Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 5: River seems as committed as I am

"If you want some action tonight you shouldn't dilly-dally." River is a bit tired. But not too tired. She seems as committed to our experiment as I am. She finds it in her. "I like the dilly-dally." "I know you do." We've switched sides of the bed. My new girlfriend. Her new boyfriend. We snuggle, me in spoon position, her legs over mine. "You're a nice temperature." She radiates a cool comfortable warmth. We go over the positions we have left, and possible transitions. "Interlock is really close to spoons." And we're nearly in interlock. We try to get things going that way but I'm not responding. I'm talking too much. Not concentrating. Sometimes it's good to let my mind wander. But not this time. Better get on top and let River take care of it. Feel her boobs in front of me. Feel her pussy behind me. "How's it going?" "It was going better before you checked." But before long we're both ready. We go back into interlock. Me on my right side. River on her back. Do the stick-in. And fuck. We didn't do interlock for a long time. I thought River didn't like it. I'd like to be rubbing her clit while we do it but maybe not such a good idea when she's tired. Trying to position for deep. My arm around her left leg pulling it towards me. Position for smooching and smooch. Interlock has its advantages, and we're making nice sounds, but it's time to switch. It doesn't seem to be as stiff as it could be. Interlock really benefits from a nicer stiffy. Into the snuggly position with River's legs over mine. Lift her legs with my left arm to get deeper and harder. My left arm is working well. Slap together. "I'm having a problem with the friction." "It's pretty wet." We both noticed some particularly good friction for a while. River grabs a shirt and dries things off a bit. Better. Roll her over. "Inviting." She does inviting with her left leg bent out. This is such an amazing position. I feel my balls on her leg, her sumptuous just-right butt pressing against me as I push in. Get a good speed going. Find the friction. A slow build on this one. The spurts come. This time we work together, pulling out and pushing together hard on every other spurt, feeling it slide in under her butt while the sensuous roundness of her butt pushes back against me. That's how it's supposed to be done. River is too tired for the gravity-assist drip so she goes old-school with just a shirt, and maybe a backup shirt. I still can't believe she slept next to me with a backup shirt between her legs and I never knew it.

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