

"What's your plan?" I can always hope. "You initiated tonight. You said you wanted to fuck me. That's initiating." River has suggested a different position each day, and has listed her on top, default, and butt as having been the first three. It seems we're doing the week-long experiment. "It would be a shame to waste those first three days." "I think at the end I'll say, yeah, we can do that, but it's better when we don't. But we'll see." It's definitely been a mood lifter, and I've been feeling very comfortable with River. We come up with three more basic positions. Spoons, interlock, doggy. "And standing." "Ok." And inviting.

River calls herself "receptive" after having a great art class. Where does that leave me? "Suggestive"? I can do that. "Roll over and kiss me." She rolls over and we kiss. "Let me try that again. Would you please roll over so I can kiss you?" We have some nice kisses. That should help me get ready. "I think I'm going to need some help." I get on top. River helps. It doesn't take long. We talk about the stick-in. How default is probably a good one for a first-time guy. Or girl on top. But girl on top is probably not so good for a first-time girl. Guys have experience jacking off. Speed, rhythm. "What do you need for a warm up?" A little late. "The kisses warmed me up." "Doggy stick-in?" "Ok." River rolls over, reaches under, lines it up. It takes some effort and hardness to get the stick-in, but it's all there and it's going. Good thing it's a good one. "You're better than viagra." A nice smooth doggy-style fuck in River's pussy. Her legs together. Admiring the view. Appreciating the view. Not everybody gets a view like this. But I hope they appreciate their view as much as I appreciate mine. We're low. My balls scrape River's feet. I like how that feels. We mutate into hello kitty. I'm essentially sitting down, even leaning back, my legs under me, with River sitting on my lap fucking me. I watch her do all the work for a while, then fuck back. She sits up and brings my hands around to her front. Hello titty. Grab them, feeling her nipples squeeze between my fingers, pulling her body against mine. "It's not going to be too long." "That's probably good." A nice weekday fuck. We press our bodies together and fuck, her hand reaching behind me on my back, my hands still on her breasts. I feel my orgasm. River knows I'm coming and squeezes onto me. "Keep going." An experiment inside the experiment. She keeps fucking me, pumping my sensitive cock as I come. "You fucked me in the orgasm." I don't think it works as well for me as it does for her. The best ones are when we work together.

"Today was hump day." "It's not Wednesday." "In our week." "Oh. I get it." But every day is hump day this week.